Tales From the Golden Age

Tales From the Golden Age

Hanno Hofer, Razvan Marculescu, Cristian Mungiu, Constantin Popescu,


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Acclaimed Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu produced and coordinated this collection of short comic tales, all inspired by local legends regarding the quirky side of life under Communism. In "The Legend of the Official Visit," Inspector Sandu (Emanuel Pirvu) arrives in a small village to be sure all is in readiness for the arrival of a major party figure, even though no one's sure if he intends to actually stop and spend some time there. "The Legend of the Greedy Policeman" concerns Alexa (Ion Sapdaru) and his wife (Virginia Mirea), who have obtained a black-market pig and aren't sure how to slaughter and dress it without calling attention to themselves. In "The Legend of the Party Photographer," a photographer (Avram Birau) must put his retouching skills to work when a picture of Nicolae Ceausescu is wildly unflattering to the leader. "The Legend of the Air Sellers" follows Crina (Diana Cavallioti), a financially embarrassed student, who finds a may to make some fast money with the help of con man Bughi (Radu Iacoban) and some empty bottles. "The Legend of the Chicken Driver" tells the story of a by-the-book truck driver (Vlad Ivanov) who isn't certain what rules apply when the owner of a restaurant (Tania Popa) wants to buy some eggs laid by a chicken in his van. And another party member (Calin Chirila) who insists on following the rules even when he isn't sure what they are is the focus of "The Legend of the Zealous Activist." Early screenings of Tales from the Golden Age featured five of these six chapters, with the order and selection changing from night to night, supposedly in homage to the confusion of life under Ceausescu.

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Release Date: 02/14/2012
UPC: 0698452209135
Original Release: 2009
Source: Kimstim
Time: 2:21:00

Special Features

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Alexandru Potocean The Secretary ('Legend of the Official Visit')
Teo Corban The Mayor ('Legend of the Official Visit')
Emanuel Pirvu The Party Inspector ('Legend of the Official Visit')
Avram Birau Photographer ('Legend of the Official Photographer')
Paul Dunca Photo Assistant ('Legend of the Official Photographer')
Viorel Comanici Party Secretary ('Legend of the Official Photographer')
Ion Sapdaru Policeman Alexa ('Legend of the Greedy Policeman')
Virginia Mirea Policeman's Wife ('Legend of the Greedy Policeman')
Gabriel Spahiu Policeman Best Neighbor ('Legend of the Greedy Policeman'
Diana Cavallioti Crina ('Legend of the Air Sellers')
Vlad Ivanov Grigore ('Legend of the Chicken Driver')
Tania Popa Camelia ('Legend of the Chicken Driver')
Liliana Mocanu Marusia ('Legend of the Chicken Driver')
Calin Chirila The Party Activist ('Legend of the Zealous Activist')
Romeo Tudor Shepard ('Legend of the Zealous Activist')

Technical Credits
Hanno Hofer Director,Score Composer
Razvan Marculescu Director
Cristian Mungiu Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Constantin Popescu Director
Ioana Uricaru Director,Editor
Cezara Armascu Production Designer
Dana Bunescu Editor,Sound Mixer,Sound/Sound Designer
Andra Chiriac Asst. Director
Florin Filipescu Asst. Director
Brandusa Ioan Costumes/Costume Designer
Ana Ioneci Costumes/Costume Designer
Dana Istrate Costumes/Costume Designer,Production Designer
Laco Jimi Score Composer
Liviu Marghidan Cinematographer
Luminita Mihai Costumes/Costume Designer
Oleg Mutu Cinematographer,Producer
Simona Paduretu Production Designer
Ciprian Panaite Asst. Director
Theodora Penciu Editor
Mariuca Petre Asst. Director
Lorena Petre Asst. Director
Mihaela Poenaru Production Designer
Anatol Reghintovschi Asst. Director
Alex Sterian Cinematographer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Tales from the Golden Age
1. The Legend of the Official Visit [1:07]
2. The Legend of the Party Photographer [19:03]
3. The Legend of the Zealous Activist [15:09]
4. The Legend of the Greedy Policeman [18:23]
5. The Legend of the Air Sellers [20:09]
6. The Legend of the Chicken Driver [3:20]
7. End Credits [37:01]

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