Estrella Guia

Estrella Guia

by Alexandre PiresAlexandre Pires
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On his third solo outing, Brazilian crooner Alexandre Pires, formerly lead vocalist of Sopra Catarira, continues to issue his albums in both his native Portuguese and in Spanish. Interestingly enough, it is his Spanish language recordings that sell the most. On Estrella Guia, Pires takes his now-trademark silky-smooth approach to Latin pop and, along with producer Adrian Posse, makes it slicker than ever (think Celine Dion). Unlike his earlier outings, there is nothing here to suggest that Pires is even from Brazil -- all notions of samba have disappeared and are instead covered in generic washes of synthesized strings, computerized percussion, and vocals so multi-tracked it's impossible to tell whether they are male or female. That said, Pires' voice counts for a lot. The songs themselves are beautiful Latin pop songs, heavy on the smoother-than-smooth balladry that makes singers like Marc Anthony so successful. The difference is that Pires is a better vocalist in the purest sense of the word than virtually any of his contemporaries. But even here, when he sings in Spanish instead of in his native tongue, the depth of his emotional expression is somewhat stilted, hence the different mixes of the albums -- the Portuguese one concentrates less on overblown arrangements. The two most successful moments here are in the duets "Solo Que Me Falta," with Alejandro Sanz, and "Inseguridad," with Rosario. On the former, the shimmering smooth jazz arrangement allows both men to pull out all the stops and juxtapose their voices with one another without competing. When the semi-funky rhythm kicks in on the second verse, they become inseparable as opposing forces. On the latter, a nuevo flamenco number, Pires is able to step out of the box he's placed himself in, and he goes deep into the tradition for his phrasing, allowing Rosario the pop refrain to balance the track -- in other words, to pull it away a bit from its folk influences. Other than these two moments, however, Estrella Guia is virtually interchangeable with his other solo recordings, beautifully executed but generic nonetheless.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/25/2003
Label: Sony U.S. Latin
UPC: 0828765063227
catalogNumber: 13343

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alexandre Pires   Primary Artist,Percussion
Rene Toledo   Guitar
Alejandro Sanz   Tres,spanish guitar
Daniel Grace   Background Vocals
Chocolate   Drums
Antonio Carmona   Percussion,spanish guitar
Jose Miguel Carmona   spanish guitar
Julio Hernández   Bass
Orlando Hernandez   Drums
Lee Levin   Drums
Wendy Pedersen   Background Vocals
Alceu Reis   Cello
Elio Rivagli   Drums
Serginho Trombone   Trombone
Rick Amado   Violin
Luis Dulzaides   Percussion
Dan Warner   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Lincoln Olivetti   Keyboards
Tommy Anthony   Background Vocals
Jesuina Noronha Passaroto   Violin,Viola
Jose Carlos Ramos   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Michel Bessler   Violin
Paschoal Perrota   Violin
Carlos Eduardo Hack   Violin
Bernardo Bessler   Violin
Jose Alves   Violin
Fernando Illán   Bass
Marcelo Martins   Alto Saxophone
Rey Nerio   Vocal Director
Joao Daltro   Violin
Heitor Fujinami   Violin
Tato Icasto   Piano
Glauco Imasato   Violin
Helena Akiku Imasato   Violin
Zigmunt Kubala   Cello
Cecilia Leskovar   Background Vocals
Braulio Lima   Cello
Marcio Eymard Malard   Cello
Jessé Sadoc   Trumpet
Jorge Salim   Violin
Jerjes Valero   Background Vocals
Bruno Zuchetti   Keyboards,Synthesizer Bass
Emanuele Ruffinengo   Piano,Keyboards
Alejandro DeLeon   Viola
Alejandro Ramirez   Violin
Alexandre Cunha   Violin
Liliana Rodriguez   Background Vocals
Mauricio Takeda   Violin
Claudio Rosa   Bass
Laércio Da Costa   Percussion
Adrián Martinez   Guitar
Danilo Ballo   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Danny Costa   Percussion
Lena Pérez   Background Vocals
Dayan Abad   Electric Guitar
Pedro Alfonso   Strings
Clay Perry   Keyboards
Miami Symphonic Strings   Strings
Carlinhos Pessosa   Background Vocals
Bob Benozzo   Keyboards,Synthesizer Bass
Pedro Ferreira   Keyboards,Vocal Director
Cinzia Astolfi   Background Vocals
Angie Bao   Drums
Marie Christine S. Bessler   Violin,Viola
Jeff Broderick   Synthesizer Guitar
Nelson Cano   Percussion
Ivan Decloedt   Bass
Cláudio DeVecchi   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Aldo Gouveia   Background Vocals
Paulo Valderrama   Bass
Ricardo Kubala   Viola
Rogério Rosa   Violin
Cristian Rapp   Violin

Technical Credits

Alejandro Sanz   Composer
Juan Marcelo   Composer
Antonio Carmona   Producer
Jota Moraes   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Rudy Pérez   Arranger,Director,Producer
Ross Vannelli   Composer
Bruce Weeden   Engineer
Freddy Piñero   Engineer
Richard Serotta   Engineer
Rafael Ferro   String Arrangements
Lincoln Olivetti   Arranger
Adrian Posse   Composer
Juan Vincente Zambrano   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer
Manuel Alejandro   Composer
Estéfano   Composer,Spanish Adaptation
Fernando Illán   Producer
Rey Nerio   Producer
Gustavo Celis   Engineer
Yasmil Marrufo   Composer
Dario Moscatelli   Composer
Bruno Zuchetti   Arranger,Programming,Engineer
Donato Poveda   Composer
Emanuele Ruffinengo   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Orchestral Arrangements
Karla Aponte   Spanish Adaptation
Héctor Sagrario   Engineer
Enrico Romano   Engineer
Danilo Ballo   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Duda Mello   Engineer
Andres Bermudez   Engineer
Clay Perry   Programming
Felipe Tichauer   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Alexandre Pires   Composer,Producer
M. Alejandro   Arranger
Alex Angeloni   Engineer
Julio C. Reyes   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer
Alex Andrade   Photo Assistance
Bob Benozzo   Programming,Engineer
Pedro Ferreira   Arranger,Composer,Director,Producer
Nico Bloise   Engineer
Luciane Ferraz   Photo Assistance
Mauricio Gasca   Programming

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