The Simpsons - Season 3

The Simpsons - Season 3


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Release Date: 06/26/2007
UPC: 0024543456261
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Disc 1: Commentary on all episodes; "When Flanders Failed" pop-up storyboard sketches; Butterfinger TV ads; Toyota TV ads. Disc 2: Commentary on all episodes; "Flaming Moe’s" pop-up storyboards; "Treehouse Of Horror II" sketches. Disc 3: Commentary on all episodes; "Baby Translator Radio Bart;" pop-up Simpsons character poster; storyboards & sketches; audio outtakes. Disc 4: Commentary on all episodes; storyboards & sketches; "Colonel Homer" pop-up; jukebox feature.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Dan Castellaneta Vocals,Homer Simpson,Krusty the Clown
Julie Kavner Vocals,Marge Simpson,Selma
Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson,Vocals
Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson,Vocals
Hank Azaria Apu
Harry Shearer C. Mongomery Burns,Ned Flanders
Joe Mantegna Fat Tony
Neil Patrick Harris "Bart" in "The Bart Simpson Story"

Technical Credits
Brad Bird Director
Carlos Baeza Director
David Silverman Director
Jim Reardon Director
John Swartzwelder Director
Matt Groening Created by
Wesley M. Archer Director
Jeffrey Lynch Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. Main Title
2. "I'm Not Popular Enough to Be Different."
3. "But the Kid Is Not My Son..."
4. "Michael Jackson?!"
5. "Happy Birthday, Lisa!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Marge, You Have a Nice Body."
3. "Oh, You Have Those Damn Badges!"
4. "Let Me Put It This Way: Timber!"
5. "The Truth Must Be Told!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Mmmm, Barbeque!"
3. "TV Gives So Much and Asks So Little."
4. "C'mon, Homer, Tell Him About the Store!"
5. "What're You Gonna Do? Throw Your Diapers at Us?!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "They Didn't Eat It, They Smoked It."
3. "Eat My Shorts Is in the 5th Race!"
4. "It's Witchcraft!"
5. "You Killed Me, Bart!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "I Thought We Were Best Friends."
3. "It's My Problem - We're Doomed!"
4. "Thanks, Magic."
5. "Looks Like I Pulled a Homer!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "A Jewish Entertainer? Get Outta Here!"
3. "Seltzer's for Drinking, Not for Spraying."
4. "Oy, This Guy's Tough!"
5. "Lenny a Little Reconciliation Music, if You Please."
6. End Credits
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. "This Year's Episode Is Even Worse."/Main Title
2. "Look Everybody - My Purse Exploded!"
3. "Our Country Isn't Called America Anymore. It's Bonerland."
4. "If You Wanted To, You Could Give Me My Body Back."
5. "Who's Mad Now?!"
6. "I Hate Having Two Heads!"/End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Bingo!"
3. "Simpson, You've Done It Again."
4. "Yum-Yum, Good Salt Lick."
5. "Hey, Pink Hat!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "You Can't Weld With Such a Little Flame!"
3. "Cause That's My Boy!"
4. "Way to Cheat Death!"
5. "Let's Ride!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "It's Like There's a Party in My Mouth and Everyone's Invited!"
3. "Bart! Are Those Liquor Bottles?!"
4. "Hello, St. Louis!" "Uh, That's Springfield, Steven."
5. "Holy Cow! You Just Fell on Aerosmith!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "I Sold It All for Twenty-Five Bucks."
3. "The World Is My Oyster, Smithers!"
4. "Mmmm, the Land of Chocolate!"
5. "We Germans Aren't All Smiles and Sunshine!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "You're as Pretty as Princess Leia, and as Smart as Yoda."
3. "The Tenth Wedding's on the House."
4. "Repossessing Stuff Is the Hardest Part of My Job."
5. "They Won't Even Tell Me What's in the Secret Sauce."
6. End Credits
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Main Title
2. "Farewell, Señor Bart."
3. "This Is God!"
4. "I Used to Open for Krusty in '69."
5. "Knock It Off, You Bald Boob!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Gotcha. Fifty Beans on Miami."
3. "I Used to Hate the Smell of Your Sweaty Feet."
4. "She's Got a Gift!"
5. "Now Give Me Some Chips!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Get Out!"
3. "Later Tonight I Think You and I Should Snuggle."
4. "Richard Dean Anderson Will Be in My Dreams Tonight."
5. "Did You Miss Me?!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Don't Move. You Could Really Get Hurt."
3. "I Said I Don't Want Any Damn Vegetables!"
4. "Truly, Yours Is a Butt That Won't Quit."
5. "Welcome to Dumpville. Population: You."
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "And I Got an Enchanted Jockstrap!"
3. "I Pick Ken Griffey, Jr."
4. "I'd Like to See That."
5. "Simpson! You're Batting for Strawberry!"
6. "Talking Softball."/End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Do You Need Straight A's to Be a Cop?"
3. "Lisa, What Are You Doing? That's a Bad Girl Bathroom."
4. "Not in My Hall, Bub!"
5. "Supreme Court?! What Have They Done for Us Lately?"
6. End Credits
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. Main Title
2. "All Hail King Homer!"
3. "Let's See What's Wrong With This Little Fella."
4. "Come to the Light, Boy!"
5. "Now Here's a Film That Will Turn You Into a Vicious, Soulless Killer."
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "Stress Is Collecting in the Trouble Spots."
3. "I Haven't Felt This Way Since 'Funkytown'."
4. "Will You Bunk With Me Tonight?"
5. "Gross!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "And the Emmy Goes To... Sideshow Bob."
3. "Could You Pumice My Corns for Me?"
4. "I Do."
5. "Aunt Selma Has One Hour to Live!"
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "But Nobody Rocks Like... Springfield!"
3. "Slog Off!"
4. "Hey, Landlord. Some Clown Changed My Locks."
5. "If Something's Hard to Do, Then It's Not Worth Doing."
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "They Never Ruined Their Fun by Giving Into Their Throbbing Biological Urges."
3. "Better Give Me the Weight Loss Tape."
4. "Tut Tut, Gentle Marge."
5. "It's Recess Everywhere but in His Heart."
6. End Credits
1. Main Title
2. "You Guys Ever Drive a Tempura Hatchback?"
3. "Dammit, I Said Full Power!"
4. "You're Gonna Make Me Rich Again."
5. "Homer, Could You Stop Thinking About Your Ass?!"
6. End Credits

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