Exercise Your Faith: A 21 Day Journey to Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Exercise Your Faith: A 21 Day Journey to Physical and Spiritual Fitness

by Robin Harris Kimbrough


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Exercise Your Faith: A 21-Day Journey to Physical and Spiritual Fitness is a tool that will help you to become fit. Exercise Your Faith is a collection of twenty-one meditations that teach self-care through physical and spiritual exercises. The book educates you on twenty-one ways to nurture their bodies and spirits: (1) Journey, (2) Work, (3) Time, (4) Love, (5) Mindset, (6) Focus, (7) Prepare, (8) Weight, (9) Process, (10) Eat, (11) Drink, (12) Breathe, (13) Stretch, (14) Balance, (15) Core, (16) Strength, (17) Heart, (18) Pain, (19) Repetition, (20) Results, and (21) Rest. Each one is an exercise of faith. It takes faith to journey toward wholeness.
The information is both biological and theological. Each meditation begins with a discussion about the physical connection to the particular topic, and then provides a theological and biblical exegesis on how the topic relates to our faith. It gives information on how you can exercise our faith to become fit physically and spiritually. There is room at the end of the meditation for reflection and decision making-what will you do to exercise our faith. As you exercise your faith in God, everything about you improves. You get permission to take care of yourself, to love yourself, and to share this love with others. Exercise Your Faith will make you strong, fit, and prepared to do God's will. Exercise your faith.

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ISBN-13: 9780975553015
Publisher: Robin Kimbrough
Publication date: 02/12/2018
Pages: 124
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