"Dwayne Vs Lil Wayne": 12 Winning Lessons from the Man Behind the Character

by Anthony Stewart


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People have a tendency to look at the worst in people. They especially have that tendency when the people are stars who have made millions of dollars in the rap industry. I have seen and recorded "the worst" but I choose to focus on the best.

Lil Wayne is NOT a success because he spews explicits, demeans Black women and jumps up and down on stage with his shirt off... anyone can do that.
Lil Wayne is successful because Dwayne Carter applies principles of substance underneath the symbol of the rapper.

Because of those principles (that I have adapted to lessons within this book) he is without a doubt one of the greatest recording artist of our time and will literally live forever in the minds of those who have grown up on his music.
I have personally gained from his words while videotaping his life for years, from the Carter I album through to the Carter III.

These lessons that have come during nationwide tours, while at his home, on private jets, on our way to jail, overseas and more.

Words spoken after the groupies had left, the security had turned in for the night, and his entourage was out doin' them. Just him, me, and the camera.

No matter what and where you are in life this book contains lessons WE ALL can benefit from!

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About the Author

My name is Anthony Stewart and I'm a Polymath. I'm an author, a narrator, a videographer, graphic designer, a digital music composer and entrepreneur. But more on me at another time.

My connection to Dwayne Carter / Lil Wayne came during the Carter I album and lasted through to The Carter 3. I was his personal life videographer, which means I followed him around with a video camera taping nearly every aspect of his life.

Not just interviews, or on the set of music videos, and stuff you see all the time, but the just got up in the morning Wayne, the pissed off at the entourage Wayne, the we about to go to jail Wayne, and the I just feel like playing my video games till 5 in the morning Wayne.

"Keep the camera rollin Ant! You don't know what you might catch." Wayne told me. I ended up catching aspects of him that revealed the man behind the character. I caught on tape what I believe to be

the method to the math behind the success of Lil Wayne.

After hearing enough about how negative he is and a bad role model for the youth, I decided to extract what I saw as lessons from what I had experienced and place them and him in a proper context. That context I give to you in this book.

"Dwayne Vs. Lil Wayne" is a book for fans, educators, rappers, and more. It's a peek into the mind of Dwayne Carter, the man behind the character of Lil Wayne.

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