Etudes, Children's Corner, Images Book II, and Other Works for Piano

Etudes, Children's Corner, Images Book II, and Other Works for Piano

by Claude Debussy


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Many of the most admired of Debussy's piano works, reprinted from authoritative French editions, among them the Etudes (1915), a late work that richly displays the full range and depth of Debussy's genius for the piano, and the magical Children's Corner (1906–8). Also included: Nocturne (1892), Piece pour piano (1903–4), Images, Book II (1907), Hommage a Haydn (1910), The Little Nigar (1909), La plus que lente (1910), Berceuse heroique (1914), Six epigraphes antiques (1914), and Elegie (1915).

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ISBN-13: 9780486271453
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 08/19/1992
Series: Dover Music for Piano Series
Edition description: Reprints
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 9.39(w) x 12.25(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents

MORCEAU DE CONCOURS [Competition Piece]
CHILDREN'S CORNER (dedicated to his daughter Chouchou)
I. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
II. Jimbo's Lullaby
III. Serenade of the Doll
IV. The Snow Is Dancing
V. The Little Shepherd
VI. Golliwogg's Cake Walk
"IMAGES, 2e SÉRIE [Images, Book II]"
  Cloches à travers les feuilles [Bells through the leaves] (ded. To Alexandre Charpentier)
  Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut [And the moon descends on the ruined temple] (ded. Louis Laloy)
  Poissons d'or [Goldfish] (ded. To Richardo Viñes)
HOMMAGE À HAYDN [Homage to Haydn]
LA PLUS QUE LENTE: VALSE [As Slow as Possible: Waltz]
BERCEUSE HÉROÏQUE [Heroic Lullaby] (ded. to His Majesty Albert 1er of Belgium)
SIX ÉPIGRAPHES ANTIQUES [Six Antique Epigraphs] (arr. By Debussy from the four-hand version)
I. "Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d'été [To invoke Pan, god of the summer wind]"
II. Pour un tombeau sans nom [For a nameless tomb]
III. Pour que la nuit soit propice [That the night may be auspicious]
IV. Pour la danseuse aux crotales [For the dancer with crotales]
V. Pour l'Égyptienne [For the Egyptian woman]
VI. Pour remercier la pluie au matin [To give thanks to the morning rain]
DOUZE ÉTUDES [Twelve Etudes] (ded. to the memory of Frédéric Chopin)
  Book I
  I. "Pour les "cinq doigts" -d'après Monsieur Czerny [For the "five fingers"-after Mr. Czerny]"
  II. Pour les tierces [For thirds]
  III. Pour les quartes [For fourths]
  IV. Pour les sixtes [For sixths]
  V. Pour les octaves [For octaves]
  VI. Pour les huit doigts [For the eight fingers]
  Book II
  VII. Pour les degrés chromatiques [For chromatic steps]
  VIII. Pour les agréments [For ornaments]
  IX. Pour les notes répétées [For repeated notes]
  X. Pour les sonorités opposées [For opposing sonorites]
  XI. Pour les arpèges composés [For written-out arpeggios]
  XII. Pour les accords [For chords]

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