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Enhanced Recovery: A universal solution to addiction to alcohol, alcoholism

Enhanced Recovery: A universal solution to addiction to alcohol, alcoholism

by Ken Parkin
Enhanced Recovery: A universal solution to addiction to alcohol, alcoholism

Enhanced Recovery: A universal solution to addiction to alcohol, alcoholism

by Ken Parkin


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Enhanced Recovery describes a universal process of recovery and can be used as a manual to go through the recovery process or be an introduction to recovery and help in getting started in recovery. It is intended for new people in AA who have entered recovery, and people already established in recovery who may wish to enhance themselves to further enjoy life and be able to better assist new people in recovering. It contains clear directions and worksheets for the steps to make the process easy to understand and follow. For those not familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous, it contains a description, i.e., a view important to those not familiar with AA since the solution involves becoming a participating member.
It can also be useful to others who know of people with drinking problems or to anyone interested in what recovery is all about; this can, of course be family members, friends, and co-workers. It can also be useful to spiritual leaders, counselors, and mental health professionals who would like to know more about the universal solution so they can better determine how to assist or direct people with drinking problems into recovery and/or in recovering. It also points out the most important facts, the essentials, to getting into recovery and recovering successfully.
It contains information on what new people can expect and thus hedge them from possible resistances before they have them, potentially increasing the rate of AA successes as a whole. It lists many possible resistances (internal and external); i.e. causes for rejecting AA, and how they are overcome. This aids in preventing them from being blindsided with their resistances before they have a chance to become adjusted and understanding. Membership is important since getting support from group members, and unity within a group is one of the foundations of recovery.
The solution presented is considered universal because it does not tie into traditional spiritual practices; i.e. it defines the solution free from entities which cause resistances (biases) inherent in their use. The definitions or understanding for example; are left open to everybody, each having the freedom to make their own choices and use them vs. being mandated to use pre-existing definitions from traditions that are not necessarily known or accepted by everyone. This holds true in the realm of spiritual development as well as the psychological arena of character development, both being foundations of recovery. The spiritual aspect is addressed and simplified so it is easier to accept and not so mystical or magical. Also addressed is the insight into the power of spiritual connections in regard to providing people the ability to do or accomplish what they cannot do on their own. Sort of how the program of recovery works, giving people the power they need to stop drinking and stay quit. However, those with existing traditional spiritual definitions and understanding fit in as well. In psychological character determinations it has dropped potentially objectionable traditional entities in regard to character defects and has looked at the universal characteristics or faculties of humans with common universally accepted terms instead.
For people already in recovery it contains ideas on how to continue on their path and enhance their effectiveness in supporting and sharing with new people coming into their groups. It contains enhanced ways to exercise some of the recovery steps which can enhance their lives and it contains wise psychological development techniques. Spiritual growth is addressed as well as mental health from a wide variety of perspectives which are far more than interesting; they are known to work in improving people's lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781503245839
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/07/2014
Pages: 168
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