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The Entrepreneurial Age: Awakening the Spirit of Enterprise in People, Companies, and Countries

The Entrepreneurial Age: Awakening the Spirit of Enterprise in People, Companies, and Countries

by Larry Farrell, Karry Farrell


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This revolutionary business guide explains how the power of entrepreneurship can be harnessed by individuals, organizations, and entire countries to compete and thrive in the 21st century. Examining the four fundamental practices of the world’s great entrepreneurs, the author provides simple and proven strategies for creating and implementing business plans on all levels, from the mission statement to day-to-day organization practices. The book gives timely advice not only to individual entrepreneurs, but also explains how entrepreneurial culture can be developed and fostered in corporate and governmental settings. Chapters show decision-makers ways to facilitate high-speed innovation, free the genius of the average worker, translate job satisfaction into high-quality production, and cultivate customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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ISBN-13: 9781581150773
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 0.94(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Larry Farrell is the founder and chief executive officer of The Farrell Company, the world's leading firm for researching and teaching entrepreneurial practices. The firm has affiliates in twenty countries covering Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, with clients ranging from corporations such as Sun Microsystems, Citibank, Coca-Cola, DHL, Toyota, Matshusita, Unilever, and Business Week, to governments including China, Brazil, Malaysia, and South Africa. Clients in 25 countries are using his Spirit of Enterprise seminars and training projects across six languages. A former president of the worldwide consulting and training firm, Kepner-Tregoe, Farrell is the author of Searching for the Spirit of Enterprise (1994), now translated in seven languages and established as an international authority on entrepreneurship and high growth companies. Currently Farrell serves on the boards of think tanks and journals including the Economic Development Society and The Journal of Strategic Change. He lives in Staunton, Virginia.

Table of Contents

Oops! Who's Excellent Now?
The Entrepreneurial Premise: Confirmed
The Enterprise of People, Companies, and Countries
Introduction: Great Myths and Simple Truthsxix
Learning the Hard Way
Great Myths: The Rise of the Expert Class
Reviving the Entrepreneurial Spirit
The Life Cycle of All Organizations
Simple Tuths: The Four Fundamental Practices of the World's Great Entrepreneurs
Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Age
Part IEntrepreneurial People: Entrepreneurship--The Best Weapon You'll Ever Have to Survive a Downsized and Uncertain World
1The New Entrepreneurs: They Are Us!3
More Myths and Truths
Start-Up: The Moment of Truth
2Sense of Mission: Leaving Footprints in the Sand11
The What and the How of the Mission
Creating Entrepreneurial Business Plans
Picking Market/Product Winners
Creating Entrepreneurial Business Values
Keeping It Alive
The Mission of Buel Messer
3Customer/Product Vision: My Customer, My Product, My Self-Respect31
The Real Magic of Disney
The All-American Internet Entrepreneur
Loving Customers and Products
"Loving" the Customer
"Loving" the Product
The Sights and Sounds of Taylor & Boody
4High-Speed Innovation: When Your Life Depends on It57
The Two Golden Rules
The Necessity to Invent
The Freedom to Act
Reinventing PR for the New Economy
5Self-Inspired Behavior: Love What You Do and Get Very Good at Doing It79
High Commitment and High Performance
Entrepreneurial Commitment: "I Love What I Do"
Entrepreneurial Performance: "I'm Good at Doing It"
Entrepreneurial Behavior and the Almighty Power of Consequences
It's All in the Family
Good for the Business, Good for the Soul
6What's Really Required to Become an Entrepreneur95
Corporate Charlie Finally Gets the Message
The Three Requirements
Part IIEntrepreneurial Companies: Reviving the Spirit of Enterprise in Your Business
7The New Corporate Entrepreneurs121
The Most Entrepreneurial Big Company in the World
8Keeping the Sense of Mission Alive As You Grow127
Corporate Strategy a la Matsushita
What's in What?
Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy
The Criteria that Count
Corporate Culture a la Watson
Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture
Keeping It Alive
9Reinstilling Customer/Product Vision in Every Employee147
The Functional Organization: Death of the Craftsman
Creating an Obsession for Customers and Products
Loving the Customer
Loving the Product
A Final Thought: Growing the Old-Fashioned Way
10Fostering High-Speed Innovation167
The Seven Deadly Sins Against High-Speed Innovation
The Golden Rules of High-Speed Innovation
The Necessity to Invent
The Freedom to Act
11Making Self-Inspired Behavior the Organization Standard189
Creating High Comment and High Performance
High Commitment: Getting Employees to Love What They Do
High Performance: Getting Employees to Be Good at What They Do
Inspiring Others: Creating Mini-Entrepreneurs
The Power of Consequences
Three Proven Ways to Instill Consequences
Creating an Entrepreneurial Performance System (EPS)
God Help You and Your Employees
12What's Really Required to Create the Entrepreneurial Organization211
The Three Requirements
The Three Requirements: A Summary
A Final Thought from Lincoln Electric
Part IIIEntrepreneurial Countries: Creating an Entrepreneurial Economy to Win the Twenty-first Century Global Economic War!
13The Great Unanswered Mystery of Economics231
The Twentieth Century's Greatest Minister of Economics
The Prosperity Cycle of Nations
Countries: Here Come the Vikings!
14The Entrepreneurial Economy251
The Entrepreneurial Basics: Applied to the Economy
Creating a National Sense of Mission
We're Going to Hell, But We're Going First Class
States: Kentucky's Entrepreneurial Conscience
15What's Really Required to Create an Entrepreneurial Economy269
The Three Requirements: The New York Times Gets It!
Entrepreneur-Friendly Countries, States, and Cities
Cities: The Godfather of Silicon Alley
Conclusion: Getting Entrepreneurial!299
Do Something Great!
Doing It Just for the Money: A Recipe for Disaster
Starting Over with the Basics
Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Age: One Last Time

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