East Of Hydaspes

East Of Hydaspes

by John Jarvis


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Alexander the Great died in 323BC.
There is some debate as to the lifetime of Sun Tzu.
Ssu-ma Ch'ien's Records of the Historian, completed sometime after
100BC, records that Sun Wu from the state of Chi completed his Art Of
War at the end of the 6th Century BC.
Chinese scholars have questioned this, and most agree it could not have
been written this early.
Samuel B Griffith's studies suggest the 4th Century BC. Maspero believes
it was written in the 3rd Century BC.
I have used a later date to make this fictional work a clash between
history's greatest tactical genius and the supreme master of strategies. The
use of 10,000 crossbowmen has been recorded by Chinese historians in
the Battle of Ma iong in 341BC. King Wu ling made cavalry (along with
trousers) part of his army in 320BC the warning states period in China
dates from c543 to c221 BC.

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