Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

DVD (Repackaged / Full Frame)

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Edward James Olmos portrays the real-life Jaime Escalante, a no-nonsense mathematic teacher in a tough East LA high school. Handed a classroom full of "losers" and "unteachables," Escalante is determined to turn his young charges' lives around. Drawing from his own cultural heritage, Escalante forms a bond with his largely Hispanic student body, evoking the names of famous Spaniards and Latin Americans whose great accomplishments were predicated on their ability to learn. The students gradually come to realize that the only way they'll escape their own poverty-stricken barrio is to improve themselves intellectually. As a result, the class' academic achievements soar dramatically -- too dramatically for the Educational Testing Service, which is convinced that the class' high test scores are the results of cheating. The triumphant exoneration of Escalante's students provides Stand and Deliver with its rousingly upbeat conclusion.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/08/2010
UPC: 0883929143511
Original Release: 1988
Rating: PG
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Time: 1:43:00
Sales rank: 3,265

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Edward James Olmos Jaime Escalante
Lou Diamond Phillips Angel
Rosanna de Soto Fabiola Escalante
Andy Garcia Ramirez
Will Gotay Pancho
Ingrid Oliu Lupe
Adelaide Alvarez Sexy Girl
Beatrice Giraldo Ganas Kid
Estelle Harris Secretary
Mark Phelan Cop
Virginia Paris Raquel Ortega
Mark Eliot Tito
Patrick Baca Javier
Carmen Argenziano Molina
Richard Martinez Heavy Metal Boy
Mark Everett Heavy Metal Boy
Tyde Kierney Joe Goodell
Bodie Olmos Fernando Escalante
Karla Montana Claudia
Vanessa Marquez Ana
Daniel Villarreal Chuco
Michael Goldfinger Coach
Michael Yama Sanzaki
Lydia Nicole Rafaela
Graham Galloway Craig
Betty Carvalho Angel's Grandmother
Irene Olga Lopez Lupe's Mother
James Victor Ana's Father
Yvette Cruise Claudia's Mother
Aixa Clemente Hospital Receptionist
Victor Garron Jaime Escalante, Jr.
Michael Adler Schloss
Barbara Vera Proctor
Rif Hutton Pearson
Star Frohman Female Cop
Jessica Seynos Ganas Kid
Dominic Lucero Ganas Kid
Sonia Fuentes Ganas Kid
David Brian Abalos Ganas Kid
Irma Barrios Ganas Kid
Henry Torres Ganas Kid
Richard Moreno Ganas Kid
Phillip Elizalde Ganas Kid

Technical Credits
Ramon Menendez Director,Screenwriter
Jaki Brown Casting
Bruce A. Evans Producer
Steve George Songwriter
Ray Gideon Producer
Stephen Halbert Sound/Sound Designer
Vered Hochman Makeup
Iya Labunka Associate Producer
John Lang Songwriter
Lidsay Law Executive Producer
Robert Leighton Editor
Dee Mansano Makeup
Areni Milo Art Director
Milo Art Director,Production Designer
Kathryn Morrison Costumes/Costume Designer
Tom Musca Producer,Screenwriter
Richard Page Songwriter
Nancy Richardson Editor
Tom Richmond Cinematographer
Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt Asst. Director
Craig Safan Score Composer
Andrew Scheinman Producer
Dennis Washington Production Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Stand and Deliver
1. Driving to Work (Credits) [2:48]
2. Math 1A [5:26]
3. Apples For the Students [1:41]
4. Finger Man [4:15]
5. "Tough Guys Deep-Fry Chicken" [3:45]
6. Ganas [3:51]
7. A Deal With Angel [2:06]
8. Lupe Gets the Chair [2:05]
9. Before and After School [4:25]
10. What's Best For Ana [2:49]
11. How Many Gigolos? [2:39]
12. Shaking Up the Math Dept [3:02]
13. Think Cool; Welcome Back [5:05]
14. Cruising With Kimo [1:38]
15. Work Takes Its Toll [4:26]
16. Pancho Wants Out, Angel Wants In [4:02]
17. Heart Attack [5:12]
18. Sneaking Back to Work [1:44]
19. The Ap Exam [2:56]
20. 18 Out of 18! [1:41]
21. Cheaters! [3:22]
22. Angel's Last Ride [2:51]
23. The Ets Wants a Confession [3:48]
24. If Caught, Then Guilty [1:39]
25. Second Thoughts [3:50]
26. Confronting the Ets [5:03]
27. One Day to Cram [4:16]
28. The Retest [5:37]
29. The Results [2:33]
30. Coda and End Credits (Stand and Deliver) [4:20]

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jaime Escalante was a computer programmer that decided to become a teacher. He gave up his job as a programmer thinking that he was going to become a high school computer science teacher. When he arrived for his first day at Garfield high school he was rudely surprised. He learned that he wouldn’t be teaching computers but he would be teaching math. He found the class and went in. All the students were out of order and rude. He requested that everyone take their seats and the non English speaking students sit in the front. He was rudely interrupted by a false bell and all the students left. When the students came back to class two Spanish pupils arrived one, net head, the other finger man. Finger man told Jaime, to pass him, but Jaime said that he had to earn his grade. The next class Jaime dressed as a cook to teach the kids fractions. This started the relationship between him and the kids. One student, Angel, stuck out; he requested two books one for home and one for class so his friends wouldn’t see him with them. Another student, Ana, has to work in her fathers business instead of going to collage. Jaime changes this by talking to her father. Then there is Poncho, a born mechanic, he changes his life by taking Jaime’s class, for the better. Jaime decides to teach the kids algebra, because he thinks they are smart enough for it. When he feels that they are doing very well he announces he is going to teach then calculus. The students must stay until five o’clock everyday, no vacations, and Saturdays. They aren’t happy but they all do it hesitantly. Poncho struggles and threatens to leave, but he ends pulling through. It is now Christmas and Jaime isn’t spending enough time with his family. He teaches all day then volunteers as an English teacher at night. One day while teaching English he has a heart attack. The kids are very sad. It doesn’t take him long but he comes back to prepare them for the AP test. The students take the AP test and everyone passes. The AP review board finds this weird because these kids are poor Spanish kids with no future. Little does he know they retake the test and pass. Jaime goes down in the record books for proving anything is possible. This is a very touching story. It shows that even though kids are poor and Spanish it doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. These kids break the stereotype and pull through. Also this movie shows that anyone is capable of anything. When I watched it struck me as very inspirational. I believe now that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it. I can’t believe the things that people from different ethnic backgrounds must do to be believed. Jaime is a great role model for all teachers. All teachers should strive to become like Jaime.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this movie was really touching as a 14 year old i thought this film was really great and funny at times. it shows what teens can really do if they put their mind to it and have a great teacher. I just saw this movie in school today and i think everyone should see it! it may not seem interesting but its really good and also very funny! all of the characters are great and you can relate to all of them! i really loved this film and i think you should see it~ my friend and i loved it soo much we bought everyone we hang with a copy! they thought it was halarious! i think its a great gift for teens and teachers as well! see this movie, you will learn a lot and have a laugh!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When the movie begins, Jaime Escalante (Edward James Olmos) quits his job at an electronics firm. He is going to be (or thinks anyway) the computer science teacher. But the computers aren't in yet. So he is going to teach math in lieu of computer science teacher. His class doesn't want to learn. They show up late, they eat in class. One day he shows up as a baker and chops apples at his class. (Would a real math teacher do that). One day one of his students (Lou Diamond Phillips, LA Bamba) askes him for an extra book, one to keep at school and one to keep at home, so his friends doesn't see that he studies. Nice trick. One day while walking down the stairs Jaime Escalante suffers a mild heart attack. And two days laters he sneaks out of the hospital and shows up to class.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great classic movie. This should be a part of everyone's collection, especially teachers. What an inspiration!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago