El Abayarde

El Abayarde

by Tego CalderónTego Calderón
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In the continental United States, the vast majority of Latino rappers have favored a bilingual approach. That has been true of Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles (Kid Frost, Lighter Shade of Brown, Proper Dos) and Puerto Ricans in New York (Hurricane G, Mesanjarz of Funk) as well as the Cuban-born Mellow Man Ace. Those artists have opted to rap in both English and Spanish -- mostly English -- but in Latin America, it's a different story. From Mexico City to Buenos Aires, Latin America is full of MCs who exclusively rap in Spanish -- which is what Tego Calderón does on his debut album, El Abayarde, an intriguing effort that draws on influences ranging from Willie Colón and Rubén Blades to the late 2Pac Shakur. Calderón's grooves often have a strong Afro-Cuban/salsa influence -- occasionally, he incorporates reggae and Dominican merengue instead -- and his flow definitely owes something to Shakur despite the fact that 2Pac only rapped in English. Those who have some understanding of Spanish will have no problem identifying Calderón as a Puerto Rican; the Caribbean dialects of Spanish (Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican) are easily recognizable if you've studied that language, and Calderón's accent is quite different from the Mexican accent one associates with Kid Frost or Lil' Blacky. In fact, Latinos who aren't knowledgeable of Puerto Rican slang may not understand all of the colloquialisms that the rapper employs. Regardless, Calderón obviously has strong rhyming skills, and El Abayarde is sonically appealing even if you don't understand everything he's saying. While most of the CD is hip-hop with Latin overtones, "Planté Bandera" is outright salsa. But that track is the exception instead of the rule; El Abayarde is a rap album first and foremost, and those who aren't intimidated by the language barrier will find it to be a solid debut for the Puerto Rican MC.

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Release Date: 07/01/2003
Label: Sony U.S. Latin
UPC: 0828765302128
catalogNumber: 09236
Rank: 44092


  1. Intro
  2. Abayarde
  3. Al Natural
  4. Poquito
  5. Pa' Que Retozen
  6. Interlude
  7. Loíza
  8. No Me la Explota
  9. Interlude
  10. Güasa Güasa
  11. Dominicana
  12. Cambumbo
  13. Salte del Medio
  14. Tus Ojos
  15. Los Difuntos
  16. Lleva y Trae
  17. Bonsai
  18. Gracias
  19. Planté Bandera

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tego Calderón   Primary Artist
Rafael Cepeda Atilis   Letra
Hiram Abrante   Vocals

Technical Credits

Eddie Dee   Composer
Angel "Cachete" Maldonado   Producer
Rey Pena   Producer
Willie Sotelo   Producer
Tite Curet Alonso   Composer
Maestro   Producer
DJ Joe   Producer
Tego Calderón   Arranger,Composer
Jomar Abrante   Producer
Bataklán   Producer
Carlos Calderón   Producer
Holly Chen   Graphic Design,Concept
Coo Kee   Producer
DJ Adam   Producer
Ekko   Producer
Luny Tunes   Producer
Elias de León   Composer,Executive Producer
Noriega   Producer
White Lion   Composer

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