Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You've Been Abducted

Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You've Been Abducted

by Kathleen Marden


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The essential handbook for people who have experienced alien contact and those who love them

It has been 20 years since the publication of How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction by Ann Druffel. This new book by UFO researcher Kathleen Marden is the handbook for this generation. It is the essential reference guide for those who have experienced contact with nonhuman intelligent entities, families and friends of those “experiencers,” and anyone interested in alien abduction/contact and UFOs.

The ten chapters in this book are based on years of research and access to the files of MUFON and FREE. Chapters include:

  • Understanding Modern Contact
  • Am I an Abductee, a Contactee, or an Experiencer?
  • How to Investigate Your Contact Experiences
  • What Social Researchers Know about Contact
  • When You Discover That It Isn’t ET: Ghosts and Paranormal Phenomena
  • When You Want It to Stop: Coping Strategies and Resistance Techniques

Wide-ranging, informative, and helpful, this is a book that will find a place as an essential component of anyone fascinated by visitations from other worlds.

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Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 08/05/2019
Series: MUFON
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Kathleen Marden is a leading researcher of contact with nonhuman intelligence, an author, and a lecturer. She is the director of experiencer research at MUFON and is an advisory board member and consultant to a research subcommittee for Edgar Mitchell’s FREE. Visit her at www.kathleen-marden.com.

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Kathleen Marden

Dating back to the 1950s, contact with nonhuman intelligent (NHI) entities was highly positive and spiritually enlightening. There was nothing to fear and no one experienced trauma. Contact involved communication with benevolent space brothers and sisters by spiritually enlightened leaders. They brought forth messages that warned us of the destructive nature of nuclear weapons and the importance of being good stewards of our planet.

George Adamski, the most famous contactee of that era, and many others advised their followers that space brothers of human appearance were intermingling with the people of Earth, in an effort to guide us to a state of higher awareness — of spiritual ascension. These benevolent beings promised to share their medical and technological secrets with us as soon as humankind has matured and transformed into one altruistic society. The conditions upon which we would be permitted to tap into this knowledge required environmental respect and nurturing of our planet and its people. War, greed, violence, and suffering would have to end. It was a utopian ideal in opposition to the prevailing premise that nationalism was the only game in town and capitalism was the key to prosperity. Politically, Joseph McCarthy was looking for a communist around every corner, and the ideology promoted by our kindly space brothers and sisters was subversive. America and its allies were rebuilding after World War II, and the military industrial state was in its infancy. Nuclear weapons had won the war and saved American lives. A new prosperity was founded in the exploitation of natural resources without concern for environmental consequences.

Scientifically oriented UFO investigators, who were sometimes government connected, had an axe to grind with the purveyors of platitudes concerning the utopian life Earthlings could aspire to, if we chose to grow up and transform into a higher-minded society — one worthy of joining the Galactic Federation of spiritually enlightened planets. But it was not to be. Purveyors of this utopian message were collectively exposed as frauds and hucksters who were selling hope to credulous humans, not for the betterment of our planet, but for their own financial gain.

What we did not know is, beneath the surface, the US and Canadian governments were secretly investigating flying disks and the scientifically advanced telepathic messages that some people claimed they were receiving. Official policy called for UFOs to be stripped of the special status they had been given and the aura of mystery they had acquired. The plan was to reeducate the American public to reduce its interest in the possibility of alien visitation. This was carried out by scientists, celebrities, and the media, who made laughing stocks out of those who claimed to have witnessed otherworldly craft, especially the contactees who were promoting contact with benevolent ETs.

This policy set the stage for our current trend toward the denial of all things extraterrestrial. It explains why you are reading this handbook instead of being helped by a government agency. Whether your contact experiences are positive, negative, or somewhere in between, one thing is clear: there is no public funding available to assist anyone who is attempting to cope with their experiences. Despite evidence to the contrary, the mainstream scientific community does not believe your experiences are real. If you seek traditional medical help, you will probably be told that you have a psychiatric disorder. Volunteer organizations, such as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE), are staffed by retired academics, scientists, lay researchers, caring volunteers, and experiencers like my coauthors and me. We fill this gap, but without the availability of funding, our scope is limited. One thing seems clear: if we are to understand the implications of modern contact, it is important for us to appreciate our history. The face of contact has evolved. Although some of its characteristics remain the same, it has become far more complex than any of us imagined.

The predominant notion that contact with extraterrestrials was benevolent and highly spiritual was demolished in 1966. A bestselling book, The Interrupted Journey, by John G. Fuller, stirred worldwide interest in a New Hampshire couple whose story of abduction set a new standard for contact. It became the historical model for contact with extraterrestrials because it involved the abduction of unwilling victims to an alien environment. We learned that abductees were subjected to mind control through telepathic communication, followed by intrusive medical procedures. Sometimes abductees would be given a tour of a technologically advanced craft. Some received information regarding the ET's home planet or warnings regarding the Earth's future if we continued to pollute our environment. Some abductees were shown catastrophic images of nuclear holocaust, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. These hapless victims were then returned to their natural environment, usually two hours later, with little memory of what occurred. Hypnotic techniques were developed to unleash the forgotten information lodged in a victim's subconscious mind and were used widely by researchers.

If we hope to understand modern contact, it is important to have insight into the past. The history of alien contact with humans is extremely important because it has built on and transformed the early abduction scenario. Let's review some of the significant cases that shaped our new understanding of contact with extraterrestrials and led to its evolution.

I will not dwell on the most famous case of alien abduction, as you might already be familiar with it. It involved an interracial, married couple from New Hampshire, who were returning to their seacoast home from a brief vacation in Canada, on September 19, 1961. At approximately 11:00 that evening, Betty Hill spotted a new object in the sky that seemed to be coming closer and closer. By 11:30 it swooped down and stalked the Hills' vehicle. By midnight they had a close encounter, at less than 200 feet, with a silent, hovering craft. Barney Hill picked up his binoculars and stepped from his car for an unencumbered view of the amazing vehicle. The craft dipped lower in the night sky, and something dropped down from its underside. Barney retained conscious recall of observing NHI entities through the craft's windows whose behavior caused him to fear for his life. He fled to his car, in a hysterical condition, repeating over and over that he and his wife had to get out of there or they were going to be captured. Shortly thereafter, he and Betty heard codelike buzzing sounds striking the trunk of their 1957 Chevy. A tingling sensation passed through their bodies, the car vibrated, and they entered into what appears to have been an altered state of consciousness. At least two hours passed before they were returned to US Highway 3 and became cognizant of their surroundings. They drove home to Portsmouth, but when they arrived, many things stirred their emotions. Physical evidence suggested that something had occurred during their period of lost time. Disinterest turned to obsession and fear. The rest is history.

It was this close encounter with a silent, hovering "flying saucer" and the subsequent abduction of Betty and Barney Hill that set the prototype for what we have come to know as the modus operandi of alien abduction. After visual contact and an alteration in the victim's sense of reality came the onset of mental confusion, an electrical tingling sensation, and paralysis. Next came a period of missing time — usually about two hours.

The Hills' fleeting memories of encountering a roadblock and observing a fiery orb prior to being captured by aliens could not be successfully integrated into their conscious minds. How could it be? We knew nothing of alien intruders in 1961. Investigators speculated that the intensity of their trauma had caused dual amnesia for part of the alien and unearthly event. It was probably the powerful electromagnetic field that surrounded the craft and the entities themselves that led to a tingling sensation and the vague memories that nagged at the Hills.

In the Hill case, hypnosis by a medically licensed psychiatrist brought forth frightening information that had been lodged in their subconscious minds. These included a roadblock and face-to-face contact with NHI entities, described as being dressed in shiny black uniforms. Their hairless gray heads were larger than ours, and their penetrating eyes extended to the sides of their heads. They had large chests but walked on spindly legs. Communication was telepathic, except for an occasional mmmmmmm sound.

Barney's mind seemed to be under the control of one entity intent on moving their 1957 Chevy Bel Air to a desolate logging road. Or did they lift the Hills' car off the highway and relocate it onto the desolate logging road? We'll never know for certain. But one thing is clear: the Hills encountered a roadblock, and Barney brought his car to a halt. The motor died and the NHI entities approached their vehicle. When the couple realized the magnitude of what was occurring, Betty attempted to flee into the woods but was rendered unconscious. She awakened as she was being walked to a landed craft.

Barney had the sensation of floating, but he could feel his escorts' hands supporting him. He felt the toes of his shoes bumping along the rocky surface of a path through the woods. The path led to a landed disk. The couple was reassured that no harm would come to them before they were forced onto the craft and placed on examining tables. Next came intrusive medical examinations of their joints, skeletal structures, nervous systems, eyes, skin, hair, and mouths. The last procedure was demeaning for Barney and painful for Betty. It involved the removal of sperm and possibly ova.

Betty engaged in a conference with her escort and was shown a star map and strange symbols. When the NHI entities had completed their tasks, the couple was released to their natural environment. The Hills experienced approximately two hours of lost time that could not be accounted for in their autobiographical memories.

Physical and circumstantial evidence was collected and used to determine the authenticity of the experience. Betty's torn, discolored dress underwent laboratory analysis several times, all with anomalous findings. The trunk of their vehicle had new shiny spots in the location where the couple believed they had heard a series of codelike buzzing sounds. The following day, a physicist advised Betty to check her vehicle with a compass. When she and Barney held it over the newly discovered spots, the needle whirled, indicating a magnetic field. Barney's best dress shoes were ruined, and their watches never ran again.

The Hills were deemed credible by most of the scientists who investigated their case. They held stable jobs and filled an important role in their community. Betty passed a polygraph exam after Barney's death at age forty- six. But this evidence was not acceptable to the nuts-and-bolts skeptics who demanded an alien corpse or a crashed saucer. They offered strong opinions against alien abduction, especially after disinformants obfuscated the truth. These naysayers invented a new hypothetical timeline, altered the evidence in the historical record, and destroyed the witnesses' credibility. Betty endured their ad hominem attacks for the remainder of her life.

At this juncture, you might be shaking your head in disbelief. Your experiences do not resemble this archaic view of contact. Or perhaps some of the Hills' story rings true but seems primitive compared to what you have endured. The narrow scope of their captors' curiosity, the details pertaining to their examinations, the setting in which they were captured, and the three- dimensional nuts-and-bolts limitations of their experience seem foreign to today's experiencers. But the following paragraphs will help clarify the evolution of contact.

By the late 1960s the standard scenario had evolved slightly. Janet, a nineteen-year-old water skiing instructor, and Michael (pseudonyms), a local boy who took care of shore maintenance at the Buff Ledge Girl's Camp on Lake Champlain, Vermont, had a close encounter with a disk-shaped aerial object with pulsing, multicolored lights. Their sighting began at approximately 8:10 p.m. on August 7, 1968. At first, they saw a large cigar-shaped craft that released three smaller zigzagging craft. One of the craft approached the two as they stood on the camp's dock at sundown. Janet and Michael watched in amazement as the disk ascended vertically and then, in rapid descent, plunged into the lake. It emerged from the water and glided in a stair-step descent directly toward the dock where the couple was standing.

Now only sixty feet in the distance, the forty- to fifty-foot disk-shaped craft hovered above the water. An intense plasma-like light gleamed through its translucent dome. As it approached the mystified couple, Michael observed two slightly built, hairless figures, dressed in grayish or silver uniforms. His attention was drawn to their large, frog-like eyes that extended around the sides of their heads.

Janet fell into a trance while Michael communicated telepathically with the entities. They assured him that they intended no harm — they had come here long ago and returned to Earth after the detonation of our first atomic bomb.

When the craft was directly overhead, it emitted an intense cone-shaped beam, which engulfed the teens. It was approximately 8:30 p.m. when Michael instinctively grabbed Janet and hit the deck as he began to lose consciousness. As if only a moment had passed, they found themselves again on the pier. The disk was in a new location, hovering overhead, and the night sky had turned pitch black. The time was approximately 9:15 p.m., but it might have been later. There was a period of unaccounted-for time.

Ten years had passed when investigator Walter Webb received a phone call from Michael informing him of his close encounter and missing time event. Webb investigated the case and after a long search was able to locate Janet, who had moved to a southern state. Webb arranged to meet Janet during her scheduled visit to the Northeast.

As in the Hill case, the two witnesses underwent separate hypnosis by a qualified hypnotist, Harold Edelstein, DEd. His doctorate was in education, different from the credentials of the Hills' highly credentialed neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. Dr. Simon treated the Hills for trauma over a six-month period and used psychotherapy for the comfortable integration of their memories into their individual psyches. The focus of Michael and Janet's hypnosis sessions was memory retrieval. This became the subject of investigations by UFO organizations, often to the detriment of those who recovered memories of their alien abduction experiences.

In Michael and Janet's case, hypnosis revealed additional information about the NHI entities who inserted themselves into their lives. The entities' eyes had the appearance of a frog wearing racing goggles, with membrane-like lids. Their wider than tall greenish heads perched upon a thin neck. It became clear that they were not the gray NHI entities who abducted the Hills, although there were similarities. For example, their communication was telepathic.

Betty Hill had been shown a star map depicting a pattern of twelve circles connected by lines and eight pinpoint dots not connected by lines. The circles varied in diameter from nickel-size coins to pinpoints. Some of the lines were solid, depicting trade routes, whereas others were dotted, representing expeditions. In 1972, star map researcher Marjorie Fish identified the stars on Betty's map. The two major stars were identified as Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2, a wide binary system visible from the southern hemisphere.

This information was different from that communicated to Michael. He recalled being informed that these NHI entities were from Psi-Epsilon, an imaginary star system on Star Trek. This is typical of the confabulation that sometimes occurs during hypnosis, when the person does not have an autobiographical memory pertaining to a detail but feels pressed for information. Michael had told the hypnotist that he could not remember where the NHI entities claimed to be from. To this, the hypnotist firmly instructed Michael to remember immediately. When pressured for a name, Michael confabulated Psi-Epsilon. The hypnotist asked a series of direct questions that could have shaped Michael's recall, causing him to remember details incorrectly. Walter Webb's comparative analysis on the couple's separate statements revealed that they correlated 70 percent on the close encounter and 68 percent on the abduction experience. This result indicates that their hypnosis, much like memory itself, was effective for the retrieval of lost memories but was not entirely accurate.


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

1 Understanding Modern Contact Kathleen Marden 11

2 Am I an Abductee? A Contactee? An Experiencer? Kathleen Marden 31

3 How to Investigate Your Contact Experiences Kathleen Marden 55

4 This Is My Reality: What Now? Ann Castle 81

5 What Social Researchers Have Learned About Contact Kathleen Marden 103

6 When You Discover That It May Not Be ET: Ghosts and Paranormal Phenomena Denise Stoner Kathleen Marden Ann Castle 131

7 Angels, Demons, and Parasites: Do These Entities Exist? Denise Stoner Kathleen Marden Ann Castle 153

8 How to Cope with Contact by Nonhuman Entities Madeleine Tobias 171

9 Am I Becoming More Psychic? Ann Castle 197

10 When You Want It to Stop: Coping Strategies and Resistance Techniques Kathleen Marden 219

11 Going Public Kathleen Marden 241

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