Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Revival [Transparent Blue/Red Vinyl]

Eddie Piller Presents The Mod Revival [Transparent Blue/Red Vinyl]


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Release Date: 09/25/2020
Label: Edsel Records
UPC: 0740155725433
catalogNumber: 5725433
Rank: 29406


Disc 1

  1. I Got by in Time
  2. I Can’t Wait
  3. Dirty Water
  4. Frustration
  5. Strength of the Nation
  6. The British Way of Life
  7. Only a Fool
  8. No Survivors
  9. Opening Up
  10. Your Side of Heaven
  11. They’re Back Again, Here They Come
  12. Kicks in Style
  13. Falling for You
  14. Don’t Throw Your Life Away
  15. One of the Boys
  16. Gabrielle
  17. No Way Out
  18. Untamed Youth
  19. Paint a Day
  20. Just a Little Mod
  21. Blood Spattered With Guitars
  22. Look But Don’t Touch
  23. Get a Job

Disc 2

  1. Let Your Heart Dance
  2. Let Me Be the One
  3. Can’t Do Without You
  4. Dance Stance
  5. Let Him Have It
  6. Pack Fair and Square
  7. The Prince
  8. Smart Boy
  9. South Coast Rockers
  10. New Look Baby
  11. Does Stephanie Know
  12. I Need a Witness
  13. Three Bands Tonite
  14. Go Steady
  15. Flat 19
  16. Run for Your Money
  17. Modern Boys
  18. Fuck Art Let’s Dance
  19. I Can’t Resist
  20. Why Should It Happen to Me
  21. The Dance
  22. Life on an L.I.
  23. What I Want

Disc 3

  1. Looking for Lewis And Clark
  2. 101 Dam-Nations
  3. Hanging Around
  4. You and I
  5. Movements
  6. I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
  7. The More That I Teach You
  8. The Quarter Moon
  9. Something That You Said
  10. Train to London Town
  11. Love Is Dead
  12. Up Down and Around
  13. Fight Back
  14. Can You See Me
  15. The Faker
  16. Can We Go Dancing?
  17. Dr Ben
  18. Go
  19. No Vacancies
  20. Good Together
  21. She Lets Me Know
  22. Stuck on the Edge
  23. Rabbia e Stile

Disc 4

  1. Confusion (Hits Us Every Time)
  2. Saturn 5
  3. The Day We Caught the Train
  4. Free Yourself
  5. Here Is My Number
  6. All I Want to Be
  7. Abstain
  8. One Way Street
  9. Ivor the Engine Driver
  10. Sticks and Stones
  11. Revelations of Heartbreak
  12. Shake a Tail Feather
  13. E-Type
  14. Stoned Woman
  15. Wormin’
  16. Come With the Ones That You Know
  17. All the Sounds of Fear
  18. The Other Me
  19. The Other Side of Paradise
  20. Bend Don’t Break
  21. She Changes
  22. The Mods Are Back in Town
  23. Caught in a Storm

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Conway Twitty   Composer
Steve Taylor   Composer
Chris White   Composer
Stevie B   Composer
Jedrez Dmochowski   Composer
Jackie Edwards   Composer
Steve Gibson   Composer
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Clique   Composer
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Michael Moore   Composer
Eddie Piller   Liner Notes
Debsey Wykes   Composer
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