Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence

Edward Bryant's Sphere of Influence


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Edward Bryant influenced a generation of readers and writers.

Edward Bryant’s Sphere of Influence includes stories by Connie Willis, Steve Rasnic Tem, Kevin J. Anderson, Gary Jonas, Lucy Taylor, Bruce Holland Rogers, and many more! Over the years Ed Bryant influenced many writers. In this collection, you’ll find stories of dinosaurs roaming the Earth, Zombies rampaging a small town in Colorado, a Norse god in a rock band, and a family road trip to view the solar eclipse in Montana when something strange becomes visible in the darkness. Edward Bryant’s Sphere of Influence contains twenty-four stories influenced by a master of science-fiction and horror. Editors Chuck Anderson and Jim LeMay are proud to find and work with so many talented writers who called Ed their friend and mentor.

In this book you’ll discover the extraordinary influence of a master’s touch!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780974161976
Publisher: Charles Anderson Books
Publication date: 11/24/2017
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents


Prologue 1 And Come From Miles Around 7 Connie Willis 21 Dinosaur 23 Missive, Dinosaur 35 Steve Rasnic Tem 37 Of All Possible Worlds 39 Missive, Of All Possible Worlds 53 Eneasz Brodski 55 Mending Wounds 57 Missive, Mending Wounds 67 Gary Jonas 69 Dark Carbuncle 71 Missive, Dark Carbuncle 81 Kevin J Anderson & Janis Ian 83 The Egyptian 85 Missive, The Egyptian 99 Denise E Dora 101 A Pinch of Pink 103 Missive, A Pinch of Pink 119 Gregory R Hyde 121 Lost In Transit 123 Missive, Lost in Transit 131 Kent Johnson 133 The Safety of Fathers 135 Missive, The Safety Of Fathers 147 Trey R Barker 149 Chesterfield Gray 151 Missive, Chesterfield Gray 159 Stace Johnson 161 Gabriella 163 Missive, Gabriella 173 Richard E Friesen 175 Jack in the Warren - Novel Excerpt 177 Missive, Jack in the Warren 183 Jim LeMay 185 Sleeping Stones 187 Missive, Sleeping Stones 189 Jamie Ferguson 191 Red Moon 193 Missive, Red Moon 195 Chuck Anderson 197 The End Of Everything 199 Missive, The End Of Everything 211 Wayne Faust 213 Medusa Loves Minotaur 215 Missive, Medusa Loves Minotaur 229 Rebecca Hodgkins 231 The Long View 233 Missive, The Long View 243 Van Aaron Hughes 245 Toasterpocalypse 247 Missive, Toasterpocalypse 255 David A Kilman 257 Opportunity Lost 259 Missive, Opportunity Lost 271 Marie DesJardin 273 Hundred Ghost Soup - Novel Excerpt 275 Missive, Hundred Ghost Soup 283 Robert Chansky 285 Zou Gou 287 Missive, Zou Gou 295 Mario Acevedo 297 Blessed Be the Bound 299 Missive, Blessed Be the Bound 305 Lucy Taylor 307 Dinosaur 309 Missive, Dinosaur 311 Bruce Holland Rogers 313 A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned 315 Missive, A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned 341 Edward Bryant 345 Stories Original Appearance 347 Cover Art 351 Mad Cow Press 353

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