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Encounter: to meet someone unexpectedly.

I met God unexpectedly, at a time when I thought that if He did exist, we had absolutely nothing to offer each other. As I met others who had also encountered God, I became fascinated by the ways in which He had shown up in their lives and had caught their attention. Not one of the stories I heard was the same as another; each story unfurling in unique and personal ways that had me on the edge of my seat. As I listened to these stories, I learnt more about God; His character, His personality, His heart. As I heard what He had done for others, answering prayer, changing circumstances and providing in miraculous ways, it raised my own expectation of what He could do in my life.

That right there, is the power of a testimony.

The Bible is full of encounters; stories of both the great and small things that God did, in the lives of those that called upon His name. It became obvious to me that God didn’t stop creating testimonies with the completion of the Bible; we just stopped keeping a detailed record. There are modern day David and Goliath stories all around us; Joseph’s, Esther’s and Daniel’s impacting history all over the world at this very moment. I truly believe, that we all have that potential with God’s help; if once having met Him unexpectedly, we seek His best for our lives.

That is what I decided to do. After having tried everything else in the world, I met this amazing God who wanted good things for me; the best good things. I decided to accept this generous offer of guidance, protection and blessing, and waited to see what would happen. What happened you ask? This book happened.

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ISBN-13: 9780648772804
Publisher: Encounters: Walks of Faith
Publication date: 01/01/2020
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.68(d)

Table of Contents

6 Forward

8 Introduction

12 Beauty from Ashes

17 Miracle Worker

26 Heir

33 Found

38 Hope

43 Eagles and Mountains

52 Liberated

57 No Turning Back

60 Called

69 New Life

74 Face to Face

79 Crazy Wonderful

84 Transformative

89 Wisdom Seeker

92 Disciples

101 Ambassador

106 Joyful Heart

111 Friend

114 Trustworthy God

121 Splendour

124 Present

133 The Throne Room

138 New Creation

143 Warrior

146 Faithful

151 Backwards Adventurer

156 Leading in Compassion

161 Unfailing

164 Covenant

169 Glory

172 It's a Journey

177 Father

182 Symphony

191 Unwaivering

194 Healer

199 Adored

202 Almighty

209 Spirit Dancer

212 Hope and Future

217 Provider

220 Shine

225 God of all Comfort

228 Promise

233 Freedom

236 Blessed

243 Eternal

246 More Than a Conqueror

252 Begin With Prayer

254 Discover Walks of Faith

256 Beneficiary: Soul Cafe

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