English Language Super Review

English Language Super Review

by Research & Education Association


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REA’s Super Reviews help students brush up on tough subjects. They are more thorough than ordinary subject reviews but less complex than voluminous study guides. Numerous solved problems accompany the review and bring it to life. The English Language Super Review includes an extensive review of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. A glossary of usage is also included. Exercises and quizzes enable students to check whether they have learned what they need to know, whether they understand the subject and have command of it.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780878911868
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 06/02/2000
Series: Super Reviews Study Guides Series
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.51(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Noun
1.2Concrete and Abstract Nouns4
1.3Collective Nouns4
1.4Countable and Noncountable Nouns4
1.5Noun Compounds6
1.7Number--Plural Nouns8
1.8The Possessive Case10
Chapter 2Pronouns
2.1Types of Pronouns22
2.2Case--The Function of the Pronoun in a Sentence33
2.3Who and Whom40
2.4Whoever and Whomever42
2.6Reference Pronouns45
Chapter 3Expletives
Chapter 4Verbs
4.1Kinds of Verbs52
4.2Forms of English Verbs59
4.4Regular and Irregular Verbs64
4.5Agreement Between Subjects and Verbs73
Quiz: The Noun, Pronouns, Expletives and Verbs84
Chapter 5Adjectives and Adverbs
5.1Recognizing Adjectives and Adverbs87
5.2Degrees of Adjectives and Adverbs90
5.3Comparison with "Other" or "Else" or "Of All"95
5.4Confusion with Adverbs and Adjectives95
5.5Faulty Comparisons97
Chapter 6Prepositions
6.1Simple Prepositions99
6.2Group Prepositions100
6.3Idiomatic Use of Prepositions102
6.4List of Common Prepositions103
Chapter 7Conjunctions
7.1Coordinating Conjunctions105
7.2Conjunctive Adverbs107
7.3Correlative Conjunctions (used in pairs)109
7.4Subordinating Conjunctions110
Quiz: Adjectives & Adverbs, Prepositions, and Conjunctions112
Chapter 8Parts of the Sentence
8.1Subject and Predicate116
8.2Sentence Order118
Chapter 9Phrases
9.1Prepositional Phrases121
9.2Gerund Phrases123
9.3Infinitive Phrases124
9.4Participial Phrases125
9.5Absolute Phrases126
Chapter 10Clauses
10.1Independent and Subordinate Clauses128
10.2Elliptical Clauses130
Quiz: Parts of the Sentence, Phrases, and Clauses131
Chapter 11Sentence Errors--Structural Problems
11.1Dangling Modifiers134
11.2Misplaced Modifiers135
11.3Lack of Parallel Structure137
11.4Sentence Fragments140
11.5Run-On Sentences142
11.6Comma Splices142
11.7Short, Choppy Sentences--Sentence Variation144
11.9Rambling Sentences146
Chapter 12Glossary of Usage
12.1Words Commonly Confused and Misused147
Quiz: Sentence Errors-Structural Problems and Glossary of Usage154
Chapter 13End Punctuation Marks
13.1The Period158
13.2The Question Mark160
13.3The Exclamation Point161
Chapter 14Internal Punctuation Marks
14.1The Comma164
14.2The Semicolon171
14.3The Colon174
14.4The Dash177
14.6Quotation Marks179
14.7The Apostrophe185
Quiz: End Punctuation Marks and Internal Punctuation Marks193
Chapter 15Numbers
15.1Over 100 and Under 100196
15.2Ordinal Numbers and Fractions197
15.5Parts of a Book198
15.6Plural Forms198
Chapter 16Capitalization
16.1Proper Nouns200
16.2Sentences and Sentence Fragments203
16.3Sentences Within Sentences203
16.4Lines of Poetry203
16.5Titles of Works203
Quiz: Numbers and Capitalization205
Chapter 17Spelling
17.1Word Analysis208
17.2Spelling List210
17.3Spelling Rules211
Quiz: Spelling217

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