Panic in the Year Zero/the Last Man on Earth

Panic in the Year Zero/the Last Man on Earth

Ray Milland
Ray Milland
Ray Milland
Director: Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow Cast: Ray Milland
Ray Milland
, Jean Hagen
Jean Hagen
Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow,



MGM has turned out another fine addition to its series of Midnight Movie two-for-one discs with this pairing of Panic in Year Zero and The Last Man on Earth. Both films are well-served by their video transfers, which preserve their stark, black-and-white scope photography in a detailed and richly shaded style. The mono mixes are retained for both films and each sounds crisp and free of distortion. The extras aren't as generous as some of the other discs in this series, but fans do get a trailer for Panic in Year Zero and a short video interview with screenwriter Richard Matheson on the The Last Man on Earth. The latter is all too short at six minutes, but it's interesting to hear from this legendary author, who reveals the inspirations behind The Last Man on Earth and also explains why he used the pseudonym Logan Swanson on the film. All in all, the quality of the transfers and the generous pairing of the two films overcomes any quibbles about extras, and this pairing of Panic in Year Zero and The Last Man on Earth is thus a must for fans of either film.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/20/2005
UPC: 0027616909176
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code: 1
Time: 2:59:00

Special Features

"Richard Matheson Storyteller: The Last Man on Earth" featurette

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- Panic in Year Zero
1. Main Title/Vacation [:09]
2. Bombs Away [2:22]
3. Pit Stop [8:58]
4. Taking Stock [4:01]
5. Survival of the Fittest [9:00]
6. "New Highway Patrol" [7:18]
7. Escape Route [3:33]
8. "Stop Sign" [2:46]
9. Watching It All Go Down [2:28]
10. Home Sweet Home [5:07]
11. Lone Civilization [5:02]
12. In the Distance [5:40]
13. Revenge [1:04]
14. The Broadcast [8:06]
15. Wounded [6:47]
16. Long Way Home/Credits [6:43]
Disc #1, Side B -- The Last Man on Earth
1. After the End/Main Title [9:16]
2. Taking Out the Trash [3:45]
3. Stakes and Mirrors [4:25]
4. The Zombie at My Door [3:48]
5. Out After Dark [4:33]
6. Good Old Times [8:45]
7. Science or Fiction? [3:09]
8. No Doctors in the House [6:29]
9. Dead Daughters Dump [3:12]
10. A Safe Place for Virg [5:50]
11. Follow That Dog [6:04]
12. The Last Woman on Earth [2:16]
13. A New Society [6:03]
14. Saved Yet Unsafe [7:10]
15. Stakeholders' Meeting [4:02]
16. Safe for Subhumanity [4:39]

Customer Reviews

Panic in the Year Zero/the Last Man on Earth 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The LAst Man on Earth...Hmmm...How do I explain this frightfully fun movie... Oh, Well! IT's not very scary, except in the last flashback scene(Ain't tellin!)But it is very good and the last few minutes made me cry! Man! AWESOME MOVIE!!!! BUY! The movie on this thing's ok but TLMoE is well worth the full price by itelf!