Education without Debt: Giving Back and Paying It Forward

Education without Debt: Giving Back and Paying It Forward

by Scott MacDonald


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Almost 50 million Americans have cumulatively borrowed more than $1.5 trillion to attend college. Roughly one-third of all adults aged 25 to 34 have a student loan. In Education without Debt businessman and philanthropist Scott MacDonald examines the real-life impact of crushing levels of student debt on borrowers and what can be done to fix this crisis.

Weaving together stories of debt-impaired lives with stories of personal success achieved with the essential help of financial aid, MacDonald reveals the devastating personal and societal impact of the debt problem and offers possible solutions. He explores the efforts of colleges and private philanthropists to make education affordable and relates his own experience of funding financial aid for need-eligible students at five universities.

Education without Debt is a must-read book for anyone concerned about the rising cost of education and what to do about this critical policy and societal issue.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780253051431
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication date: 01/12/2021
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Scott MacDonald is the author of Think Like a Dog: How Dogs Teach Us to Be Happy in Life and Successful at Work (IUP. 2019). He has had a successful career working on commercial real estate projects throughout the world. He has been CEO or president of several companies, including Investa Property Group in Sydney, Australia; New Plan Excel in New York City; Center America Property Trust in Houston, Texas; and the affiliated companies of Trizec Hahn in San Diego, California. He was a longtime advisor to Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds in London and New York.

Table of Contents


PART 1: The Crisis of Student Debt
1. The Rising Level of Student Debt and Societal Implications
2. More Stories of Student Debt
3. Betrayed by the Dream Factory (Samual Garner)
4. College as an Investment (Ken Ruggerio)
My Story: From Herding Goats to Graduating from College (Mohamed O. Mohamed)

PART 2. College Costs and Financial Aid
5. Why College Costs So Much
6. The History of Financial Aid for College Students
My Story: I've Got Angels All Around Me (Austin Galy)

PART 3: Universities Taking the Initiative
7. What Schools Are Doing to Reduce Student Debt
My Story: Tattooed Tales (Hannah Locklear)

PART 4: Giving Back
8. The Importance of Philanthropy
9. Giving Back (Milt Stewart)
10. John Kuykendall and Davidson College
My Story: Getting an Education and Giving Back in Africa (Edward Kabaka)

PART 5. Stories from Scholarship Donors
11. Barnard Scholarship—Not Just about the Money (David Barnard)
12. Robert J. Lake Scholarship—in Memory of My Father (Gilmour Lake)
13. Changing a Life to Change the World (Dwight Worden)
14. Upon Reflection (Judy Benson)
My Story: Searching for Financial Aid (Anya Thompson)

PART 6. Paying It Forward
15. Unmet Social Needs and Inadequate Funding
16. Community Engagement at Universities
17. The Ginsberg Center and the University of Michigan
18. The Carolina Center for Public Service and the University of North Carolina
19. The Mulvaney Center and the University of San Diego
My Story: From Farmworker Boy to Pediatrician (Ramon Resa)

Conclusion: What Must Be Done

Appendix: More Stories of Hope and Inspiration
A. Finding a Purpose after Prison (Martin Leyva)
B. From Night Watchman to College Success
C. Overcoming Adversity to Earn a Degree


What People are Saying About This

Lauren Robel

This book by imaginative philanthropist-businessman Scott MacDonald tackles one of the hottest issues of the recent presidential campaign: the explosion of student debt. Blending smart analysis of its causes with humanizing and empathic stories of the burden this debt places on student futures and lives, MacDonald argues for a mixed plate of solutions that are built on his own creative approach to philanthropy. That approach, which leaves students better off and better people than when MacDonald finds them, is one worth replicating across the country. A must-read for those interested in how to build public-private solutions to one of our nation's most pressing issues."

Jacqueline Thousand

Thanks to Scott MacDonald for his fact finding on the sources of the exploding costs of an American college education and our country's historic lending practices that have thwarted a financially unincumbered future through education for so many of our youth. The personal stories, starting with the author's own, are alternately heartbreaking and uplifting motivators for U.S. citizens to individually and collectively rethink the financing of higher education and consider his 9 sets of suggested "what must be done" actions to enable our citizenry to realize the American dream of a better life through higher education while escaping crippling debt and paying it forward as educated leaders of our future society.

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