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Economic Development for the Team

Economic Development for the Team


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Your talent amplified… If you are new to economic development – elected official, board member, volunteer, staff – you were almost certainly recruited for your experience, talent, and energy. With Economic Development for the Team you get the insight to leverage your talent in your new role. Strategies, stakeholders, programs, marketing challenges, and economic development issues provide a structure. Diagrams, visuals, and stories make concepts relatable. The built-in, easy-to-use glossary puts the acronyms and language of the profession at your fingertips. For the Team + your talent is a potent force for success.

The first two chapters build a solid foundation, laying out each aspect of the economic development environment and how an organization should go about its strategic planning, making clear the challenges and competing interests that may influence decision-making. The third chapter covers the effects of technology on strategy, operations, and process - the technology triad. The final two chapters delve into the heart of what development organizations do: their programs and the product.The book walks through the promises and pitfalls of each, what to consider and what to avoid, and illuminates the main points with spectacular successes and cautionary tales. It concludes with a full-flavored glossary that elucidates terms of art and unpacks the major concepts, fleshing out their subcategories and explaining their relevance.

Team means all of the people in and around the economic development organization, staff, Board members, volunteers, and elected officials. No one succeeds alone. Team provides a centering point, a common base of knowledge. There will still be different opinions, but a common foundation can help a group achieve a shared vision leading to success.

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ISBN-13: 9780965027014
Publisher: Blane, Canada Ltd.
Publication date: 07/09/2018
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Eric P. Canada, Blane, Canada Ltd., is a recognized authority on economic development marketing and business retention and expansion (BR

E). A psychologist by training, he is an entrepreneur at heart and a developer by choice. Before consulting, he led local, regional, and statewide economic development organizations and programs. Today, he brings a fresh perspective to strategy and planning for clients.

Canada has a documented reputation for leadership and innovation across 25 years. He is the developer behind the award-winning Synchronist Suite software designed to help economic developers manage client relationships, business retention and expansion, prospect tracking, and workforce development programs. He created national BR

Table of Contents


  • Macro economics
  • Development mosaic
  • Economic development strategy


  • Complex client base
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic doing
  • Transactional strategy
  • Aspirational strategy
  • Life cycle dictates action
  • Growth strategies
  • Measuring progress and performance: Metrics


  • Economic development’s technology triad
    • Tech-driven strategy
    • Operational technology
    • Technology in site selection


  • Business attraction
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business development
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Business attraction marketing
  • Site selection


  • Community development
  • Room for growth
  • Workforce development
  • Economic development and workforce development
  • Neutral party
  • Workforce and metrics


  • Constant threat
  • Clouds over organizational security
  • Time for leadership
  • The reward

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