Across the global networks of heritage sites, museums, and galleries, the importance of communities to the interpretation and conservation of heritage is increasingly being recognised. Yet the very term "meaningful community engagement" betrays a myriad of contrary approaches and understandings. Who is a community? How can they engage with heritage and why would they want to? How do communities and heritage professionals perceive one another? What does itmean to "engage"? These questions unsettle the very foundations of community engagement and indicate a need to unpick this important but complex trend.
Engaging Heritage, Engaging Communities critically explores the latest debates and practices surrounding community collaboration. By examining the different ways in which communities participate in heritage projects, the book questions the benefits, costs and limitations of community engagement. Whether communities are engaging through innovative initiatives or in response to economic, political or social factors, there is a need to understand how such engagements are conceptualised, facilitated and experienced by boththe organisations and the communities involved.

Bryony Onciul is Lecturer in History at the University of Exeter; Michelle Stefano is the Co-Director of Maryland Traditions, the folklife program for the state of Maryland and Visiting Assistant Professor in American Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Stephanie Hawke is a project manager and fundraiser, working on a range of projects aiming to engage communities with culturalheritage.

Contributors: Gregory Ashworth, Evita Busa, Helen Graham, Julian Hartley, Stephanie Hawke, Carl Hogsden, Shatha Abu Khafajah, Nicole King, Bernadette Lynch, Billie Lythberg, Conal Mc Carthy, Ashley Minner, Wayne Ngata, Bryony Onciul, Elizabeth Pishief, Gregory Ramshaw, Philipp Schorch, Justin Sikora, Michelle Stefano, Helen Tully, John Tunbridge.

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ISBN-13: 9781783271658
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer, Limited
Publication date: 01/20/2017
Series: Heritage Matters Series , #20
Pages: 256
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction Bryony Onciul 1

Engaging Concepts

1 The Gate in the Wall: Beyond Happiness-making in Museums Bernadette Lynch 11

2 Assembling Communities: Curatorial Practices, Material Cultures and Meanings Philipp Schorch 31

3 Interview John Tunbridge 47

4 Interview Gregory Ashworth 51

5 Engaging with Maori and Archaeologists: Heritage Theory and Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand Elizabeth Pishief 55

6 Horizontality: Tactical Politics for Participation and Museums Helen Graham 73

Engaging Creatively

7 Re-imagining Egypt: Artefacts, Contemporary Art and Community Engagement in the Museum Gemma Tully 91

8 Interview Evita Buša 107

9 Interview Shatha Abu Khafajah 113

10 Engaging Communities of De-industrialisation: the Mapping Baybrook and Mill Stories Projects of Baltimore, USA Michelle L. Stefana Nicole King 119

11 Interview Ashley Minner 139

Engaging Challenges

12 Embattled Legacies: Challenges in Community Engagement at Historic Battlefields in the UK Justin Sikora 147

13 At the Community Level: Intangible Cultural Heritage as Naturally-occurring Ecomuseums Michelle L. Stefano 159

14 Subaltern Sport Heritage Gregory Ramshaw 179

15 Museums and the Symbolic Capital of Social Media Space Julian Hartley 189

16 Relational Systems and Ancient Futures: Co-creating a Digital Contact Network in Theory and Practice Billie Lythberg Carl Hogsden Wayne Ngata 205

17 Interview Conal McCarthy 227

List of Contributors 231

Index 237

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