Embodying Integral Development: A Holistic Approach

Embodying Integral Development: A Holistic Approach

by Ronnie Lessem


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In this fourth and final volume of the CARE-ing for Integral Development series, Ronnie Lessem integrates all that has come before in terms of: Community activation; Awakening integral consciousness; and institutionalized Research. Here he focuses on individual and community development alongside that of the organization or society, and sets it in the context of an integral economy.

The four critical success factors identified in recognizing and releasing integral development aligned with CARE are:

  • GROUNDING – linking up with and building upon existing local and global movements for socio-economic development;
  • EMERGENCE – maintaining interconnected focus;
  • NAVIGATING – locating and developing GENE-ius in a particular community/society;
  • EFFECTING – committing to resolving an issue and identifying the most fertile development path.

Embodying Integral Development offers a comprehensive system of accreditation. Supported by examples and illustrations of CARE, this book makes a case for Integral Development as a whole. It argues that it is a qualitative means of self-assessment rather than a quantitative one, focused on engagement, immersion and interpretation, as well as evaluation, rather than empirical verification.

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ISBN-13: 9781138740525
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/30/2017
Series: Transformation and Innovation Series
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Ronnie Lessem is the Co-Founder of Trans4m, Geneva. He has been a management educator and consultant in Africa, Asia, Europe and America and is the author of over thirty books on the development of self, business and society.

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Prologue: embodying integral development – integral enterprise and economy


Relational path: community activation to awaken consciousness

1 Grounding: Goko – personal and community engagement

2 Emerging: Calabash – knowledge sharing

3 Navigating: GENE rhythm – social innovation

4 Effecting: integral realities – societal transformation


Renewal path: awaken consciousness to institutional research

5 Grounding: the integral state

6 Emerging: institutional integration

7 Navigating: releasing economic GENE-ius

8 Effecting: bridging the gulf – societal renaissance


Realization path: institutional research to embody development

9 Grounding: education for all the senses

10 Emerging: organizational learning and development

11 Effecting: embodying inter-institutional genealogy

12 Navigating: integral society Epilogue: CARE-ful self-assessment


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