Fair Game (Alpha and Omega Series #3)

Fair Game (Alpha and Omega Series #3)

by Patricia Briggs

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs' third Alpha and Omega novel brings werewolves out of the darkness and into a society where fear and prejudice could turn the hunters into the prey…

It is said that opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son—and enforcer—of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant Alpha. While Anna, an Omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind.

When the FBI requests the pack’s help on a local serial-killer case, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston to join the investigation. It soon becomes clear that someone is targeting the preternatural. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer’s sights...

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ISBN-13: 9780425256183
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/29/2013
Series: Alpha and Omega Series , #3
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 47,892
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

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Patricia Briggs is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series and the Alpha and Omega novels.

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Aspen Creek, Montana

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“Patricia Briggs is amazing…Her Alpha and Omega novels are fantastic…Go read Fair Game!”—Fresh Fiction

"In a word, brilliant."—Night Owl Reviews

“The story line, characters, world…everything is so unbelievably well developed…I loved every page of it.”—Bitten Books

"A fantastic thriller."—Genre Go Round Reviews

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Fair Game 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 462 reviews.
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review [by Shawnie – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Associate Reviewer]: PATRICIA BRIGGS, HAS DONE IT AGAIN. The wait is over. Fair Game, the newest installment in the Alpha and Omega series, is here, and let me be the first to tell you all that it is AWESOME! The first thing you’ll notice when you begin this book, is that it’s a lot darker than the first two novels. When I read the Prologue, I was expecting something lovey dovey between Charles and Anna (probably because that is what I wanted to see from them), but that is so not what we get - Mrs. Briggs hits us hard with despair and loneliness in the shape of a small child, and then death to top it all off. I found myself trying to figure out what this all had to do with the story, but once the prologue is done, we meet Anna… Briggs keeps us on the edge of our seats with this one, because you never know which way the story will go. Charles has dealt more deaths in the short amount of time since his father - The Marrok - brought the North American Wolves out to the public than in his entire two hundred years of life. And wouldn't you know, it’s starting to take a toll on our Alpha male, who would never ask for help from his Anna because he wants to protect her. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT'S GOING FOR HIM? *laughs* It’s sad though really, because he is pushing her away, and we - the readers - start thinking that they aren't going to last. Brother wolf isn't having that though. *GRINS* No I will not tell you what he does because that would be cheating, but Bran, our cool and calm Marrok, has a plan now that he is seeing what is happening. (WARNING! YOU WILL WANT TO SHOOT HIM IN THE BEGINNING.) Charles needs a buffer, so what does Bran do? He sends Anna, out as a consultant for the F.B.I, which makes Charles her muscle on this latest adventure of theirs. Soon, because nothing ever goes smoothly for these two, they find themselves knee deep in a situation that can either spiral out of control or mend something that is broken. I will let you guys decide which one it is or is it both? Hmmm *GRINS* Within this installment we meet some interesting new characters and get a taste of some old oness too; like Asil who is a personal favorite of mine. Briggs gives you everything with this book - just like Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground. We get to see Anna as she grows and becomes the women she and Charles believe she can and will be. She isn't all the way there, but a certain situation sure makes her see herself differently, and she will make you want to cheer her on. GO ANNA! There is so much in this book: romance (you have to wait for it), action (what's a Patricia Briggs novel without some action), plus a lot of humor in this one too. I swear I was laughing so hard at times I had to go back and reread those sections again. ¿ Trust me when I tell you that this book is worth every second it takes you to read it and then some. The ending leaves you drooling for more… so much more. I cannot wait for the fourth book, which we all know isn't going to be out any time soon, which sucks, but we have Mercy Thompson to look forward to in the beginning of next year. P.S. THERE BE GHOST IS THIS BOOK, AND THEY AREN'T NICE. *Laughs* LITERAL ADDICTION’s Associate Reviewer gives Fair Game 5 Skulls and would give it another ½ if there were one to give. Pick up Fair Game if you haven't already, and if you haven’t started this series yet, go and get the first 2 as well because you are missing out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let me just say WOW! I love the Alpha & Omega series and this book does not disappoint. The two mated werewolves Charles an enforcer for all the North American wolves and Anna the Omega can't seem to get a break. They are always being sent on another mission by Charles father the leader of all the North American wolves. This latest involves werewolves, witches, the fae, a mystical white stag, psycho humans and the FBI. I didn't like the cost of $12.99 for only 230 pages of material but what can you do. Ms. Briggs keep them coming!
danja More than 1 year ago
Awesome book with great story line. one of my fav
JenScheil More than 1 year ago
I'm confused by why the Nook book is almost 5 dollars MORE expensive then the paperback.......I love this series but this is insane...
dmichelle More than 1 year ago
This probably won't be an objective review because from the very beginning of the book I was disappointed by the fact that it skips a few years into the future. I don't know about everyone else, but I was genuinely looking forward to the continuing story of Anna's recovery and as a reader felt (for lack of a better word) "jipped" that without seeing how it happens we're just suddenly introduced to stable/independent Anna. She had to get better eventually of course, but there was a lot of personal growth and growth between her and Charles which, had we seen, would have made the end result a lot more meaningful. I just don't feel as connected to her character without that bridging the gap and it made a good book a little less interesting.
Falln2books More than 1 year ago
This was, in my opinion, the darkest novel that Briggs has written to date. It was a difficult read for me because the killers were so brutal. It was like reading Law and Order: SVU - Paranormal Division, or something. I generally like the Alpha and Omega series better than the Mercy Thompson series, though I love them both, but this novel reminded me more of the Mercy series. This is my least favorite of the Alpha and Omega series, for sure, and my third least favorite by Briggs. It was pretty obvious who the bad guy was, and Briggs is usually better at keeping me guessing. I just didn't feel the level of suspense that I'm used to when reading a Briggs novel. To me, this was one of those books that was necessary to move the story forward, and that usually makes for a less than amazing story. However, I still enjoyed the book, and it was still well-written. I just hope the next one is better. Charles and Anna have hit a rift in their marriage, so they weren't as close as they have been in previous novels. This isn't because they don't like each other anymore; it's simply because Charles' guilt at being his father's unquestioning assassin is taking a toll on Charles since he's more about justice than mindless killing. Since the chemistry between them is non-existent for most of this novel, and the majority of the book was set in Boston, this crossed over into the realm of Urban Fantasy rather than Paranormal Romance. The sweet romance of this series is supposed to be what sets it apart from the Mercy series. I'm sure you see the problem with this crossing over. However, there were some extremely interesting developments in the story. One of the newer things I noticed is that Charles and Anna are working with humans to solve a crime. Now that the werewolves have come out, it's important to have good public relations with the humans. I really liked Leslie, and I hope to see more of her in future books. She was a fantastic character. She was strong, intelligent, and open-minded. Also, Charles grew a lot in Fair Game. He developed more than I expected him to, and I can't wait to see what these developments mean for his and Anna's relationship, as well as his relationship his father. Bran changed a little as well, and Anna really stood on her own two feet. She has become much stronger and will not let herself be victimized again. She's healing by leaps and bounds. I liked the developments with the fae, and the ending has ensured that there will be a lot of turbulence in the Mercy/Alpha and Omega world. I'm interested to see how these developments affect Mercy and company in Seattle, as well as how they affect Bran and the Marrok's pack in Montana. These two series just got a lot more complicated, and the next few books for each series are going to be intense. One thing about the ending really bothered me, though, and I just feel like more people should have died. I know that sounds harsh, but once you read the book, you'll probably understand what I mean. Of course, maybe death was too good for the bigots. Yea, I got angry at quite a few people while reading this. The pacing of the book was done pretty well, though it did drag and some places. I felt like some of the parts were a bit uncalled for and just used for padding to make sure the book was long enough, and parts that would have shown Anna and Charles trying to fix their relationship or developments in the serial killer case were skipped over.
MinnesotaHoney More than 1 year ago
Patricia Briggs is the most solid writer I can name. Her story-lines, if sometimes far-fetched, are detailed, compelling, and well-thought out. I started out reading her fantasy novels, moved to Mercy Thompson, and now she has the Alpha & Omega. Bring it on! Summary: Anna sees her husband losing his ability to "feel" as his role of enforcer taking more and more of a toll on him. She finally gets through to the Marok, and it is suggested that letting Anna & Charles chase after a through and through bad guy might help exorcise his demons. But nothing is ever simple, and Anna must fight for her husband's sanity, their marriage, and even her life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was fun on so many levels: characters, plot, and especially the twist at the end. It's definitely going to have repercussions with Mercy's world. I would really like to see a cross-over w/ Mercy's and Anna's worlds colliding.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Serious situations aside, as the author has handled sesitive subject matter before, the book's overall tone/mood felt different from the previous books in the series. Anna's character wasn't meshing as well with Charles' uber-conflicted character in this book. Charles came off a bit more angry and careless than reluctant hero. The sudden changes in personality made each protagonist a little less likeable, and much of their cajoling humor (and Brigg's trademark humor) was missing. Still--wonderful book and writer.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I forget how good this book this and that the end of this book is the tipping point of what is to come.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Just started reading Patricia Briggs really like her books can’t stop
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book in the series- I thought the pace was fast enough, but not too fast where details are lost on the reader. Charles and Anna’s problems give them depth- hope to see them continue to evolve their partnership, including more challenges!
SleepDreamWrite More than 1 year ago
The third book in this series so far is probably the darkest so far. There were moments where I had to take a little break from reading. And times where I wanted to keep reading to know what will happen next. Especially with Anna and Charles and co. With how this one ended, looking forward to the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put it down
ReginaR on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I freaking loved this book! I loved the mystery, I loved Charles and Anna! I loved the glimpses of Adam and the Mercy Thompson world. Bran was amazing and Briggs gave us a good amount of Bran.Patricia Briggs has that special something that makes me feel so happy and contented to slip into her world and read any one of her books. The characters may be scary and the subject matter disturbing, but Briggs writes them in such a rich way that I wish I was there. The supernaturals in Briggs¿ world are scary, not just spooky but frightening. They are strong, not entirely in control of their strength and quite a few of her supernaturals operate around a completely different moral compass than humans do. I love this about her books. The vampires are scary, the Fae are an unknown and usually powerful and scream-worthy and the werewolves? They are strong, beautiful, loyal but definitely not human. The Fae are not my favorite characters in Briggs¿ books. Some of her past books have dwelt to heavily with Fae characters, in my opinion; Fair Game strikes the perfect balance. There is Fae intrigue but it takes place in the human world and involves human beings, werewolves and sociopaths. The focus of the story never strays from the werewolves and Anna and Charles are front in center.Fair Game picks up a few years after Hunting Ground and starts right after River Marked. There are references to the resolution of River Marked, readers who have not yet read River Marked and plan to do so, be warned there are spoilers to the ending of River Marked in Fair Game. Based on the timing, Charles and Anna have been together a few years and Anna has been in Montana for awhile. Like any couple, there are issues and Charles and Anna are no exception. Unfortunately, their problems have more to do with Bran and the outside world.Okay, so what about Charles and Anna? I have a strong preference for urban fantasy and fantasy with creative world building, intricate worlds and rich characters but if you throw in a romance, I will enjoy it. Well, Briggs does more than just throw in a romance, the story of Charles and Anna is not the driving force of these books ¿ the characters, the world and the storyline are ¿ -but Charles and Anna provide the structure and vehicle for telling the story. There would be no story without their relationship. Fans of Charles and Anna will not be disappointed, readers are treated with quite a few very sweet scenes and a few issues the couple has to work through. Maybe I say that too lightly ¿ the issues facing the couple are dark, twisted and well, Briggs came up with a truly unique storyline of what was stressing Charles and Anna. Readers will not be left on a cliff wondering if Charles and Anna can resolve their problems though, Briggs wraps up these issues by the end of the novel.The ending was fantastic. I loved it. Many writers in this genre put out installment after installment of books that do not push the story arc further or change the game at all. Fair Game is not like that nor is Briggs a writer like that. What Briggs does so well is to continue to develop her world, she doesn¿t ever rest on what she has already written ¿ -she pushes her world building and her characters. Readers learn more about the Fae and their crazy world, more about the werewolves ¿ and the characters and the worlds come to a very dramatic ending that leaves off in a way that makes me beyond excited for the next book!I have two complaints. First, I wish it was longer. Fair Game is a decent length novel, but I wanted more. Briggs definitely did not skimp on storyline or character development, I just am greedy and want more. Second, I fear it will be another 2 years or more until we get the next installment. Mercy Thompson #7 is due out Spring 2013, I guess I will have to be content with re-reading both Mercy and Alpha and hoping for some short stories from Briggs along the way.
susiesharp on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
From the first chapter of this book we see Anna has grown much stronger since we last saw her and is all about standing up for her mate! We also see a little softer side of Bran but not near enough of him (IMHO)! Also we get a little glimpse of what poor Adam is going through nursing Mercy through her injuries from the end of River Marked.I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed this whole series, we see Charles struggling with his job as Bran¿s enforcer and Anna trying everything in her power to help him through it including going to Bran and Asil (who I just loved in this book!).I don¿t want to give too much away so this review will be short because there is a lot going on and the repercussions of what happens in this book, I believe, are going to affect the next Mercy book and probably go into the next Charles & Anna book too. I am also hoping because of the set-up to this story arc we will see a lot of Bran in the next Mercy book and possibly even Charles and Anna, since what happens will affect everyone in some way. Ok that is all I will say on that front!As always Patricia Briggs brings the characters to life so well that you can¿t help but love them and a new character from this book I think will play a part in the next Mercy book too and I look forward to seeing more of him! I loved, loved, loved Brother Wolf in this one he was definitely my favorite character in this installment! This is a great series that you want to read in order and you will be glad you did!4 ½ Stars
zannyvix on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Patricia Briggs books are like sweet, addictive candy to me, and this one was no exception. I could not put it down. If you prefer your paranormal fiction to be more action and emotion than the same old sex between boring characters, this is a series for you. I finished it the day after it arrived in the mail, and I'm already seriously contemplating reading it again.I love the emotional tug-of-war the characters go through, and it was really interesting to see Charles as the vulnerable one this time around instead of Anna. Anna kicks butt. She's grown so much from the quivering scared-of-her-own-shadow wolf we saw in the first Alpha and Omega story.And the ending... The ending will change everything for this universe. These books, the Mercy books. Nothing can be the same again after what happens. I am looking forward to the next developments this world has to bring with extreme interest.
Harrod on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Charles and Anna make a tight team. They've headed East to Boston and Briggs has let Werewolves out of the closet. Working with Fae and the FBI the two solve a series of murders and may turn it into a whole new career. This series just gets better with each book.
Radella on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I'm a bit addicted to the world that Patricia Briggs has created. I just can't seem to put the books down!There are many new characters to introduce, and some of them are mundane humans (gasp!) Yet it manages to fit neatly into the rest of world she has created.Charles isn't in a very happy place, haunted by what he has done to protect the werewolves secrets.... and a miserable Charles makes for a miserable Anna. Hoping they can fix their problems before more drastic measures nee to be taken, Bran sends them off to Boston, to aid the FBI and various other government agencies in tracking down a serial killer. This isn't just your ordinary serial killer, though. This one takes out fey and werewolves with little trouble. I liked how Charles and Anna have grown and changed. It makes them seem more real, that they have to face their problems, and not everything is sunshine and roses. Their love for each other is still consistent and strong, but they aren't instantly "fixed" by it... refreshing, because that doesn't seem to happen a lot in this sort of literature. I also liked the bit players, it was almost like many of them are also quite real, more developed than the quick glimpse you see in this story. And the ending. Dear gods, THE ENDING!!! I loved the ending. It neatly resolves the story, but turned into a complete surprise. I didn't see it coming, and it makes me really, REALLY curious as to what the future holds. I tend to read the ending of a story first, but for whatever reason, I didn't. Minor quibbles... It was fairly obvious to me who the bad guy was going to be. I pegged him for the guilty party almost immediately. I was sort of hoping it would be a red herring, and it was a little disappointing that it was so obvious to me. I also feel like in all of the books set in this world, someone is kidnapped. While it is important to the storyline and shows the bad guys being bad guys while the heroes embrace their inner strength, I've come to expect it, which lessens the suspense and makes it feel a bit tired.But, hey... The spectacular ending more than made up for those minor quibbles.
Kr15tina on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
What I LovedCharactersAnna: She is pretty awesome character. I love how well Anna takes care of Charles, I love that she isn't going to let herself ever be the victim again and she will fight. I enjoy reading how others can be so protective of her because of her omega "powers". She is one of those genuinely loving and caring characters that even as a reader never want anything bad to happen to her.Charles: Truly the Big Bad Werewolf, not the one to ever mess with. I love reading how vulnerable he is with Anna, they truly are the best mated pair for each other.StoryYears of murders, now the fae and werewolves are being targeted, a big mystery to be solved and Anna and Charles are here to help. The victims are being raped, carved up with magical symbols and being harvested by blood magic. There is never a dull moment in this awesome book, something interesting in always happening. Didn't LikeI have to wait forever for another Briggs book Recommendation Part of a series that is awesome, must read both this series and the Mercy Thompson series. Awesome urban fantasy series
rhonda1111 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Love it. Another great entertaining book.I had read some reviews that had made me wonder. I cant wait for the next book.Anna is making Bran angry. She won't give up and go like he tells her. than she goes to Asil he tells her to grow up and accept charles as a killer. but her parting last words convince him.Asil gets through to Bran but does not know the way out either.Charles gets told to go help the FBI but that Anna was the one out in front.Their is a serial killer that has been killing for decades and last 3 where werewolfs. So Anna meets with 6 goverment agents and tells a little about them. Anna & Charles get more involved and a Fae and fbi all work together to stop them. Others do not want to work with them.Anne and Charles work on their relationship but need more time. Charles will do anything so he won't loose Anna.
STACYatUFI on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Patricia's Mercy Thompson series. I knew Patricia had another series in the Mercy world but had never picked them up to read them. That is until her publicist sent me a copy of FAIR GAME book 3 in the Alpha and Omega series. I went back and read the previous books and instantly became attached to both Anna and Charles. In book 3 the mated pair travel to Boston to consult with the FBI about a serial killer case they are working on which once again doesn't go as smoothly as they would have liked.The best thing about the series to me is Anna and Charles relationship. They definitely have things to work out between them, but they have a really strong connection and I really love there romance and devotion to each other when either doesn't let his ghosts get in the way. They fit perfectly together and complement each other. I enjoyed the interaction between the wolves and the humans as they worked side by side to try and find the killers. I had absolutely no clue who the villain was and I loved every minute of getting to the point in finding out.The emotion that Patricia is able to bring forth is excellent. One minute I'm happy as can be while something good is happening, or my heart is pounding with the situation trying to figure out what will happen and then the next I'm bawling my eyes out sad right along with the character. It is beyond easy to get lost in the emotions of the story. With all that Anna has been through its tough seeing her yet again become the victim of a psychopath but she continues to come out of these situations stronger then she went in.You really should pick up the books in this series, I'm really glad I got a copy of FAIR GAME in the mail to review. The Alpha and Omega series has become a must have on my book shelf.
DarkFaerieTales on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: An intense manhunt for a serial killer. A story about people, or werewolves, who are haunted by their ghosts, sometimes literally.Opening Sentence: ¿Go home,¿ Bran Cornick growled at Anna.The Review:At last! The third installment of the Alpha and Omega series is here. Oh, how I have longed to find out how Charles and Anna are doing. Well folks, let me tell you that not that much has changed. Charles still is trying to protect Anna from himself; not believing in her enough to trust her not to freak out and leave him. Anna is still haunted, though not as much as before, by the events described in the novella ¿Alpha and Omega¿ found in the On the Prowl Anthology. Her abuse still shapes her emotional reactions. Given that¿It¿s been a few years in the timeline from the last book, Hunting Ground. The wolves are known to the humans now and werewolf rules are strictly enforced. They cannot seem out of control to the humans and no longer allow small transgressions to go without punishment. Charles has been sent on more ¿enforcer¿ jobs than ever before, and they are taking a toll on him. Bran, the Marrok and Charles¿s father, won¿t give Charles a break and Anna is pissed about it. Can no one but Anna see that anymore kills might just break Charles?A chance arises for Anna to play consultant for the FBI on a serial killer case and Charles goes along to play bodyguard. Their relationship seems to have hit a rough patch and Anna hopes this is an opportunity to reconnect with her husband and mate. She pushes Charles to confide in her throughout the story but he takes his sweet time doing so. She wants him to view her as an equal, and not someone to coddle. Can Charles give Anna what she needs? Can Anna stay strong and not bend to Charles¿ will?Charles is being haunted, literally, by his ghosts. His guilt has allowed the spirits of those he feels he has killed unjustly to follow him around. He worries that these spirits and their doubts will attack Anna through their mate bond and hurt her. He is forced to rely on his inner wolf, aptly named Brother Wolf, for help in controlling the spirits and protecting those around him. Normally, werewolves who let their wolves take over is usually considered a bad idea, but the relationship/bond between Brother Wolf and Charles is anything but. Is it truly a good idea to let the wolf take over in the middle of a manhunt? Is this the only way Charles can take care of business? I think not. In his misguided attempt to protect Anna, he instead alienates her from himself. Oh the tangled webs we weave, Charles. I just want to yell at the book, ¿Don¿t do it, man! You¿re gonna lose her that way!¿ Usually, I only get this worked up with horror movies so in my opinion that means; God Job, Ms. Briggs!!If Charles and Anna¿s relationship woes are not enough for you to go out and read this book, the creepy serial killer should do it. According to the FBI, the man known as the Big Game Hunter, has been on a killing spree since 1975. His latest victims have all been werewolves and the FBI need a little help to catch him. With the help of Anna, and therefore Charles as well, they finally feel like they have a chance to catch this psycho and his possible accomplices. But at every turn, they are foiled. Does that mean there is an insider that¿s helping the Big Game Hunter? Which one of their inner circle is a bad guy in disguise?Interesting new characters of note include Issac Owens, Alpha of the Olde Towne Pack, and Alistair Beauclaire. Issac is rash and impetuous for an Alpha but is a good guy to have around. He tries to do right by his pack and that¿s good enough for Charles. Alistair is another fish entirely. His daughter is the latest victim to be taken by the Big Game Hunter and he will do anything to get her back. He has his own secrets, one of which is that he is a powerful fae. Not a bad guy to have on your side when hunting something that can take out werewo
Cats57 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Fair Game (Alpha And Omega) by Patricia Briggs I knew that Patricia would ultimately find a way to take both of her series and bring the time-lines together. This is great and I think that it is going to make both of these series much more interesting. Especially if each couple can `invade territories¿ occasional! Anna and Charles need to make a trip to Boston to help the FBI with a serial murderer that has taken out a few werewolves as well as many Fae. Anna is a great choice to send (along with Charles) for this job since she is much better at PR than anyone else is. Moreover, why wouldn¿t she be? Her Omega-ness will calm almost anyone and have them eating out of her hand, so it stands to reason that she will be great at PR. Now Charles is having a problem that he (naturally) has not discussed yet with Anna. It has to do with the ghosts of the last wolves he has had to `discipline¿ and what it is doing to him mentally AND physically. It is not good. Charles guilt has the ghost feeding off him almost like vampires and this will hinder him at critical times.It is great to see that Charles is able to use his Brother Wolf when Charles feels he can no longer handle things. . The story moves at what I think is a perfect pace, and allowed for the perfect amount of time to deal with everything on Anna and Charles¿s plate . Yet, I have to agree with one of the other fans¿why wasn¿t this book longer? Patricia has allowed Anna growth in very few books, and that is almost unparalleled with any other author and she has allowed us in this novel, to see Charles being vulnerable. This was an amazingly emotional novel as far as Anna and Charles goes, but it does have its usual humorous bits, informative bits and even occasional snarky bits.