The Ethics of the Dust

The Ethics of the Dust

by John Ruskin


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"The following lectures were really given, in substance, at a girls' school (far in the country); which, in the course of various experiments on the possibility of introducing some better practice of drawing into the modern scheme of female ed-ucation, I visited frequently enough to enable the children to regard me as a friend. The Lectures always fell more or less into the form of fragmen-tary answers to questions; and they are allowed to retain that form, as, on the whole, likely to be more interesting than the symmetries of a contin-uous treatise. Many children (for the school was large) took part, at different times, in the conver-sations; but I have endeavored, without confused-ly multiplying the number of imaginary speakers, to represent, as far as I could, the general tone of comment and inquiry among young people."

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