Eldest (Catalan Edition)

Eldest (Catalan Edition)

by Christopher Paolini

NOOK BookCatalan-language Edition (eBook - Catalan-language Edition)

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Eragon i la seva dragona, Saphira, acaben d'impedir que les poderoses forces del rei Galbatorix, el cruel regent de l'Imperi, destrueixin per sempre l'exèrcit rebel dels vardens a Farthen Dûr, la ciutat muntanya dels nans. Pocs dies després de la cruel batalla amb els urgals, Eragon i Saphira hauran de viatjar fins a Ellesméra, al país dels elfs, per continuar la seva formació en la màgia i en la lluita amb espases, les habilitats especials dels Genets de Drac, per poder-se enfrontar al malvat rei. Els acompanyaran Arya, l'elfa, i Orik, el nan. Serà un viatge ple de descobertes i d'aventures, amb paratges fabulosos i noves coneixences. Però el caos i la traïció el sotjaran tothora, i Eragon no sabrà en qui confiar. Mentrestant, els sons inconfusibles de la guerra somouen tot el regne d'Alagaësia. Les espases s'afilen i els núvols de foscor presagien terror i mort. A Carvahall, prop de les muntanyes Vertebrades, també arriba la por: dos Ra'zac han aparegut amb un destacament per capturar Roran, el cosí d'Eragon. Roran haurà de fugir, però aviat s'adonarà que no podrà escapar-se sempre. A més, el desig de venjar la mort del seu pare a mans dels Ra'zac el durà a prendre una decisió que no tindrà marxa enrere. Podrà l'ombra fosca i poderosa del rei esclafar la resistència? Eragon no podrà fugir sempre...

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ISBN-13: 9788499184685
Publisher: Roca Editorial de Libros
Publication date: 04/01/2012
Series: Inheritance Cycle Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 752
Sales rank: 981,088
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Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Christopher Paolini nació el 17 de noviembre de 1983 en el Sur de California. Ha vivido la mayor parte de su vida en Paradise Valley, Montana, con sus padres y su hermana menor. Las altísimas y escarpadas Beartooth Mountains, que se elevan a un lado del valle y están nevadas durante la mayor parte del año, inspiraron los paisajes fantásticos que aparecen por primera vez en Eragon.
Rocaeditorial ha publicado todos los libros de la serie: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr y Legado.
Ahora que esta llega a su fin, Christopher planea tomarse unas vacaciones y empezar a pensar en ideas para sus siguientes libros.

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By Christopher Paolini

Laurel Leaf

Copyright © 2008 Christopher Paolini
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780440238492

The Council of Elders
Saphira's breathing quickened, and she opened her eyes, yawning expansively. Good morning, little one.
Is it? He looked down and leaned on his hands, compressing the mattress. It's terrible . . . Murtagh and Ajihad . . . Why didn't sentries in the tunnels warn us of the Urgals? They shouldn't have been able to trail Ajihad's group without being noticed. . . . Arya was right, it doesn't make sense.
We may never know the truth, said Saphira gently. She stood, wings brushing the ceiling. You need to eat, then we must discover what the Varden are planning. We can't waste time; a new leader could be chosen within hours.
Eragon agreed, thinking of how they had left everyone yesterday: Orik rushing off to give King Hrothgar the tidings, Jörmundur taking Ajihad's body to a place where it would rest until the funeral, and Arya, who stood alone and watched the goings-on.
Eragon rose and strapped on Zar'roc and his bow, then bent and lifted Snowfire's saddle. A line of pain sheared through his torso, driving him to the floor, where he writhed, scrabbling at his back. It felt like he was being sawed in half. Saphira growled as the ripping sensation reached her. She tried to soothe him with her own mind but was unable to alleviate hissuffering. Her tail instinctually lifted, as if to fight.
It took minutes before the fit subsided and the last throb faded away, leaving Eragon gasping. Sweat drenched his face, making his hair stick and his eyes sting. He reached back and gingerly fingered the top of his scar. It was hot and inflamed and sensitive to touch. Saphira lowered her nose and touched him on the arm. Oh, little one. . . .
It was worse this time, he said, staggering upright. She let him lean against her as he wiped away the sweat with a rag, then he tentatively stepped for the door.
Are you strong enough to go?
We have to. We're obliged as dragon and Rider to make a public choice regarding the next head of the Varden, and perhaps even influence the selection. I won't ignore the strength of our position; we now wield great authority written the Varden. At least the Twins aren't here to grab the position for themselves. That's the only good in the situation.
Very well, but Durza should suffer a thousand years of torture for what he did to you.
He grunted. Just stay close to me.
Together they made their way through Tronjheim, toward the nearest kitchen. In the corridors and hallways, people stopped and bowed to them, murmuring, "Argetlam," or "Shadeslayer." Even dwarves made the motions, though not as often. Eragon was struck by the somber, haunted expressions of the humans and the dark clothing they wore to display their sadness. Many women dressed entirely in black, lace veils covering their faces.
In the kitchen, Eragon brought a stone platter of food to a low table. Saphira watched him carefully in case he should have another attack. Several people tried to approach him, but she lifted a lip and growled sending them scurrying away. Eragon pretended to ignore the disturbances and picked at the food. Finally, trying to divert his thoughts from Murtagh, he asked, Who do you think has the means to take control of the Varden, now that Ajihad and the Twins are gone?
She hesitated. It's possible you could, if Ajihad's last words were interpreted as a blessing to secure the leadership. Almost no one would oppose you. However, that does not seem a wise path to take. I see only trouble in that direction.
I agree. Besides, Arya wouldn't approve, and she could be a dangerous enemy. Elves can't lie in the ancient language, but they have no such inhibition in ours-she could deny that Ajihad ever uttered those words if it served her purposes. No, I don't want the position. . . . What about Jörmundur?
Ajihad called him his right-hand man. Unfortunately, we know little about him or the Varden's other leaders. Such a short time has passed since we came here. We will have to make our judgment on our feelings and impressions, without the benefit of history.
Eragon pushed his fish around a lump of mashed tubers. Don't forget Hrothgar and the dwarf clans; they won't be quiet in this. Except for Arya, the elves have no say in the succession-a decision will be made before word of this even reaches them. But the dwarves can't be-won't be-ignored. Hrothgar favors the Varden, but if enough clans oppose him, he might be maneuvered into backing someone unsuited for the command.
And who might that be?
A person easily manipulated. He closed his eyes and leaned back. It could be anyone in Farthen Dûr, anyone at all.

From the Hardcover edition.


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It did not tell me that this was in another language!!!!!!
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A wonderful fix of magic and adventure but at the same time much like midevil times.All in all it is amazing.
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one of the best books i ever read, and trust me i've read a lot. i can't wait to read the next book in the series.
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This is one of the best books i have ever read
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This suks
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It is in another language