Ege Bamyasi

Ege Bamyasi

by Can


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Between the experimentalism of Tago Mago and the calm soundscapes of Future Days lies Ege Bamyasi, the quintessential Can release. Here you will find the distilled essence of the group's music: pulsing rhythms, telepathic improvisation and trance-inducing grooves. Can are masters at keeping inspired moments alive, primarily through the hypnotic, lock-groove style of drummer Jaki Liebezeit and bassist Holger Czukay. Guitarist Michael Karoli rides on top with his shards-of-chords textures and scathing lead work. Ege Bamyasi also features the sound sculpting vocals of Damo Suzuki, whose voice is an expressive instrument of growls, whispers and shrieks, as well as keyboard player Irmin Schmidt, whose understated sonic washes and freaky electronic hiccups add crucial atmosphere to Can's overall sound. The impressive list of contemporary artists who have been influenced by Can -- including Brian Eno, Beck, David Bowie, and Stereolab -- are living proof of the importance of the group's musical legacy. For the uninitiated, Ege Bamyasi is the perfect place to start.

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Release Date: 02/05/2008
Label: Mute U.S.
UPC: 0724596937822
catalogNumber: 69378

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