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Every Single Time: Republicans and the Illusion of Conservative Thought

Every Single Time: Republicans and the Illusion of Conservative Thought

by Gene Enree


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This book is an in depth discussion of what the nation really receives with conservative Republican policies verses the progressive Democrat approach. It also tries to make the important point that if we wish to live in one of the worlds great nations, it is not unreasonable for us to pay for that privilege through taxation!

Remember in the beginning Republicans were a very progressive party! President Lincoln gave the nation FREE public schools. He led the fight to end slavery and he built the transcontinental railway!

President Teddy Roosevelt preserved public lands. He actually was the first to propose a national health care system and he used public money to build the Panama Canal. These all have been progressive issues, moving the country forward!

Today Republicans have largely abandon progressive ideas. I say things like good roads, police and fire protection, schools and universities having planned communities and developments and a whole host of other services plus a strong military take money to be in existence. We are very fortunate to live in a peaceful structured America.

I think we can agree Republicans want less government. They want less spending. They want to balance the budget in that way. Republicans want fewer regulations, a stronger military coupled with less taxation. But they mostly want less taxation of corporations and the wealthy, not for you and me. Those are all admirable goals if not somehow misguided in reality!

You must think this out. With less government spending that clearly will employ fewer soles. Our government will award fewer contracts. It adds to underemployment, fewer services, less revenue for government and a lower quality of life!

Republicans will increase deficit spending unless you close the gap by either taxing the middleclass heavier or massively cutting government programs and services. The question is will all of this improve your life? Are really bad roads as an example bettering your life?

Now when you tax the middleclass heavier that will lower consumption by virtue of the fact consumers will have less disposable income. Which again further harms the commerce of the nation. I truly believe our good life and strong economy really comes from a properly funded government!

Odd as it may sound our economy has always flourished and expanded when government has done the opposite of those conservative actions. I will prove that in the book.

I ask you to look at the tremendous economy and balanced budgets President Clinton gave the nation. My friends he did that with and all Democrat government!

Then I ask you to compare that to the total collapse which came to us with President George W. Bush's conservatism when he had an all Republican government helping him. The facts are right in front of you!

This books is intended as a guide for you. Hopefully it will open your eyes and post clear, understandable answers to many questions:

-Why are there fundamental faults with conservative political policy? How can that possibly be true?
-How did the last five Republican Presidents rate in building the American economy and then compare that to Democrats.
-We will understand the differences between Supply Side economics and Consumer Focused economics?
-How best can we keep money circulating and keep our country prosperous?
-Can we have a growing economy without resorting to austerity measures?
-Is there really any connection between freedom of choice and a thriving economy?

The answers to these questions provide surprising facts about our society. We will learn that policies which seem obvious and logical in their correctness do not give us the expected result.

Please enjoy the read.

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