Equality: Courageous Conversations About Women, Men, and Race to Spark a Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough

Equality: Courageous Conversations About Women, Men, and Race to Spark a Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough

by Trudy Bourgeois


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We've been talking about changing corporate America for decades. Decades. And yet no real change has occurred. At least not when it comes to equality for all. Honestly, the talk is lip service for most. Why? Because the dominant group will not give up power willingly.

So what will it take to originate authentic change for corporate America in today's climate? To achieve equality for all? Our country is running at a fever pitch. And so is our business world. And it seems there's no solution.

Until you talk to Trudy Bourgeois.

She knows the solution. She lives the solution. And she teaches the solution.

The solution for our world today is this: courageous conversations. Courageous conversations about the difficult topics that get to the emotional level to create buy-in. At ALL levels of corporate America, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top. Nothing happens until we talk about the truth and get to the core of the situation.

Trudy takes the lead in those conversations right here and now. Throughout this groundbreaking book, she lights our path through the hard topics, through the tough and uncomfortable conversations, in such a way as to speak the truth in love - something she does well.

If you are a leader of people (which is all of us), then settle in and get ready to learn and grow. Trudy Bourgeois takes her own personal and professional life experiences and the experiences of hundreds of leaders who were interviewed across generations and genders for this book provides. She provides a roadmap to a place called "deep democracy." It is in this place where cultures are bred that level the playing field, unleash potential, and afford everyone an equal opportunity to authentically contribute at their highest level.

Trudy isn't afraid to have the courageous conversations necessary for true change and equality to finally take place in corporate America. If you want to experience success as a leader in today's world, you will want to not only read this book but also think long and hard about your habits, behaviors and patterns that shape how you engage across differences. Your success depends upon it.

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About the Author

Throughout her life, Trudy Bourgeois has been a forward-thinking agent of change, role model and leader for equality. In the '60s, she was the first to integrate the Catholic school system in Mobile, Alabama. In the '70s, she was selected as one of America's brightest future leaders. In the '80s, she became the first in a family of 10 children to graduate from college. In the '90s, she broke the glass ceiling in the consumer goods industry by becoming the first African-American woman to rise to the level of Vice President. She understands the struggle. She also understands what it takes to achieve a breakthrough, and she knows how to get there.

Trudy Bourgeois is a renowned and respected authority on leadership development. Her organization specializes in women and people of color and is known for change management initiatives that move the needle on diversity and inclusion.

After a successful career as a senior sales and marketing executive, Bourgeois took all her experience and passion and founded The Center for Workforce Excellence in 2001. CWE is a professional coaching, training, consulting and teaching organization that companies such as Intel, PepsiCo, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kellogg's, Cox Automotive, and many others credit with advancing their talent management and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Trudy is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, writes for numerous trade publications and magazines, and has authored three books on leadership: Her Corner Office (Second Edition); The Hybrid Leader; and Equality: Courageous Conversations about Women, Men, and Race to Spark a Diversity & Inclusion Breakthrough

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