The Return of Bulldog Drummond

The Return of Bulldog Drummond

Ann Todd
Director: Walter Summers Cast: Ann Todd
Ann Todd
, Ralph Richardson
Ralph Richardson
, Francis L. Sullivan
Francis L. Sullivan
Walter Summers




Based on the character created by "Sapper" (Herman Cyril McNeile), Return of Bulldog Drummond was a British production starring Ralph Richardson in the title role. The film is closer to the jingoistic, near-fascist spirit of the original stories than were the Hollywood "Drummond" B-pictures of the mid-1930s. In fact, Richardson's Drummond organizes the "Black Clan," then goes on a crusade to rid England of all foreigners, on the theory that every "outsider" is a criminal or at the very least an undesirable. And according to the script, he's right: The villains are European armament merchants hoping to increase profits by sparking a new world war. Return of Bulldog Drummond is about as politically incorrect as it's possible to get, with Ralph Richardson coming across more as a heavy than a hero; two years later, he was more effectively cast as a criminal mastermind in the "Drummond" parody Bulldog Jack.

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Release Date: 07/09/2015
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Original Release: 1934
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