Educated Guess

Educated Guess

by Ani DiFranco



This Buffalo, New York-based one-woman industry has long blazed her own path, but not since the turn of the '90s has the trail been so solitary. On Educated Guess, she handles every single chore herself -- writing, singing, performing, recording, and producing -- and the result departs significantly from DiFranco's recent outings, which have been adorned with brass sections and electronics. But the incisive nature of her writing hasn't changed a bit: "Origami"-- which serves notice of intent in its opening couplet ("I am an all-powerful Amazon warrior, not just some sniveling girl") -- offers a seamless blend of stridency and vulnerability, held together by DiFranco's arcing vocal. Her flair for baring just enough soul on relationship songs like "Swim" engenders empathy while avoiding the common pitfall of making the listener feel obliged to comfort the artist. Stripping down to voice and guitar hasn't hampered DiFranco's uncanny ability to skip from style to style: She touches on torchy jazz via the lilting "Bliss Like This" and festoons "Animal" with lacy filigrees redolent of classic English folk. As she often does, DiFranco also tucks a spoken-word piece into the disc, this one being the electrifying "Grand Canyon," on which she rails against those who follow any leader blindly -- and in favor of what she calls "the coolest 'F-word' ever," that being feminism. She's already forged a practically unbreakable bond with her fans -- but Educated Guess proves that Ani DiFranco isn't satisfied with merely preaching to the choir: She continues to move forward, carrying listeners along in her wake.

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Release Date: 01/20/2004
Label: Righteous Babe
UPC: 0748731703424
catalogNumber: 34


  1. Platforms
  2. Swim
  3. Educated Guess
  4. Origami
  5. Bliss Like This
  6. The True Story of What Was
  7. Bodily
  8. You Each Time
  9. Animal
  10. Grand Canyon
  11. Company
  12. Raincheck
  13. Akimbo
  14. Bubble

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