Pokémon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unknown

Pokémon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unknown

Veronica Taylor
Director: Michael Haigney, Kunihiko Yuyama Cast: Veronica Taylor
Veronica Taylor
, Rachael Lillis
Rachael Lillis
Michael Haigney, Kunihiko Yuyama,

DVD (Wide Screen)

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A handful of strange creatures prove just how dangerous the imagination can be in the third American feature adapted from the popular Pokemon animated series. Prof. Spencer Hale is an archeologist studying ancient Pokemon when he uncovers a strange breed of "pocket monsters" called "Unown," whose bodies form runic symbols that resemble the letters of the alphabet. The Unown can read people's minds and transform their fantasies into reality, and when the professor mysteriously disappears, his young daughter Molly is given the materials (and the Pokemon) her father collected. As Molly plays with the Unown, her home is mysteriously transformed into a crystal fortress that expands to envelop the entire community of Greenfield, and a number of dangerous monsters are released from Molly's daydreams -- one of whom captures her mother and spirits her away. Realizing the crisis is the work of the Unown, legendary Pokemon-trainer Ash leaps into action to capture the creatures and teach Molly about the dangers of the Unown. Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown was distributed with an accompanying short subject, Pikachu and Pichu, which finds the most popular Pokemon visiting the city with his new friend.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/09/2016
UPC: 0782009244424
Original Release: 2001
Rating: G
Source: Viz Media
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Sales rank: 27,940

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Veronica Taylor Voice Only
Rachael Lillis Voice Only
Eric Stuart Voice Only
Ikue Otani Voice Only
Dan Green Voice Only
Stan Hart Voice Only
Addie Blaustein Voice Only
Amy Birnbaum Voice Only
Roger Kay Voice Only
Ed Paul Voice Only
Lisa Oritz Voice Only
Kathy Pilon Voice Only
Peter R. Bird Voice Only
Kayzie Rogers Voice Only
Ken Gates Voice Only
Tara Jayne Voice Only
Lee Quick Voice Only

Technical Credits
Michael Haigney Director,Screenwriter
Kunihiko Yuyama Director
Inc. NHK Enterprises 21 Animator
Mineko Abe Animator
Takashi Abe Animator
Kunio Ando Sound Mixer
Ken Anjo Animator
Mikako Araki Animator
Koji Aritomi Asst. Director
Kathy Borland Associate Producer
Tokyo Animation Center Animator
Animation Do Animator
Koito Dozono Animator
Mitsuchisa Ebisumoto Animator
Seiko Endouji Animator
Cupid Fair Animator
Jay Film Editor
Hideki Fukuchi Animator
Akari Fukunaga Animator
Kaori Furukawa Animator
Gainax Animator
Alberto Galan Animator
Annette Garand Animator
Graviton Animator
Norman J. Grossfeld Producer,Screenwriter
Masayo Hanaoka Animator
Hiroshi Haraguchi Animator
Yumiko Hashi Animator
Kaoru Hayashida Animator
Toshio Henmi Editor
Shoko Higaki Animator
Keigo Higashino Animator
Kazuyuki Hirakawa Animator
Takefumi Hiramatsu Animator
Gil Hova Sound Editor
Sean Huff Sound Editor
Rikako Ichikubo Animator
Noriaki Iguchi Production Manager
Ryoichi Ishigami Animator
Kunitoshi Ishii Animator
Mami Ishikawa Animator
Takaaki Ishikawa Animator
Hiroshi Ishikawa Associate Producer
Nobushige Ishita Animator
Atsushi Itagaki Animator
Yutaka Ito Editor
Junglegym Animator
Larry Juris Production Manager
Alfred R. Kahn Executive Producer
Noriko Kai Animator
Daisuke Kamei Animator
Katsuyoshi Kanemura Art Director
Yoko Kasama Animator
Takashi Kawaguchi Executive Producer
Miho Kawasaki Animator
Keisuke Kawatake Animator
Akio Kazumi Animator
Jun Kiguchi Animator
Toyoko Kiguchi Animator
Takaaki Kii Associate Producer
Takaaki Kise Animator
Tomiko Kisuki Animator
Shichiro Kobayashi Art Director
Masashi Kobayashi Animator
Tsukasa Koitabashi Production Manager
Inaho Komori Animator
Masakazu Kubo Executive Producer
Shinya Kudo Animator
Yosuke Kudo Animator
Miki Kuribayashi Animator
Tomoyo Kurita Animator
Kazuko Maejima Animator
Ryoko Mafune Animator
Daisuke Makino Animator
Jim Malone Sound Editor
Syuji Maruyama Animator
You Maruyama Animator
Tsukasa Matsuda Animator
Hiroki Matsukura Animator
Yukako Matsusako Producer
Armen Mazlumian Sound Editor
Migenkan Animator
Kathy Milani Associate Producer
Ayako Misono Animator
Dai Miyazaki Animator
Akira Mizubata Animator
Satoshi Mizubata Animator
Hiromichi Mizuno Animator
Sumika Momo Animator
Takemoto Mori Producer
Akemi Morita Animator
Takeshi Morita Animator
Mugenkan Animator
Kazuya Murata Asst. Director
Shinichi Murooka Animator
Noriyuki Nagai Animator
Keiko Nagamine Animator
Aya Nagumo Animator
Takayuki Nakamura Animator
Jyuji Nakamura Sound/Sound Designer
Emi Nakano Animator
Ken Namikawa Associate Producer
Shinji Nasu Animator
Manami Natsumeda Animator
Mark Neumann Animator
Tomoyuki Nezu Animator
Takeshi Nimomiya Animator
Yukiyo Nishimura Animator
Tomomi Noguchi Animator
Satsuki Obara Animator
Mariko Oguchi Animator
Kazuko Okada Animator
Naoko Okazaki Animator
Akinori Okumura Animator
Akihiro Okumura Animator
Kayoko Oshima Animator
Kiyomi Oshima Animator
Shoji Ota Production Manager
Don Peebles Sound Editor
Kino Production Animator
Oh! Production Animator
Mushi Production Animator
Nakamura Production Animator
Jeff Pustynsky Sound Editor
Anime R Animator
Koji Ritomi Asst. Director
Zero G Room Animator
Yuki Saito Animator
Miyuki Saito Animator
Akiko Sasaki Animator
Hisako Sato Animator
Makoto Sato Animator
Hiroshi Sato Animator
Atsushi Sato Animator
Nobumasa Sawabe Associate Producer
Tadasha Sawazaki Animator
Ralph Schuckett Score Composer
Seigasya Animator
Daisuke Shigihara Animator
Ken Shima Score Composer
Miki Shimane Animator
Masayuki Shimizu Animator
Hisao Shirai Cinematographer
Shogakukan Production Co., Ltd. Executive Producer
Takeshi Shudo Screenwriter
John Siegler Musical Direction/Supervision
Atsushi Soga Animator
Hideki Sonoda Screenwriter
JC Staff Animator
Snow Light Staff Animator
Studio Mat Animator
Studio Meitsu Animator
Studio Musashi Animator
Studio Sign Animator
Studio Takuranke Animator
Yurie Sudo Animator
Yoshihisa Suzuki Animator
Marie Tagashira Animator
Manabu Tagawa Animator
Mizuho Tajima Animator
Yuka Takaira Animator
Kou Takano Animator
Yuriko Takase Animator
Shoko Takeuchi Animator
Yasumi Tanaka Animator
Mitsuko Taniguchi Animator
Noritaka Tateguchi Animator
Paul Taylor Translator
Noriko Teshima Animator
Minoru Tokushige Animator
Tatsunori Tomiyama Animator
John Touhey Screenwriter
Shintaro Tsubota Animator
Koichiro Tsuchida Animator
Masashi Tsuji Animator
Yumi Tsujimoto Animator
Keiko Tsujimura Animator
Takako Uetake Animator
Yukako Umeuchi Animator
Viewworks Animator
Peter Waggoner Sound/Sound Designer
Hideo Watanabe Animator
Ruriko Watanabe Animator
Junko Watanabe Animator
Takehiro Watanabe Animator
Wonbat Animator
Katsuhito Yamauchi Associate Producer
Kyoko Yasuda Animator
Hideko Yonetani Animator
Hiromi Yoshida Animator
Ikuo Yoshida Animator
Noriyuki Yoshida Associate Producer
Choji Yoshikawa Producer
Taishi Yoshizawa Animator

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
1. Scene 1 [8:19]
2. Scene 2 [6:14]
3. Scene 3 [7:27]
4. Scene 4 [6:43]
5. Scene 5 [9:24]
6. Scene 6 [7:20]
7. Scene 7 [8:34]
8. Scene 8 [7:20]
9. Scene 9 [5:02]
10. Scene 10 [2:18]
11. Scene 11 [4:34]
12. Scene 12 [:05]

Customer Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Cyberload More than 1 year ago
Great Pokemon 3rd Movie
Katie_AnimeFan_MusicFreak More than 1 year ago
I was like 6 or 7 years old when I first started watching Pokemon. I was blown away by the first movie. But this film.... it's breath-taking!
The plot, the emotion, the action, and the animation!
I'm 16-years-old now, it's been a long time since I've watched this, so I decided to finally own it myself on DVD, and I bought it. I just watched it and I was totally blown away. I think I like and understand more than when I was younger. This is a film that is intense, sometimes emotional, and just amazing. Something kids, teens, and I'm pretty sure adults, could all enjoy together!
5 Stars *****
So if you remember watching Pokemon when you were a kid, and you are now a teenager like me, I'm sure you will enjoy those fond memories being refreshed in your mind!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I hated Pokemon completely after Gold and Silver were released. But that changed after I saw the third installment of Pokemon movies, Spell of the Unown. This feature follows Ash and his friends doing what they usually do, look for Pokemon. Then, giant creepy creature (Entei) comes and takes Ash's mom away. A girl named Molly thinks that Ash's mom is her mom. Confusing as it sounds, it leads to a huge pitfall of excitement as Entei and Ash's Charizard go at it. Whether you are a Pokemon fan or not, I recommend this to anyone who wants to see an animated film not involving elven creatures (*cough* Snow White *cough*) or talking animals (*cough* Snow Dogs *cough*).
Guest More than 1 year ago
i loved it! pikachu and pichu was cool.