Eczema and Your Child: A Parent's Guide

Eczema and Your Child: A Parent's Guide


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Eczema is an itching skin condition which can be difficult for anyone—

especially a child—

to have to deal with. Thishandbook guides the reader through the maze of old wives' tales, unscientific advice and outdated treatments. It helps them to find ways of coping with their child's eczema that fit in with their everyday interests and activity. Using straightforward language, it explains how to ensure that a childwith eczema leads a happy, healthy and normal life.

The book answers 174 real questions asked by the families of young children with eczema. It gives you positive, medically accurate information you can rely on, including hints and tips from the expert authors on practical ways you can help you child — and how your child can help too. It tells you about complementary therapies, their benifits and limitations, and the role they can play in treating eczema. It alsogives practical guiance on bringing up a child with eczema,covering areas such as school, leisure activities, relationships, and how to handle other people's negative attitudes.

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ISBN-13: 9781872362861
Publisher: Class Publishing
Publication date: 09/26/1998
Pages: 179

Table of Contents

What is eczema?
What causes eczema?
Complications of eczema
Complementary medicine
Feelings, family and friends
Social life and holidays
Growing up
Practical concerns

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