Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

DVD (Wide Screen)

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The title The Final Frontier prompted rumors that the Star Trek saga was finally about to feature the (permanent) death of a major character. The rumors persisted with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which references Hamlet's famous musings about death in his "To be or not to be" speech. But Trek fans had to wait until Star Trek: Generations for the death of a series regular, and far less satisfyingly, said Final Frontier is actually a hyperbolic quest for God. Whether the crew actually finds the Almighty on a distant rock, which He seems to have forsaken anyway, is best left murky, since it's such an idiotically handled concept, though it does meet the movies' criteria of featuring weightier issues than those covered in individual TV episodes. Helming the movie as well as the Enterprise, William Shatner tries to continue the pleasing comedic tone that made Star Trek IV such a superlative effort, but he's far too self-conscious. Instead of the sharp dialogue that made that film so funny, Shatner puts Bones, Kirk, and Spock into folksy settings that will draw out their well-worn comfort, such as camping trips and rock-climbing expeditions. These situations accentuate their age more than their familiarity. The less said about the strange mission past the Great Barrier, the better. It has all the gadgets and set pieces that audiences have come to expect -- plus Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) making rare use of her feminine wiles -- but it's an inane mess of a plot, leading one to wonder whether there wasn't an air leak in the room where the writers met. Derek Armstrong

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Release Date: 09/10/2013
UPC: 0032429131461
Original Release: 1989
Rating: PG
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 1:46:00
Sales rank: 26,083

Special Features

Closed Caption; Commentary by: Michael & Denise Okuda and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Daren Dochterman; Star Trek honors NASA; Hollywood Walk of Fame: Jame Doohan; Starfleet Academy: Nimbus lll

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
William Shatner James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Mr. Spock
DeForest Kelley Leonard "Bones" McCoy
George Takei Hikaru Sulu
James Doohan Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
Walter Koenig Pavel Chekov
Nichelle Nichols Uhura
David Warner St. John Talbot
Laurence Luckinbill Sybok
Charles Cooper Korrd
Cynthia Gouw Caithlin Dar
Todd Bryant Captain Klaa
Spice Williams Vixis
Rex Holman Yonn
George Murdock "God"
Cynthia Blaise Amanda
Bill Quinn McCoy's Father
Harve Bennett Starfleet Chief of Staff
Melanie Shatner Yeoman
Steve Susskind Pitchman

Technical Credits
William Shatner Director,Original Story
Harve Bennett Original Story,Producer
Peter E. Berger Editor
Brooke Breton Associate Producer
Jeff Dawn Makeup
Wes Dawn Makeup
Bran Ferren Special Effects
Jerry Goldsmith Score Composer
Antoinette Gordon Set Decoration/Design
James M. Halty Stunts
Andrew Laszlo Cinematographer
David Loughery Original Story,Screenwriter
Richard McKenzie Set Decoration/Design
Andrew Neskoromny Set Decoration/Design
Gene Roddenberry Consultant/advisor
Nilo Rodis-Jamero Art Director,Costumes/Costume Designer
Dodie Shepard Costumes/Costume Designer
Ronald R. Wilkinson Set Decoration/Design
Ralph Winter Executive Producer
Herman Zimmerman Production Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
1. Scene 1 [8:49]
2. Scene 2 [2:27]
3. Scene 3 [5:14]
4. Scene 4 [1:39]
5. Scene 5 [5:44]
6. Scene 6 [:11]
7. Scene 7 [7:38]
8. Scene 8 [:05]
9. Scene 9 [8:05]
10. Scene 10 [:13]
11. Scene 11 [6:02]
12. Scene 12 [:49]
13. Scene 13 [7:09]
14. Scene 14 [3:31]
15. Scene 15 [3:04]

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This film may have received some low reviews from some people, but I thought it was a fantastic film about the search for God. I think the subject matter and conclusions drawn made people uncomfortable and that's why they didn't like it. This film has a great script, if you have an open mind, and the acting was first rate. This is a deep story line, not an action flick.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you have read my other reviews for the Star Trek series of films so far, then you know I am a little jaded. The story starts off promisingly enough, on Nimbus III, the ''Planet of Galactic Peace'' (pretty cynical for a Trek film) a laughing Vulcan named Sybok has captured the Federation, Klingon and Romulan ambassadors and will only give them up in exchange for a starship to take him past the ''Great Barrier;'' an energy field at the center of our galaxy. Kirk and company are summoned away from a shore leave they are taking at Yosemite Nat'l Park to go and take care of Sybok. At this point, the movie bogs down in a lot of posturing about the existence or non-existence of God. The performances by the main actors, especially the interplay between Shatner and Nimoy, is classic. They now wear these roles like an old bathrobe or ratty pair of jeans. The other acting is workmanlike, although Lawrence Luckinbill as Sybok gives an energy to the role early in the movie that runs out of steam by the end. David Warner as the UFP ambassador is totally wasted in his part (his apology comes in Trek VI). Shatner's direction is skilled and innovative with a judicious use of SteadyCam and other tricks. Jerry Goldsmith's music is welcome and is the best Trek score since ST: TMP. The visual effects by Bran Ferren (he did the effects for ''Altered States'') are okay, but only just. I would say that if you like the characters or are a ''completeist'', get this film, otherwise, don't bother.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is great movie! Its better than any of the Next Generation films. This is not the worst movie in the Star Trek film series. The worst movie is Star Trek Nemesis. William Shatner had a great story with a-lot potential. the film did not meet his original vision because Paramount Pictures cut the budget. Many things like special effects and Rock monster did not materialize because Paramount Pictures did not give William Shatner enough money to make this film. I wish there was a Director's Cut because this film deserves it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Was this the best film? No. Was it William Shatner's fault? No. Budget constraints meant that most of the scenes were not shot anything like the way he conceived them. Bran Ferren's rotten special effects which not only looked inferior to the ILM effects which went before, but didn't even look right, didn't help either. But what was there was the character interaction and storylining prevalent in the original series which goes a long way towards saving it. The combination of a strong story and characterisation but played out in a weak low budget setting actually makes this film truer to the original series than any of the others. Unfortunately, that was mid 1960's TV, this was late 1980's cinema, and the forgiveness readily granted to the original series couldn't be applied to Star Trek V. Don't let the packaging put you off; this ain't a bad film if you give it a chance and sit down and watch it - still way better than TMP or Generations.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie gets a lotta crap from people. It deserves some of it. But, in all honesty, it's the Trek movie I re- watch the most. A lot of this is because of Sybok, one of the most interesting--indeed, fascinating--characters in the Trek universe. (Sybok, at least, manages to figure out how to get off a desolate planet all by himself. Khan managed it only out of dumb luck.) I like the fact that, while he's definitely insane, he's not stupid. STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER isn't the best Trek movie, but it's certainly better than any of the four feeble NextGen movies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I truly loved Star Trek V. I am not joking. It was funny, scary, and at the end (IMO), a truly classic Trek. ''If we're going to do this, we'll do it by the book.'' 'Course, when I saw how badly the movie was panned, I became a champion for this underdog. Yeah. Like `Generations' was a mega-hit. Riiiight. I loved the story-line. In fact, it was reminiscent of `The Way To Eden (TOS'. Okay. Here's the stuff I found minor faults with. The ''Operation Barricade'' scene: The shuttlebay was way too short for the crashing shuttle to have shot through for so long, until it hit the crash-net. The Turbo-shaft Booster-boots scene: Not to sound like a geek, but my guide to the Enterprise (A) stated that the Enterprise had only 26 decks. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy shot up to deck 92, I think. Sybok's hair: He had long hair throughout the movie. At the end, he had short hair. Well, here's an explanation: The ship MUST have had a barber. If the Enterprise D had one, why not the A? My biggest gripe: The lousy reviews. Star Trek V was not the best of the Treks, but it's WAAAAAAY up there, in my opinion.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Final Frontier had every major component of what makes Star Trek great packed into it. I have no idea why some did not like this movie. If it's the whole thing about God possibly turning out to be nothing more than an evil alien then they are too stuck up to be watching trek in the first place.
Guest More than 1 year ago
really, STV was the worst of all the 10 movies, it shouldnt come as a suprise based on the fact that Bill Shatner directed it (amungst other things). the plot is nonexsistant (almost) and although it is only one of two movies with the full crew on the enterprise, it isnt worth it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The special effects aren't great because the company they normally had was busy with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so they couldn't do Star Trek. There's not a lot of action, but this is a must see for all Star Trek fans. I personally think it's a cute movie, so give it a chance, because you will end up liking it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are problems with this picture as well as good points,so it's no surprise that it's on the bottom of the list of the six STAR TREK films.There was a good idea here in searching for an alien that claims to be creator of the universe,but it was not given the proper attention.The problems are many,but two come to mind right away--THERE IS NO DECK 78 ON A 23 DECK STARSHIP,AND THIS CREW ALREADY WENT TO THE SO-CALLED 'GREAT BARRIER' AT THE CENTER OF THE GALAXY IN THE ST ANIMATED SERIES IN THE 1970's.On the good side of the picture we see the relationship between the characters tested and the trouble with getting a new starship going.True,this is NOT STAR TREK AT ITS BEST,but it is a good tape to have because it shows how much better the other ones are.When you take the bad points away,this film is good since you know that everyone tried.