The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook: Complete Meals from Around the World

The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook: Complete Meals from Around the World

by Sean Williams

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Named one of New York Times Top-20 Cookbooks of 2006.

Have you ever wanted to host a full evening of Indian food, culture, and music? How about preparing a traditional Balinese banquet? Or take a trip to Cairo and enjoy an Egyptian feast? The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook takes you around the world on a culinary journey that is also a cultural and social odyssey.

Many cookbooks offer a snapshot of individual recipes from different parts of the world, but do nothing to tell the reader how different foods are presented together, or how to relate these foods to other cultural practices. For years, ethnomusicologists have visited the four corners of the earth to collect the music and culture of native peoples, from Africa to the Azores, from Zanzibar to New Zealand. Along the way, they've observed how music is an integral part of social interaction, particularly when it's time for a lavish banquet or celebration. Foodways and cultural expression are not separate; this book emphasizes this connection through offering over thirty-five complete meals, from appetizers to entrees to side dishes to desserts and drinks. A list of recommended CDs fills out the culinary experience, along with hints on how to present each dish and to organize the overall meal.

The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook combines scholarship with a unique and fun approach to the study of the world's foods, musics, and cultures. More than just a cookbook, it is an excellent companion for anyone embarking on a cultural-culinary journey.

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ISBN-13: 9781135519032
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/31/2013
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Sean Williams is a Professor of Ethnomusicology at Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington. She is the author of several books, including The Sound of the Ancestral Ship: Highland Music of West Java, and coeditor with Terry Williams of volume IV of the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Southeast Asia.

Table of Contents

Prelude     1
World Music, World Food   Sean Williams     2
How to Use This Book     6
Africa     9
Kenya   Jesse Samba Wheeler     10
Northern Ghana (Dagomba Ethnicity)   David Locke     16
Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic West Africa   Susan Hurley-Glowa     19
Namibia   Minette Mans     22
East Asia     27
Chaozhou, China   Mercedes DuJunco     28
Sichuan, China   Su Zheng     33
Tokyo, Japan   Marie Abe     40
Okinawa, Japan   Marie Abe     46
Korea   Okon Hwang     51
Mongolia   Peter K. Marsh     57
South Asia     61
Nepal   Anna Marie Stirr     62
North India   Amelia Maciszewski     69
Kerala, South India   Zoe Sherinian     76
Southeast Asia     81
Luzon, Philippines   Mercedes DuJunco     82
Surakarta, Java, Indonesia   Marc Benamou     88
Sunda, Indonesia   Sean Williams     94
Bali, Indonesia   Ni Wayan Murni   Jonathan Copeland     99
Thailand   Andrew Shahriari   Christina Shahriari   Terry Miller     104
Vietnam   Phong T. Nguyen     109
Middle East     113
Morocco   Philip Schuyler     114
Andalusian Morocco   Julia Banzi     118
Judeo-Spanish Morocco   Suzanne Benchimol   Judith Cohen     124
Egypt   Mina Girgis     129
Palestine   David McDonald     136
Suwayda Province, Syria   Kathleen Hood     141
Iran   Niloofar Mina     146
South and Central America     153
Bolivia   Thalia Rios     154
Brasilia, Brazil   Jesse Samba Wheeler   Rosa Virginia Melo     160
Minas Gerais, Brazil   Suzel A. Reily     165
Southeastern Brazil   Carla Brunet     170
Oaxaca, Mexico   Mark Brill     175
North America     181
Newfoundland and Labrador   Beverley Diamond     182
Romanian Jewish New York   Jeffrey A. Summit      187
Southern Appalachia (Western North Carolina)   Lucy M. Long     192
Canoe Nations of the Pacific Northwest   Pauline "Isumatta" Tuttle     197
Oceania     205
Australia   Jennifer Gall     206
New Zealand   David G. Hebert     212
Tonga   Adrienne L. Kaeppler     216
Europe     221
Andalusian Spain   Julia Banzi     222
Ibiza and Formentera (the Pityusic Islands)   Esperanca Bonet Roig   Judith Cohen     227
Campania, Italy   Jennifer Caputo     233
Greece   Maria Hnaraki     240
Bulgaria   Timothy Rice     246
Estonia   Ramona Holmes     251
Sweden   Theresa A. Allison     255
Norway   Chris Goertzen     262
Ireland   Sean Williams     267
Encore     273
The Marzipan Workshop Sonnets   Bruno Nettl     274
About the Contributors     275
I Can't Eat That! Dietary Modifications   Abigail Wood     282
Index     289

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