Eleven Steps to Getting What You Want: Persuasion and Influence in the 21st Century

Eleven Steps to Getting What You Want: Persuasion and Influence in the 21st Century

by Charles U. Larson


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Many people are either uneasy or actually afraid of influencing or trying to persuade others on a range of topics. Public speaking remains one of the most feared activities, even for people who do not describe themselves as shy or quiet.

This book will help readers overcome either the uneasiness or actual fear of influencing or persuading people to purchase, donate, join, vote, commit or perform a desired action or behavior, or to adopt a desired practice or belief through communicating with them in public. Eleven Steps to Getting What You Want helps the reader overcome fear and uneasiness when it comes to persuading others to alter their behaviors or beliefs by offering scientifically proven communication strategies and tactics with sample “scripts” that can easily be altered for various situations. But more than that, it offers a framework for determining that your tactics are ethical.

While most of the strategies will support persuasion and influence in work settings, the principles and behaviors that are most effective can be adapted to personal and familial life as well. Charles Larson lays the groundwork for honing those skills that will assist readers most in achieving their goals.

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ISBN-13: 9781538118139
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 06/12/2019
Pages: 178
Sales rank: 868,466
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About the Author

Charles U. Larson, PhD, is the author of a best-selling textbook Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility, now in its 13th edition. He taught full-time at Northern Illinois University and is now Emeritus Professor. He served as “faculty intern” at J. Walter Thompson Inc. and with a small advertising agency in the Fox River valley area working with clients like “Lunchables,” "'scar Mayer Hot Dogs,” “Clausen’s Pickles” and “Vienna Beef Hot Dogs” and others. During his teaching career, he also worked as a consultant to and partner in several small but full-service advertising agencies until 2005. He has also written other books, book chapters, book reviews, and various publications in professional communication journals, on topics as political speeches, television advertising, persuasive campaigns, public relations, and salesmanship. Larson is often interviewed by radio and television news reports as well as newspapers. He still is the longest serving President of the Faculty and Staff Assembly, Executive Secretary, and Parliamentarian of the University Council at Northern Illinois University.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Establishing One's Persuasive Objectives and Tactics
Chapter 2
Making a Lasting, Credible, Persuasive, and Ethical First Impression
Chapter 3
Research Your Prospect’s Wants, Needs,   Job(s), Organizations, & Lifestyle(s)
Chapter 4
Create a Reciprocal Relationship Between You and Your Prospect(s)
Chapter 5
Persuade Others and Make Your Prospects Want to Believe in Your Proposal
Chapter 6
Use “Social Proof” to Persuade the Prospect(s)
Chapter 7
Keeping Group and Interpersonal Discussions Relevant and “On Track”
Chapter 8
Build Your Own Credibility
Chapter 9
Move to a Decision
Chapter 10
The Motivations for Taking Action
Chapter 11
Present Your Message in a Campaign
Chapter 12
Calls to Action, the Ethics of Persuading and Influencing Others, and Promoting One’s Skills

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