Encontros E Despedidas

Encontros E Despedidas

by Milton Nascimento


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By the mid-'80s, PolyGram decided that the time had come for Milton Nascimento to become a big North American star -- indeed, he had not even performed in America at all until 1985 -- so they took his then-current release from its Brazilian affiliate and gave it a full-court press. The vehicle is a fairly uneven record for Nascimento, one heavily decorated by Wagner Tiso's digital synthesizers, loaded with Nascimento's exhortations for brotherhood and happiness yet not that well-stocked with memorable tunes. Nascimento takes on apartheid on "Lagrima Do Sul" with the help of Uakti's collection of exotic marimbas, and in one guilelessly autobiographical song, "Quem Perguntou Por Mim" ("Who Asked for Me"), he even acknowledges his role as Brazil's voice to the world. The moody instrumental "Vidro e Corte" finds Pat Metheny -- a longtime admirer of Nascimento -- taking the lead, but "Raca," with Steve Slagle's lightweight alto up front, is clearly aimed at American fuzak tastes. Although not one of Nascimento's best, the album did establish a foothold for him at last beyond the obscure import racks in North America and he has remained a presence there ever since. [The CD version contains an extra track.]

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Release Date: 10/25/1990
Label: Polygram Int'l
UPC: 0042282763822
catalogNumber: 827638

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Milton Nascimento   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals,Hand Clapping
Hubert Laws   Flute
Pat Metheny   Guitar
Ricardo Silveira   Guitar
Candido   Acoustic Bass
Wagner Tiso   Keyboards
Steve Slagle   Saxophone
Uakti   Group
Luís Alves   Acoustic Bass
Nico Assumpção   Bass
Jaques Morelenbaum   Cello
Decio Ramos   Marimbas
Robertinho Silva   Percussion,Drums,Hand Clapping
Paulo Sérgio Santos   Marimbas,Tabla
Mauro Senise   Alto Saxophone
Paulo Sérgio   Drums
Clara Sandroni   Vocals
Tulio Mourao   Keyboards
Samuka   Caxixi,Ngoma,Sapo
Robertinho DaSilva   Percussion,Drums,Hand Clapping
Marco Antônio Guimarães   Marimbas,Uakti
Artur Andres de Ribeiro   Flute
Preto Do Cavaco   Caxixi
Tavinho Moura   Guitar
Vissungo   Band
Espirito Santo   Caxixi,Ngoma,Tumbadora
Sandrino Santoro   Acoustic Bass
Ohana   Percussion
Celso   Flute
Laudir DeOliveira   cowbell

Technical Credits

Milton Nascimento   Arranger,Contributor
Ricardo Silveira   Arranger,Orchestration
Wagner Tiso   Arranger,Orchestration
Uakti   Contributor
Luiz Claudio   Engineer
Marcio Ferreira   Art Direction,Illustrations,Cover Design
Mazzola   Producer,Engineer,Contributor,Mixing Direction
Joao Moreira   Engineer
Decio Ramos   Contributor
Robertinho Silva   Contributor
Paulo Sérgio Santos   Contributor
Paulo Sérgio   Contributor
Laura Livingston   Contributor
Tulio Mourao   Arranger
Lou Gilbert   translation
Geraldo Leite   Art Direction,Illustrations,Cover Design
Robertinho DaSilva   Contributor
Paschoal Perrota   Contributor
Ary Sperling   Arranger
Jairo Gualberto   Engineer
Marco Antônio Guimarães   Arranger,Contributor
Luigi Hoffer   Engineer
Tavinho Moura   Arranger
Christopher James Tribe   translation
Haroldo Ramos   Art Direction,Illustrations,Cover Design
Ary Carvalhaes   Engineer
Alberto de Oliveira   Contributor

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