Eternity: An Anthology

Eternity: An Anthology

by Barbara Delinsky

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)



The Dream Unfolds

Gideon Lowe is more than some macho construction worker, and the Crosslyn Rise building contract will prove it. The last thing he needs is Christine Gillette tromping onto his work site, disturbing his equilibrium. Christine is appalled that the rough-hewn—but frankly gorgeous—Gideon holds the deciding vote on whether or not her interior designs will be used on The Rise. She's not going to let any he-man bully her around…or sweet-talk her into submission.

Father of the Bride

Cynthia Bauer dreads seeing Russ Shaw after their scandalous divorce years earlier. Yet Russ is returning to town for the first time in twenty-five years, determined to give his only daughter away at her wedding. There's no way they'll be able to avoid each other, but it soon becomes clear that staying away from one another is the last thing either of them wants.

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ISBN-13: 9780373777266
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/20/2012
Series: Montgomery/Taggert Series
Edition description: Original
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 4.34(w) x 6.46(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Barbara Delinsky has written more than twenty New York Times bestselling novels, with over thirty million copies in print. Her books are highly emotional, character-driven studies of marriage, parenthood, sibling rivalry and friendship. She is also the author of a breast cancer handbook. A breast cancer survivor herself, Barbara donates her author proceeds from the book to fund a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hostipal. Visit her at


Newton, Massachusetts

Date of Birth:

August 9, 1945

Place of Birth:

Boston, Massachusetts


B.A. in Psychology, Tufts University, 1967; M.A. in Sociology, Boston College, 1969

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They were three men with a mission late on a September afternoon. Purposefully they climbed from their cars, slammed their doors in quick succession and fell into broad stride on the brick walk leading to Elizabeth Abbott's front door. Gordon Hale rang the doorbell. It had been decided, back in his office at the bank, that he would be the primary speaker. He was the senior member of the group, the one who had organized the Crosslyn Rise consortium, the one who posed the least threat to Elizabeth Abbott.

Carter Malloy posed a threat because he was a brilliant architect, a rising star in his hometown, with a project in the works that stood to bring big bucks to the town. But there was more to his threat than that. He had known Elizabeth Abbott when they'd been kids, when he'd been the bad boy of the lot. The bad boy no longer, his biggest mistake in recent years had been bedding the vengeful Ms. Abbott. It had only happened once, he swore, and years before, despite Elizabeth's continued interest. Now, though, Carter was in love and on the verge of marrying Jessica Crosslyn, and Elizabeth had her tool for revenge. As chairman of the zoning commission, she was denying Crosslyn Rise the building permit it needed to break ground on its project.

Gideon Lowe was the builder for that project, and he had lots riding on its success. For one thing, the conversion of Crosslyn Rise from a single mansion on acres of land to an elegant condominium community promised to be the most challenging project he'd ever worked on. For another, it was the most visible. A job well-done there would be like a gold star on his resume. But there was another reason why he wanted the project to be a success. He was an investor in it. For the first time, he had money at stake, big money. He knew he was taking a gamble, risking so much of his personal savings, but if things went well, he would have established himself as a businessman, a man of brain, as well as brawn. That was what he wanted, a change of image. And that was why he'd allowed himself to be talked into trading a beer with the guys after work for this mission.

A butler opened the door. "Yes?"

Gordon drew his stocky body to its full five-foot-ten-inch height. "My name is Gordon Hale. These gentlemen are Carter Malloy and Gideon Lowe. We're here to see Miss Abbott. I believe she's expecting us."

"Yes, sir, she is," the butler answered, and stood back to gesture them into the house. "If you'll come this way," he said as soon as they were all in the spacious front hall with the door closed behind them.

Gideon followed the others through the hall, then the living room and into the parlor, all the while fighting the urge to either laugh or say something crude. He hated phoniness. He also hated formality. He was used to it, he supposed, just as he was used to wearing a shirt and tie when the occasion called for it, as this one did.

Still he couldn't help but feel scorn for the woman who was now rising, like a queen receiving her court, from a chintz-covered wingback chair.

"Gordon," she said with a smile, and extended her hand. "How nice to see you."

Gordon took her hand in his. "The pleasure's mine, Elizabeth." He turned and said nonchalantly, "I believe you know Carter."

"Yes," she acknowledged, and Gideon had to hand it to her. For a woman who had once lain naked and hot under Carter, she was cool as a cucumber now. "How are you, Carter?"

Carter wasn't quite as cool. Losing himself to the opportunity, he said, "I'd have been better without this misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" Elizabeth asked innocently. "Is there a misunderstanding here?" She looked at Gordon. "I thought we'd been quite clear."

Gordon cleared his throat. "About denying us the building permit, yes. About why you've denied it, no. That's why we requested this meeting. But before we start—" he gestured toward Gideon "—I don't believe you've met Gideon Lowe. He's both a member of the consortium and our general contractor."

Elizabeth turned the force of her impeccably made-up blue eyes on Gideon. She nodded, then seemed to look a second time and with interest, after which she extended her hand. "Gideon Lowe? Have I heard that name before?"

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