Dying for an Elvis in Vegas

Dying for an Elvis in Vegas

by J.D. Corcoran

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Legs Barkley has put down her showgirl feathers and picked up her gun. She's a whole new chick.

After being voted 'Best Legs in Vegas' 7 years running, Legs Barkley has dumped her 40-pound showgirl headdress... her magician's assistant/stage babe fishnet stockings... her cocktail waitress 4-inch heels... and every other 3-ounce costume with a push-up bra she's had to wear while putting herself through school. Now, she's outfitted with a gun and her private investigator's license, and she's ready to be taken seriously.

And Legs is determined to do it on her own merit, to earn personal respect despite her “juice” in Vegas: an ex-husband who’s the primo security chief in the casino universe, her hotshot cop of a brother, her charming Scot of grandfather beloved by the masses, and her questionable stepfather who’s connected to both the good 'ol boys network and the mob.

In her last night as eye candy, Legs rushes from the stage to the casino cage, eager to cash her final paycheck then dash back to the dressing room to peel off her three pairs of false eyelashes, wriggle out of and leave behind her skimpy, gaudy showgirl costume. Legs is more than ready to give up her seven-year-title as Best Legs in Vegas, after dozens of night courses paid for by third rate showgirl gigs, bartending and helping out a local magician friend as his stage babe. Legs is poised to start her new life and new career the next day as a licensed Las Vegas private investigator.

Too bad she ends up taken hostage by a moron waiving a loaded snub-nosed .38 in a robbery gone ridiculously wrong, then is humiliated on high heels as he tries to make her join his getaway on a motorcycle. Legs takes him down, at a cost of plenty of tailfeathers, a broken heel, and a belly flop into a fountain in the parking lot – all caught on film for news at nine and newsprint in the morning. What a way to establish her credibility as a new investigative professional.

The weirdness continues the next day in her brand new private investigator quarters -- the first day of her new life -- when Legs finds a dead Elvis on the back doorstep.

Oh yeah, fun times ahead.

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BN ID: 2940011889509
Publisher: Legs Barkley Books
Publication date: 10/23/2010
Series: Legs Barkley: Dying...In Vegas , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 301
Sales rank: 999,612
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About the Author

Corcoran has written and produced more than 300 television and film projects during the past 15 years in Las Vegas, while also being on both sides of the camera, working on the inside of hundreds more film and television projects in Sin City. She's been in the trenches of the casino universe, behind the scenes of government and dug in her heels behind the neon to create "Legs" Barkley. Her insider view of Vegas behind the glitz and glamour of one of the most unique microcosyms in the universe is sharp, quirky, cynical and often affectionate, like what one feels for the family black sheep. Corcoran has also sold several full length screenplays, and oddly enough, produced children's books, multimedia and music. She's been riding motorcycles and hooked on chocolate since childhood.

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