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The Essential Antifederalist / Edition 2

The Essential Antifederalist / Edition 2

by William B. Allen, Gordon LloydWilliam B. Allen
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At the pivotal moment in the history of the United States of America, ratification of the Constitution was championed by James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton in a series of newspaper articles known as the Federalist Papers. In answer to these arguments and as a way of pointing up flaws and weaknesses in the Constitution itself, a number of political thinkers (who mostly used pseudonyms) argued against ratification through articles and speeches which have collectively come to be known as the 'Antifederalist Papers.' This edited collection of readings from Antifederalist thought was first published in 1985. Here presented with a completely revised and updated interpretive essay from the editors and expanded to cover the period of the founding from 1776-91, this book is the most complete one-volume collection of its kind.

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Publication date: 12/17/2001
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About the Author

William B. Allen is professor of political science at Michigan State University. A Ph. D. from Claremont Graduate School, Allen is author of The Federalist Papers: A Commentary, Let the Advice Be Good: A defense of Madison's Democratic Nationalism, and editor of All Cloudless Glory: A Biography of George Washington by Harrison Clark. Gordon Lloyd is the John M. Olin Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University. A Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate School, Lloyd is the co-editor ofThe Essential Bill of Rights: Original Arguments and Fundamental Documents, as well as the author of numerous articles on federalism and the founding.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Chapter One: Origin of Antifederalist Thought Chapter 3 John Lansing, George Mason, and Luther Martin, 20 June 1787 Chapter 4 Luther Martin, 27-28 June 1787 Chapter 5 George Mason, Objections Chapter 6 Richard Henry Lee, Letter to Edmund Randolph, 16 October 1787 Chapter 7 Elbridge Gerry, Objections Chapter 8 Cato, Letter III Chapter 9 An Old Whig, Essay VII Chapter 10 Pennsylvania Minority Report Chapter 11 Robert Yates and John Lansing, Reasons of Dissent Chapter 12 Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Alexander Donald, 7 February 1788 Chapter 13 Agrippa, Letters XV and XVI Chapter 14 Sidney, Essay II Chapter 15 A Plebian Part 16 Chapter Two: Antifederalist Views of Federalism Chapter 17 Federal Farmer, Letters I and XVII Chapter 18 Centinel, Letter I Chapter 19 Brutus, Essays I and V Chapter 20 Agrippa, Letter IV Chapter 21 Maryland Farmer Essay III, Part One Chapter 22 Patrick Henry, Virginia Ratifying Convention, 4-5 June 1788 Chapter 23 Virginia Ratifying Convention Amendment Proposals Part 24 Chapter Three: Antifederalist Views of Republicanism Chapter 25 Richard Henry Lee, Letter to George Mason, 1 October 1787 Chapter 26 Federal Farmer, Letters II, III, IV and XII Chapter 27 Old Whig, Essay IV Chapter 28 Brutus, Essays II, IV, XI, XII, XV Chapter 29 Cato, Letters V and VII Chapter 30 John DeWitt, Essay V Chapter 31 James Monroe, Observations on the Constitution Chapter 32 Virginia Ratifying Convention, 18 June 1788 Chapter 33 Melancton Smith, New York Ratifying Convention, 20 June 1788 Chapter 34 John Lansing, New York Ratifying Convention, 24 June 1788 Part 35 Chapter Four: Antifederalist Views of Capitalism and Democracy Chapter 36 Centinel, Letters III, IV, VII, VIII Chapter 37 A Georgian Chapter 38 Brutus, Essay III Chapter 39 Cato, Letter VI Chapter 40 Agrippa, Letters VII, IX, XII, XIV Chapter 41 Federal Farmer, Letters VII, VIII, IX Chapter 42 Maryland Farmer, Essay III, Part II; and Essay VII, Part I Chapter 43 Mercy Otis Warren, The American Revolution

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