The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick

Vin Diesel
Director: David N. Twohy Cast: Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel
, Colm Feore
Colm Feore
, Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton
David N. Twohy

DVD (Director's Cut / Wide Screen / Uncensored)

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Much like the Universal Home Video director's cut DVD release of the first film in the Riddick series, Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick appears to promise a jam-packed DVD of outstanding extras and exciting inside features, but ultimately falls short of delivering what a film of this scope deserves. The highlight of the disc, aside from the astonishing animated menus, is the newly reedited version of the film itself. This version is perfect for showing off the powers of a high-quality DVD player and rocking surround sound system. With a gorgeous letterbox transfer in the windscreen aspect ratio of 2.40:1 that has been enhanced for anamorphic play on 16 x 9 monitors, the disc's picture quality is downright stunning. The sharp image actually makes some of the film's many effects sequences appear richer and more refined than they looked on theater screens. The booming audio mix, mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1, perfectly surrounds the viewer in Riddick's world. English, Spanish, and French subtitle tracks are included along with a lively, nicely done pop-up trivia track. Fifteen minutes longer than the theatrical cut, this DVD version does an excellent job in fleshing out the film's complicated universe. Writer and director David Twohy explains in his brief pre-film introduction that most of the items restored here were taken out to help speed up the film's already troubled pace. One major deletion now brought back is the character of Sirah, played by Kristin Lehman, a member of Riddick's ancient Furyian race who guides him spiritually through the film. The addition of Sirah and scenes that explain why the evil Necromongers want to take over the universe do a splendid job of enhancing the viewer's understanding of the film. Extras begin with a spotty audio commentary on the film with Twohy and film stars Karl Urban and Alexa Davalos. Although star Vin Diesel is mysteriously absent from the commentary, most of the time is spent with the three others constantly talking about what a great guy Diesel is and how much fun the film was to work on. Twohy seems the least enthused about watching the film as he makes constant comments on its original PG-13 rating and how long the production of this film took. Three forgettable deleted scenes are presented with optional Twohy commentary for each. Since these scenes are slow-paced and feature embarrassing dialogue, it comes as no surprise that they got cut from the finished product. Next is a guided tour of the film's sets, guided by a very excited Vin Diesel, and a "360-degree" photo tour of the sets. In the "Virtual Guide to The Chronicles of Riddick," we get photos of the film's locations and characters with commentary from several of the film's characters explaining their roles in the story. The ten-minute-long and annoying "Toombs' Chase Log" features the voice of Nick Chinlund as bounty hunter Toombs as he rambles on and on about his chase for Riddick. Most disappointingly, a paper-thin ten-minute documentary on the film's effects sequences does nothing to explain how the film's unique look was achieved. Finishing out the disc is a playable level from the Xbox video game The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. Missing from the disc are any of the film's trailers or any documentary on the film itself or the long production history Twohy speaks of on his commentary track. The finished product seems rushed and acts like an advertisement for the film rather than giving it more depth. As Twohy continues to hint during the commentary at yet another Riddick sequel despite this film's lackluster box-office performance, perhaps an even more ultimate edition Riddick box set is in the cards for the future.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/16/2004
UPC: 0025192632426
Original Release: 2004
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Time: 2:14:00

Special Features

Audio commentary with writer-director David Twohy and actors Karl Urban and Alexa Davalos; deleted scenes; virtual guide to The Chronicles of Riddick; "Toombs' Chase Log," "Riddick Insider," and "Visual Effects Revealed" featurettes; "Vin Diesel's Guided Tour"; interactive 360° view of the sets; Xbox game demo; DVD-ROM features.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Vin Diesel Richard B. Riddick
Colm Feore Lord Marshal
Thandie Newton Dame Vaako
Judi Dench Aereon
Karl Urban Vaako
Alexa Davalos Kyra
Linus Roache Purifier
Yorick Van Wageningen The Guv
Nick Chinlund Toombs
Keith David Imam
Mark J. Gibbon Irgun
Roger R. Cross Toal
Terry Chen Merc Pilot
Christina Cox Eve Logan
Nigel Vonas Mercs
Shawn Reis Mercs
Fabian Gujral Mercs
Ty Olsson Mercs
Peter Williams convict
Darcy Laurie convict
John Mann convict
P. Adrien Dorval convict
Alexandr Kalugin slam boss
Douglas H. Arthurs slam guard
Vitaliy Kravchenko slam guard
Ronald Selmour slam guard
Raoul Ganeev slam guard
Mark Acheson slam guard
Shohan Felber slam guard
Ben Cotton slam guard
Kimberly Hawthorne Lajjun
Alexis Llewellyn Ziza
Charles Zuckermann Scales
Andy Thompson scalp taker
Cedric De Souza Black Robed/ Meccan Cleric
Ahmad Sharmrou Black Robed Cleric
Stefano Colacitti Black Robed Cleric
Mina E. Mina coptic cleric
John Prowse Bump Pilot
Lorena Gale Defense Minister
Chris Heyerdahl Helion Politics
Robert Daly Helion Politics
Michasha Armstrong Lead Meccan Officer
Aaron Douglas Young Meccan Soldier
Colin Corrigan Vault Officer

Technical Credits
David N. Twohy Director,Screenwriter
Steven A. Adelson Camera Operator
Newell Alexander Action Director
Timothy E. Angulo Cinematographer
Steve Apostolina Action Director
Ernie Avila Set Decoration/Design
Cheryl Bainum Executive Producer
Steven Barr Action Director
John S. Bartley Cinematographer
Chad Bellamy Stunts
Lee Berger Executive Producer
Ron Blecker Consultant/advisor
Jack Blessing Action Director
Hubert Boorder Stunts
Bryan Bowen Sound/Sound Designer
Heike Brandstatter Casting
Leanne Buchanan Stunts
Steve Bulen Action Director
Mitch Carter Action Director
David Chow Set Decoration/Design
Catherine Church Costumes/Costume Designer
Robert Clotworthy Action Director
Errin Clutton Casting
Tim Connolly Stunts
David Cowgill Action Director
Bruce Crone Art Director
Wendy E. Cuther Action Director
Richard Dean Makeup
Michael Dennison Costumes/Costume Designer
Vin Diesel Producer
Holly Dorff Action Director
Moosie Drier Action Director
William M. Elvin Asst. Director
Richard Epcar Action Director
Ted Field Executive Producer
Ian Fox Camera Operator
Luke Freeborn Set Decoration/Design
Donald Fullilove Action Director
Elisa Pensler Gabrielli Action Director
Joe Gareri Executive Producer
Scott Martin Gershin Sound/Sound Designer
Jean Gilpin Action Director
Adrian H. Gorton Set Decoration/Design
Holger Gross Production Designer
Nick Guest Action Director
Mark Hitchler Set Decoration/Design
Matthew Holben Executive Producer
A. Todd Holland Set Decoration/Design
Alex Hope Executive Producer
Martin Hunter Editor
Sherry Hursey Action Director
Jason Ivimey Animator
Garrison Jackemuk Producer
Rob Jezsik Costumes/Costume Designer
Huang Ming Jian Stunts
Hugh Johnson Cinematographer
Shawn Kautz Stunts
Ciaran Kavanagh Camera Operator
Pamela Klamer Set Decoration/Design
Scott Kroopf Producer
Paul Lazenby Stunts
Patrice Leung Asst. Director
Hope Levy Action Director
Andrew Li Set Decoration/Design
Josh Lusby Set Decoration/Design
Scott MacDonald Camera Operator
Matt Manner Consultant/advisor
Mark Mansbridge Art Director
Victor Martinez Set Decoration/Design
Coreen Mayrs Casting
Richard Mays Set Decoration/Design
Anne McCarthy Casting
Christina McGregor Action Director
Andrew Menzies Set Decoration/Design
Edie Mirman Action Director
Richard Miro Action Director
Ellen Mirojnick Costumes/Costume Designer
Jim Muro Camera Operator
Bob Neill Action Director
Ve Neill Makeup Special Effects
Rosemary Newell Action Director
Ellen Nirojnick Costumes/Costume Designer
Kara Owens Costumes/Costume Designer
Devika Parikh Action Director
Kia Porter Costumes/Costume Designer
Darryl Quon Stunts
Pete Renaday Action Director
Graeme Revell Score Composer,Songwriter
Troy Robinson Stunts
Anna Russell Costumes/Costume Designer
James Michael Ryan Stunts
Ginny Sakamoto Set Decoration/Design
Philece Sampler Action Director
Ann Scibelli Sound/Sound Designer
Georgia Simon Action Director
Tim Simonec Musical Arrangement
Michael Sorich Action Director
Russell Stark Stunts
Sandi Tanaka Art Director
Michael Thomas Camera Operator
David A. Ticotin Asst. Director
Christien Tinsley Makeup
Jon Title Sound/Sound Designer
Dennis Virkler Editor
Max White Stunts
Adam Lazarre White Action Director
Wendy S. Williams Associate Producer
Dean Wolcott Set Decoration/Design
David Womark Executive Producer,Production Manager
Lyannanne Zager Action Director
George Zakk Executive Producer
Peng Zhang Stunts
Peter Zinda Sound/Sound Designer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. The Necromongers [2:38]
2. Hard Bounty [4:25]
3. Back to Civilization [4:19]
4. A Fighting Chance [4:05]
5. A True Furyan [5:26]
6. Attack of the Necromongers [6:12]
7. Lensing & Cleansing [4:15]
8. The Lord Marshal's Offer [7:24]
9. Mind Regression [4:39]
10. Caught [3:45]
11. You Can Keep What You Kill [6:19]
12. Welcome to Crematoria [7:58]
13. Jack's Dead... [2:52]
14. A Private War [4:15]
15. Feeding Time [2:57]
16. Two Killers [5:35]
17. Good News & Bad News [5:30]
18. Running the Surface [:53]
19. The Big Heat [5:21]
20. The Better Killer [3:37]
21. This is Your Chance [8:30]
22. What Are the Odds? [3:14]
23. The Enemy Within [3:46]
24. Convert or Fall [5:03]
25. The Soul of a Furyan [3:43]
26. Kill the Beast [2:57]
27. At the Feet of an Outlaw [3:04]
28. End Titles [1:03]

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