Evil Unleashed

Evil Unleashed

by Wayne Connor


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Mark and Wayne are scientists who have discovered a way to create invincible giants and superhumans from combining the secretions and hormones from the adrenal cortex and pituitary glands of different animals. Mark was betrayed by the very scientists he had worked together with, but as a master in genetic engineering, his brilliant mind and schemes enable him to continue his experiments to produce even greater successes than ever before. His desire for revenge makes him a worthy opponent while Wayne's focus has now become world domination and annihilation of all who dare to oppose him. Even his fellow scientists are changed into mindless thralls for Wayne's evil purposes. With such unimaginable power at their disposal Mark and Wayne are deadly rivals who stop at nothing to achieve the impossible and previously unattainable. What is the connection and driving force that keeps these two scientists locked in a death struggle and quest to outdo and destroy each other? Mark maintains his sanity with divine help and a few loyal and unique friends, but Wayne's evil thirst for power pushes him beyond the natural into a sphere whose boundaries lie beyond regions Mark must dare to explore in order to defeat him and make the world a safer place to live.

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ISBN-13: 9781449031459
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/13/2009
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

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Evil Unleashed

By Wayne Connor


Copyright © 2009 Wayne Connor
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-3145-9

Chapter One

Deep within the laboratory's basement, a disgruntled scientist named Mark had finally achieved the breakthrough he had been looking for. They had called him mad for his theories on harnessing the full power of the pituitary glands and adrenal cortex in men and animals. Mark's experiments had led him to achieve success in a branch of cognitive psychology that other scientists of his school had been saying would not be reachable for another thousand years. They were wrong, so very wrong, for now the scientist who had been banished from practicing medicine due to his inhuman experiments, had finally discovered something that could give him control of the entire planet. Now he could exact his revenge not only on the medical community but on the entire world.

Throughout his medical career he had indeed killed many animals, but he'd had no other choice. There'd also been top secret experiments done on certain institutionalized people, but those experiments had been absolutely necessary. It was quite unfortunate that all except one of his human subjects had died.

When somehow the public got wind of brain experiments being done on humans, the group of scientists who'd sponsored and encouraged Mark then betrayed him to the media.

Mark was tipped off before the police could catch him.When they went to the hospital he was gone, along with the lone surviving patient, whose name was Karana.

Mark's house was empty as usual. Only an army cot, some crushed pizza boxes, and a few scattered notes could be seen in the now deserted space.

When the police went to the hospital to look for Mark, the head of the group of scientists went to Mark's house, to look for anything that could be useful in his own private attempts to tap into the powers of the pituitary gland. His name was Wayne, quite a brilliant scientist as well.

After breaking into Mark's house, Wayne thought to himself "He must have some kind of notes here. I must find them." After saying that, Wayne noticed the pizza boxes, and then he went over to them. He kicked them out of the way and saw nothing but a tile floor. As Wayne was about to leave, he glanced at one of the crushed pizza boxes. There was some kind of writing on it. Exuberantly, he picked up the crushed pizza box.

As he straightened out the box, he said, "This is it. I have found the key to total power. I cannot believe it's this easy. The answer was always this simple, and I couldn't get it. Thanks to that fanatic, I have the answer. I will be invincible." Following that statement, Wayne laughed and walked out.

When the police arrived, the house was empty, and apparently, Mark had no basement. The group of scientists who'd betrayed Mark thought he only worked at the hospital lab or his house. But they had no idea of his secret lab, which looked like an abandoned warehouse on the outside. On the inside was the most advanced scientific mind that ever walked on the planet earth. Normal men thought him to be mad, but time was about to tell the truth.

Back at the secret laboratory, Karana had opened her eyes. After willingly being subjected to Mark's experiments, she had awakened. Over the years, Mark's theories had always improved Karana slightly, physically and mostly mentally.

When he'd performed his first surgery on Karana, she was a twelve year old vegetable. After his very first brain experiment on Karana, she had been able to talk, her I.Q. was 100, and her strength fluctuated from that of a toddler to that of a woman bodybuilder.

Mark knew theoretically what would happen if he could somehow completely control the functions of the pituitary glands and the adrenal cortex. Now he'd found the answer. He was now able to use his process for successfully opening the pituitary gland and adrenal cortex and stimulating them into secreting whatever amount of steroid hormones he, the experimenter wanted. He also knew that by bypassing the adrenocorticotropic hormone which controls the secretion of steroid hormones by the adrenal cortex. Yet Mark's techniques made this hormone non-effective with no danger to the person being altered by the process. By using his process he had control of the pituitary gland, but he liked to use only the parts dealing with adrenaline secretion from the adrenal gland.

Karana just got a chip implanted in her brain, and she was none the wiser. It prevented her from becoming enraged with Mark. Mark was going to adjust the computer chip in Karana's brain so that she could not disobey him, but he figured with the chip like it was she would never think about a computer chip in her brain. If the chip had been different, Karana would have become smart enough to know Mark had implanted something in her brain, and in knowing that, she would probably have destroyed Mark.

"Karana, how do you feel?"

Karana touched her bald head, amazed at the skill of the scientist, "I feel no ill effects from the surgery. In fact, I feel very strong. What did you do?"

Mark smiled, "I combined the pituitary gland of a 600 pound gorilla with your own. You now have the speed and strength of a gorilla whose adrenaline is being constantly secreted by your brain and adrenal cortex, with no threat to you at all."

Karana's mouth dropped open. "You mean to tell me you genetically engineered my pituitary gland with that of a gorilla. I thought your process was not a hundred percent, and your talk about combining or transplanting the pituitary glands of animals was nothing but theories."

Mark replied smugly, "I have completed my process today on you. You will exact my revenge on this planet."

Karana smiled and then realized she was lying on a table and her neck, arms, and legs were shackled to the table. "What have you done to me?"

"Just being cautious, my dear. Go ahead, break out. You can, you know."

When he said that, it dawned on Karana that she was now, the strongest person to ever live. Suddenly, she broke out of the steel shackles like they were nothing.

Then Karana picked up the two ton, lab table and was about to throw it when Mark yelled, "No Karana, I'm going to need that table for more operations!"

When she heard that, Karana put the table back down easily.

Mark walked over to many labeled vials. "Karana, come look at this."

Instantly, she leaped over to where Mark was standing in a single bound.

"Come to think of it, I won't need the table anymore. Because you see, Karana, I thought in the past that I could make a kind of extract from the pituitary glands of animals, but I don't know if there could be side effects from drinking these extracts I have here, instead of getting the true process operation."

When Karana heard Mark she grabbed one of the vials. As she did that, Mark innocently came at her to stop her from drinking its contents, but she just gently shrugged Mark to the side. What was gentle to Karana was horrific for Mark. He went flying into the laboratory door, getting a slight concussion.

Karana, not even paying attention, drank the contents of the vial. After she drank it, she then read the label which said cheetah.

Karana then started making gagging noises and fell to the floor.

Mark stumbling over to her, yelled, "Karana, are you okay?"

She then glared up at him and Mark took a step back.

Karana said, "What's wrong with you? You look scared. You don't have to fear me."

Mark replied in a dazed manner, "It's your eyes, they're glowing like a cat's."

"Wow!" said Karana. "I can even hear your heart beating,"

Mark persisted, "What about your sense of smell?"

Karana stood to her feet and started sniffing. "You know I can divide the very atmosphere with my sense of smell."

Mark looked at her in amazement. Then immediately he pulled out a gun. "What about your speed? How fast can you move?"

Karana smiled. "Very fast." With that, she bolted forward and took the gun out of Mark's hand before he could squeeze the trigger.

Mark laughed in contentment. "The side effects are nothing compared to the powers you attain. And this way is much faster than a cumbersome operation. I am really pleased."

As he said that, he remembered what the group of scientists had done to him. He then walked over to a huge video monitor and flicked it on.

The local news reporter was talking about a crazy doctor who had been butchering people for no apparent reason. He called him a traitor to the U.S.A., who was roaming about, armed and dangerous. He further stated that if anyone had any information concerning Mark the mad scientist, they were asked to call their local police station. As the news reporter said the word "information," Mark remembered that he had a few notes on some old pizza boxes. He assumed the police had it and were going to use it as evidence against him. But he had to be sure.

Those notes were mainly notes on gigantism and some theories about creating goliaths. Also, some notes on the pituitary gland process he had just completed. This would be Karana's first assignment. She would have to get those boxes.

Mark spoke firmly, "I want you to go to this address and bring me back those pizza boxes."

At Karana's present I.Q. level, she was a genius. She only had to hear something once and would then never forget it. Mark knew the police, and maybe those scientists would also be watching his house to see if he would come back. Still he wanted to test out Karana. He wanted to test her skill and her mind.

Karana waited till midnight then drove Mark's car over to his house. Even though she had never driven before, she assumed how to drive and drove like an expert. She parked a block from Mark's house, then decided to go through the woods to the house. Karana still saw everything as bright as day, but at night every object was infrared. It took only a few seconds for Karana to adjust to this kind of sight. Nothing was an obstacle to her. She was trying stealthily to approach the house, but if she wanted to, she could have moved everything out of her way.

Sure enough, as she got within a hundred feet of the house, she could smell people inside the house, and could also hear their heartbeats. She could tell they were scared for some reason. She looked up at the second story window and saw there were five policemen crowded around a window, looking in horror at her glowing eyes.

When Karana saw them, she panicked and ran toward the wall where she estimated that the pizza boxes should be. The wall was like wet cardboard before Karana's power. She had burst through right at the exact spot where the pizza boxes should have been, but they weren't there. As Karana assessed the situation someone put on the light and the policemen ran downstairs with their weapons pointed right at her.

One yelled "Halt or I'll shoot."

Karana feigned surrender, and as the cops stepped forward, she ran at them. Two policemen got off a good shot at her, hitting her in the heart, but she literally tore them to pieces with her fingers. All except one who had run back upstairs, to call in reinforcements.

Karana went back to the car and then went back to Marks lab. When she got there she saw Mark nodding his head as in disbelief, looking at the special news update. Something was said about the old house of Mark, the mad scientist as they called him now, being destroyed by some terrorists who were friends of Mark even though they knew the police were in the house. Mark's eyes opened wide when he heard about how the police had been torn apart.

As Mark turned around to scold Karana for being stupid, he noticed the gaping holes in her chest. As he ran over to her, something just left him flabbergasted. The gaping holes were mending right before his eyes.

Mark was quite amazed. "It's fascinating. Your metabolic rate is moving so fast that injuries are healed virtually instantaneously."

"That may be true, but I still hurt." As Karana said that she stumbled over to Mark's operation table.

Mark helped her up, "I really don't approve of you killing those police officers, but now I know something else about my amazing pituitary gland process. Next, we will have revenge on those scientists. Oh, yes. What happened to those pizza boxes?"

Karana looked at him. "They weren't there. I assume they are at the police station or those scientists who betrayed you have them."

"Of course," Mark continued, "They probably went to my house when the police went to the hospital looking for me. We are going to have to take care of them immediately, before they get a chance to study my notes on gigantism, especially Wayne. If he gets hold of them, you're going to be up against giants, my dear."

Upon saying that, Mark looked down at Karana who was already sleeping. Mark 's voice was almost a whisper. "Are you using my notes yet, Wayne? Have you found the secrets of super gigantism?"

Chapter Two

At the hospital, it was 6:00 in the morning and Wayne was down in the lab consulting with three of the group of scientists who'd betrayed Mark. He told them he had discovered a way to create an army of giants.

The three scientists, the first one named Scott, the second Don, and the third Blake, were stunned to hear Wayne say that. Mark had really been the only one into that aspect of genetic engineering. Normally Wayne would've kept the notes he'd found a secret, but these three scientists were close to him. He could trust them in a way. He showed them the notes, and all three of them gasped out of turn.

They started saying, "Of course" and "It's this simple."

Wayne said, "Yes, that was my thought too. We must find specimens to use."

Don said, "Why don't we use it on each other? Imagine being forty feet tall. Such power is awesome. I say we do it on ourselves."

Blake and Scott agreed with Don, but Wayne said, "We have to try this on something else first. You all know that."

Adjoining the lab, there was a concrete enforced room where they'd put a lot of Mark's early patients. They agreed that they would put their experiment in there too and kill it if it worked.

Wayne suggested that they use a small animal. They already had all of Mark's leftover genetic materials from when he was working there, and it wouldn't be a problem for Wayne and the others to concoct a potion from Mark's notes, relatively easily.

Then Scott said, "Remember Karana, you all. Mark always had some kind of success with her."

Blake said, "Yes, and he took her with him when we turned on him."

Don said, "Oh my, you think Mark has used his animal knowledge of pituitary gland on Karana."

Wayne said, "You better believe it. But we don't have to be afraid of any animal if we weigh a dozen tons and stand over forty feet tall."

The four scientists laughed heartily at Wayne's sarcasm.

Chapter Three

It was about eight o'clock and Mark had worked feverishly to isolate the side effects of taking the process extract orally. He wanted actually to create a kind of stronger skin, from any type of animal he wanted. The epidermis evolution was what he called it.

He woke Karana up. "Here, I want you to drink this. Do not be alarmed by what happens. I think my pituitary process extract can be used to affect the skin of whoever drinks it."

"How can you do that?"

Mark showed her a vial containing a green liquid.

"What is that?"

Mark smiled, "It is a sample of my process, but with the epidermis included."

"You cannot mean that along with the pituitary gland of an animal, there is also the epidermis of an animal."

"Yes," Mark continued, "Only a small sample of the animal's skin is needed however." With that, Mark gestured to the bottle.

Karana didn't hesitate in drinking the compound. Karana made the usual gagging noise associated with drinking the process extract.

Mark's eyes opened wide as he gawked at Karana's skin. It had started to take on a green hue.

Karana was also amazed. "What animal's power have you added to my already incredible powers?"

Mark smiled, "You have the added strength of an adrenalized hela monster. But wait, you also have the thick hide of a hela monster. How do you feel?"

Karana jumped up on the lab table and extended her arms to the sky. "How do I feel? I feel strong. I must be able to lift tons over my head. I will go and destroy all of your enemies. But first, you must give me the epidermis solution. I do not appreciate the tone of my skin."


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