Economic Crisis And Rule Reconstruction

Economic Crisis And Rule Reconstruction


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The 2008 global economic crisis resulted in many new changes in global economic governance, multilateral trading system, the Group20 major economies, regional economic cooperation and other international governance platforms. Countries around the world have begun a complex battle to make sure rules are changed in their favor. Furthermore, rule reconstruction has a definite and profound impact on the international economic situation and national trade interests. This book by Former Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, aims to highlight the focal issues of the competition and negotiations with a panoramic depiction of the complicated state of international economic and trade rule reconstruction.The chapters in the book discuss rules of global governance, reflect on the crisis rarely seen in the past century, and raise the proposition of rule reconstruction. They also focus on multilateral trading system, regional economic cooperation and related international financial rules. Detailed deliberations on various kinds of trade rules including rules of services trade, government procurement, intellectual property, investment, international development cooperation, etc are also dealt with. Lastly, the book provides an outlook on the path, direction and key issues of international economic rule reconstruction, and offers recommendations on China's engagement.

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ISBN-13: 9789814740944
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/08/2016
Edition description: Translatio
Pages: 624
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword Robert Azevedo v

Foreword Pascal Lamy vii

Foreword Li Yining xv

Preface Chen Deming xv

About the Author xxi

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Economic Crisis in the Era of Globalization 17

1 Outbreak of the Crisis 18

2 Reflections on the Crisis 24

3 The Issues of Global Governance and Rule Reconstruction Proposed after the Crisis 36

Chapter 2 G20 and New Developments of the Global Governance Platform 47

1 The Rise of G20 Cooperation 48

2 Main Conditions of Previous G20 Summits 55

3 The Influence of G20 on Global Governance and Rule Reconstruction 62

4 G20's Future Direction 70

Chapter 3 Difficulties and Prospects of the Multilateral Trading System 77

1 The Ups and Downs in the Twelve-Year History of Doha Round 78

2 Wrangling Over Rules-setting at the Doha Round 92

3 The Future of the Multilateral Trading System 100

4 Practice and Thoughts on China's Participation in the Multilateral Trading System 108

Chapter 4 The Rise of Regional Economic Cooperation and Global Rule Reconstruction 113

1 The New Wave of Regional Economic Cooperation 114

2 The "Experimental Field" for New Rules of International Trade 129

3 Rules Reconstruction in China and Regional Economic Cooperation 144

Chapter 5 International Rules of Finance 157

1 Summary of the Defects and Reconstruction of International Rules of Finance 158

2 Trade and Exchange Rate Issues 184

3 On Rules of Trade Finance 201

Chapter 6 Rules of Trade Remedies 213

1 Trade Remedy Rules System 213

2 Clarification and Improvement of Trade Remedy Rules 219

3 China and Trade Remedy Rules 236

Chapter 7 Global Value Chains and Trade in Value-Added 249

1 Issues of Global Value Chains and Trade in Value-Added 250

2 A New Approach: Global Value Chains and Trade in Value-Added Accounting 260

3 China's Role in Global Value Chains 275

Chapter 8 Rules of Trade in Services 285

1 The Dilemma of Multilateral Rules of Trade in Services in Doha 286

2 The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Negotiations of Trade in Services Rules 299

3 Prospects for the Evolution of International Rules for Trade in Services 305

4 China and the New Rules in Trade in Services 319

Chapter 9 Rules of Government Procurement 333

1 Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) and Its New Developments 334

2 Government Procurement in Regional Collaboration 340

3 Negotiations on China's Accession to the GPA 345

Chapter 10 Rules of Intellectual Property 353

1 Overview of Rules on Intellectual Property Rights before the Economic Crisis 354

2 Changes in Intellectual Property Rules since the Economic Crisis 361

3 The Evolution of Intellectual Property Rules and the Protection of Intellectual Property in China 388

Chapter 11 Rules of International Investment 395

1 Rules of International Investment 396

2 The Historical Evolution and New Developments in International Investment Rules 413

3 International Investment Rules and Security Review 426

4 China and International Investment Rules 435

Chapter 12 Competitive Neutrality and State-Owned Enterprises 447

1 Issues Raised on Competitive Neutrality 448

2 The Evolution of the Competitive Neutrality Policy and the Regulation of State-Owned Enterprises 452

3 The Trends and Thoughts on Regulation of State-Owned Enterprises 469

Chapter 13 Rules of International Development Cooperation 483

1 Rules of International Development Cooperation before the Economic Crisis 484

2 Evolution of International Development Cooperation Rules since the Economic Crisis 493

3 Rules of International Development Cooperation and Chinas Foreign Aid Policy 509

Chapter 14 Rules for Trade and Sustainable Development 521

1 Ecological Dumping or Green Barriers? 522

2 "Hot" Trade and Environment Issues: Climate Change 532

3 Social Dumping or "Blue Barrier" Protectionism? 542

4 China and Rules of Trade and Sustainable Development 548

Chapter 15 Reconstruction and Prospects of Global Economic and Trade Rules 561

1 The Direction, Battle, and Path of International Economic and Trade Rule Reconstruction 562

2 Main Areas of International Economic and Trade Rule Reconstruction 574

3 China and the Reconstruction of Global Economic Rules 581

Postscript 593

Glossary 597

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