Enticing the Enemy

Enticing the Enemy

by Jules Court

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Jules Court, author of Hot in the City, returns with a brand-new contemporary romance novella full of sparkling wit and personality 

Defense attorney Erin Rafferty has to be tougher than her male colleagues to prove herself in the courtroom. A pit bull in a teacup-poodle package, her hard-earned hard-ass persona isn't easily undone. But one man has proved himself capable. 

Rugged, tattooed Detective Cruz is honest, solid—and his testimony on a past case devastated Erin's career. When a blind date has their paths crossing again, she has no intention of consorting with the enemy, even if her loss wasn't entirely his fault. Then she gets close enough to him to feel the sparks, and even Erin can't bring herself to object.  

Undercover cop Daniel Cruz never dreamed he'd see that sexy lawyer ever again. She's just the shot of adrenaline he needs after being lost and alone too long in a job that's beginning to get the best of him. However, getting the cautious Erin to trust in something more than a series of hot trysts isn't easy. And with a new case threatening to put them right back where they started, this time their future together could be on trial, too. 


This book is approximately 34,000 words  


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781488024535
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 05/08/2017
Series: Hot in the City , #2
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jules Court is a Boston native currently living in Oregon with her husband and dog, where the coffee more than makes up for the nine months of constant rain. She's a recovering attorney who wrote her first romance novel when she should have been studying for the Bar. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, running, playing with her neurotic dog, and baking vegan cupcakes. You can follow her at her website, www.julescourt.com.

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Enticing the Enemy 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Enticing the Enemy is the second novella that I have read by Jules Court. Just like the first one, Hot in the City, it focuses on a member of the Boston Police Department and a sexy love interest. Detective Danny Cruz and defense attorney Erin Rafferty can’t stand each other. That disdain intensifies after Erin tries to discredit Danny on the stand during a trial. What happens next is out of character for both of them. Erin slaps Danny at a bar. Danny kisses Erin. Everything catches fire from there. It turns out that their love/hate relationship is a big turn on and they can’t seem to avoid getting closer to each other until they end up between the sheets. Unfortunately, they both have serious emotional baggage that threatens to prevent their relationship from moving forward. In addition, a new case that has Erin questioning her ambitions and her ethics will change everything. Enticing the Enemy was good and provided some entertainment although it was very short. Erin and Danny definitely had chemistry and I hoped for their happily ever after. **Received a copy from the publisher and reviewed the book voluntarily.**
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
i have a love-hate relationship with novellas. sometimes they are short and sweet and deliver just the right balance of story and character. other times they cut short character development in favor of plot and i really hate that. the good news here is that enticing the enemy is one of the former. erin rafferty has a terrible day in court courtesy of detective daniel cruz. mostly it's her fault that things went so badly. but his ability to remain unruffled and calm in the courtroom made things worse. so when she runs into him later that same horrible, no good, very bad day she's not happy about it. and when he acts like a jerk and calls her out on how badly she misplayed her hand in the courtroom she's embarrassed and upset. especially since all this drama is unfolding in front of her best friend, priya, and daniel's partner, brian, and the blind date they set daniel up with. the problem is that the sparks between erin and daniel keep igniting at the most inopportune moments. when erin is asked to defend a client who daniel and brian are investigating she tries to ignore the conflicts of interest in order to preserve her career. but the deeper she gets into the case and the more involved she gets with daniel, she knows that she is compromising too much. all daniel knows is that she's the one person who makes him feel alive again. after years working undercover and having to embrace a darkness that wasn't innate in order to survive, being with erin is a welcome distraction. more than a distraction, being with her becomes necessary to his happiness. and as much as she wants to fight it, she has to admit that being with daniel is essential to hers. watching these two battle it out in order to come together is well worth it. and luckily they don't make you wait too long because this one is short and sweet, and also sexy. **enticing the enemy will publish on may 29, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/carina press in exchange for my honest review.
Kindle_Loving_Mom More than 1 year ago
This was a decent novella. I didn't like it as much as book 1 in the series. To be honest, I feel like this presses the line on the Carina Press Romance Promise, which promises a HEA or HFN. I would say this was just barely the beginning of a HFN, and the first book left me feeling the same way. Neither had an epilogue. At least in this book, we could see the couple from book 1 still doing well. But none of the side characters here were nearly as entertaining as the hero & heroine's families from book 1. Detective Daniel Cruz is the police officer partner of the hero from book 1. In book 1 he was very much the straight man to his partner Brian's goofball. That hasn't changed. He used to be an undercover officer in NYC. He was on a deep cover assignment for over 3 years with the Latin Kings gang, and he's still trying to get his head on straight. He likes his routines, and he feels they help keep him together when he feels his life might break apart otherwise. He's discovered a love of cooking, as it makes him feel closer to his abuela, and to who he was before his undercover assignment. He has no living family, and he's a very solitary guy. Erin Rafferty is a defense attorney. We met her in book 1 as well. She was the college roommate and friend of the heroine from book 1, Priya. She's got a mother, sister, and niece who live in a whole other world from her. They are constantly hitting her up for money, and she feels like their personal ATM. She never knew her dad, and her mom had a different boyfriend every week. It's led to some major issues in her life, both consciously, and subconsciously. She feels she's better off alone. She and Danny have a heated confrontation in a courtroom that leaves them both bruised in different ways. But, it leads to some unexpected results. Danny and Erin's chemistry was decent, but I didn't really understand their pull towards each other, other than the physical. It kind of felt like they both just needed a port in the storm, and they were each good enough to be that for the other. Every time they interacted, it seemed more like hate-chemistry than that it would actually lead to anything good. Which made the ending even harder to believe, because I just didn't feel the link between them. I feel like this was too short a story for either of them to really work out their major issues before they were in any place to start a relationship. I also feel like there was too much left to us to imagine, and I'm not a huge fan of that. An example is a phone conversation she has with her mother, where we don't actually get to see the whole thing, or the outcome. We're just led to believe she's standing up for herself. I found that frustrating. Overall, I'd say this book was ok. I wouldn't be opposed to reading a book by this author again, but I'd probably be more interested if it were full length and I felt like she had enough time and space to expand on things that she wasn't able to in this shorter format.