Education and the Postmodern Condition

Education and the Postmodern Condition

by Michael Peters


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The translation of Lyotard's work into English in 1984 marked an important stage in the globalization of the modernity/postmodernity debate involving the central thinkers of the late 20th century, Michel Foucault, Jurgen Habermas, Richard Rorty, and others. This collection of 10 essays brings together for the first time a number of contributions on Lyotard's work made by philosophers, educationalists, and sociologists in the English-speaking world around the special focus of education. The intent behind the essays from scholars in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is to examine Lyotard's notion of the postmodern condition and its relevance and special significance for the field of education. Lyotard's work, first published in Paris in 1979, was important in that it developed a particularly original interpretation of the state of knowledge in the most highly developed societies, reviewing and synthesizing a wide range of material on contemporary science, the sociology of postindustrial society and studies of postmodern culture. Lyotard brought together diverse threads and separate literatures in a prophetic analysis that signalled an epochal break with the so-called modern era.

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ISBN-13: 9780897895286
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/23/1997
Series: Critical Studies in Education and Culture Series
Pages: 288
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About the Author

MICHAEL PETERS is Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His research interests are in the areas of postmodernism and poststructuralism. He has edited Performance and Accountability (1990) and published more than 60 journal articles and numerous chapters in edited volumes on educational policy and philosophy.

Table of Contents

Postmodern Education and the Politics of Backlash by Henry A. Giroux, Series Editor's Introduction

Foreword by Jean-François Lyotard


Introduction: Lyotard, Education, and the Postmodern Condition by Michael Peters

The Loss of Innocence: Lyotard, Foucault, and the Challenge of Postmodern Education by William Bain

Legitimation Problems: Knowledge and Education in the Postmodern Condition by Michael Peters

Lyotard and Rorty on the Role of the Professor by A.T. Nuyen

From Pragmatism to the Differend by J.M. Fritzman

Postmodern Feminisms by Carol Nicholson

Critical Pedagogy and the Pragmatics of Justice by Peter McLaren

Lyotard, Postmodernity, and Education: A Critical Evaluation by John Hinkson

Is Education at the End of a Sovereign Story or at the Beginning of Another? Cultural Political Possibilities and Lyotard by Barry Kanpol

Pedagogy and Apedagogy: Lyotard and Foucault at Vincennes by James Marshall

From Emancipation to Obligation: Sketch for a Heteronomous Politics of Education by Bill Readings


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