No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem

Blu-ray (Wide Screen)

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When a Vietnam veteran discovers two million dollars while wandering through the aftermath of a Texas drug deal gone horribly awry, his decision to abscond with the cash sets off a violent chain reaction in a stripped-down crime drama from Joel and Ethan Coen. Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) has just stumbled into the find of a lifetime. Upon discovering a bullet-strewn pickup truck surrounded by the corpses of dead bodyguards, Moss uncovers two million dollars in cash and a substantial load of heroin stashed in the back of the vehicle. Later, as an enigmatic killer who determines the fate of his victims with the flip of a coin sets out in pursuit of Moss, the disillusioned Sheriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) struggles to contain the rapidly escalating violence that seems to be consuming his once-peaceful Lone Star State town. Woody Harrelson, Javier Bardem, and Kelly MacDonald co-star in a distinctly American crime story that explores timeless biblical themes in a contemporary Southwestern setting.

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Release Date: 04/15/2011
UPC: 0031398134848
Original Release: 2007
Source: Miramax Lionsgate
Region Code: A
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Time: 2:02:00
Sales rank: 3,735

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tommy Lee Jones Sheriff Ed Tom Bell
Javier Bardem Anton Chigurh
Josh Brolin Llewelyn Moss
Woody Harrelson Carlson Wells
Kelly MacDonald Carla Jean Moss
Garret Dillahunt Wendell
Tess Harper Loretta Bell
Barry Corbin Ellis
Stephen Root Man Who Hires Wells
Rodger Boyce El Paso Sheriff
Beth Grant Carla Jean's Mother
Ana Reeder Poolside Woman
Kit Gwin Sheriff Bell's Secretary
Zach Hopkins Strangled Deputy
Chip Love Man In Ford
Eduardo Antonio Garcia 'Agua' Man
Gene Jones Gas Station Proprietor
Myk Watford 'Managerial' Victims
Boots Southerland 'Managerial' Victims
Kathy Lamkin Desert Aire Manager
Johnnie Hector Cabbie at Bus Station
Margaret Bowman Del Rio Motel Clerk
Thomas Kopache Boots Salesman
Jason Douglas Cabbie at Motel
Doris Hargrave Waitress
Rutherford Cravens Gun Store Clerk
Matthew Posey Sporting Goods Clerk
George Adelo Mexican In Bathtub
Mathew Greer Hitchhiking Driver
Trent Moore Nervous Accountant
Marc Miles Hotel Eagle Clerk
Luce Rains Pickup Driver
Philip Bentham Border Bridge Youth
Eric Reeves Border Bridge Youth
Josh Meyer Border Bridge Youth
Chris Warner Flatbed Driver
Brandon Smith INS Official
H. Roland Uribe Well Dressed Mexican
Richard Jackson Chicken Farmer
Josh Blaylock Boy On Bike
Caleb Landry Jones Boy On Bike
Dorsey Ray Odessa Cabbie
Angel H. Alvarado Norteño Band
David A. Gomez Norteño Band
Milton Hernandez Norteño Band
John Mancha Norteño Band

Technical Credits
Ethan Coen Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Joel Coen Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Craig Berkey Sound/Sound Designer
Jo Edna Boldin Casting
Carter Burwell Score Composer
Ellen Chenoweth Casting
Roger Deakins Cinematographer,Editor
David Diliberto Associate Producer
John Perry Goldsmith Art Director
Jess Gonchor Production Designer
Robert Graf Executive Producer
Nancy Haigh Set Decoration/Design
Roderick Jaynes Editor
Peter Kurland Sound/Sound Designer
Betsy Magruder Asst. Director
Mark Roybal Executive Producer
Scott Rudin Producer
Christien Tinsley Makeup Special Effects
Mary Zophres Costumes/Costume Designer

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No Country for Old Men 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 56 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Cormac McCarthy's novel NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN has been successfully transformed into a film in the skilled hands of Ethan and Joel Coen. The story is intact, the characters are given the dialog so uniquely McCarthy's invention, and the horror of the message of the book - that we have come to a point in time when crime, especially random murder, surrounds our lives - is, if anything, even more pungent than on the pages of the book. It is an amazing, and a highly disturbing movie, and while this viewer is one of the few who does not believe it deserved the Oscar for Best Picture, there is little doubt that it is a brilliant piece of cinema. The story is fairly simple: on the raw plains of Texas a slaughter of men and dogs engaged in a drug deal is discovered by a simple guy Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin). Moss observes the mayhem, sees the drugs, finds the 2 million dollar payoff money, takes the money, and embarks on an escape, leaving his wife Carla (Kelly Macdonald) to escape the pursuit of a mad killer Chigurh (Javier Bardem) who in turn is being pursued by the local sheriff (Tommy Lee Jones) and a hired hitman (Woody Harrelson). The satchel of money contains a tracking device and Chigurh has the instrument necessary to follow the trail the device leads. The remainder of the film is the pursuit both in Texas and in Mexico, accompanied by countless brutal murders of all sorts by the crazed Chigurh, until a surprise ending. But the toughest part of this violent film is more in the discussion of shared philosophies between the sheriff and his old cronies: they reflect on the sad state of universal crime that is so different and more malevolent than in the 'old days'. The conversations, in the superb dialog of these old men, bring our attention to some realities we would rather not confront, and those realities are even more disturbing than the repeated images of bloated bodies and senseless murders that fill the screen. Jones, Brolin, and Bardem are indeed superb in their roles, but the small cameos of the townsfolk of Texas are little gems of acting and direction. This is a difficult film to watch because of all of the violence, but the message is one we must heed. We may be allowing the creation of 'no country for any men'. Grady Harp
Guest More than 1 year ago
A tough and gritty encounter with the beautiful desert landscape and the violent culture of drug trafficking from all sides: the dealers, the bounty hunters, the treasure hunters, and law enforcement. Great cinematography, great acting, compelling story, very violent. Highly recommended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is another of the splendid series of modern westerns that are making audiences realize that the western films we grew up with, and the simple morality that was their foundation is nothing like the terrible events that happen in the real world. These desolate places, that seem to be forgotten by God, are often visited by human spirits that are far worse than anything from Hell. Tommy Lee Jones gives another of his near perfect performances as a man born for this land, and almost cursed with the ability to survive, when the simple act of dying seems to be so simple compared to the act of surviving, and bringing some order to the resolution. The lessons here are simple and can be considerably cruel, but it's human frailty, generosity, and greed that can make or break the lives of many. 5 Stars - outstanding!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dygunraider More than 1 year ago
I suppose I'm not intelligent. I'm probably just a really dumb guy. Now that we've set that pretense make sure you go burn your copy of Aristotle's "Poetics" and your guide to Avante Garde Art, because I cannot conceive of anything else that could behold a person to enjoy this film. It's shameful it really is, this film one best Picture and the guy that walks around killing people with an air gun one best actor. His performance was not one of difficulty at all I might add. All he did was walk around and kill several people and act like he was some sublimely brilliant genius or something. I've read that this is to show he has no value for Human Life. No value for Human Life? I sure am glad this is the first film to show that aspect of Humanity, it's not like Training Day,Pulp Fiction,Goodfellas, and The Godfather ever brought that aspect to light. You Coen brothers always being so creative. Interestingly, the first hour and twenty minutes of this film aren't that bad they're legitimate Gritty shoot people kinda minutes with a pretty good story even very enjoyable. But during the last Forty minutes the story takes a turn that wrecked it for me. I'll do my best not to spoil it, but in most films where you have to guys that are hunting or against each other you expect a confrontation. Like Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington in Training Day or Robert Deniro and Al Pacino in Heat. In this film,to be blunt, that is completely absent. So if you are looking for a conclusion in the traditional sense of the word you will not find it in this film. However if your one of those people that enjoys seeing Goodguys lose and Badpeople succeed and Evil go unpunished you may very well enjoy this movie. I did not, I would go on complaing about how the film attempts to use interesting dialogue and Irony that is not interesting and only slightly ironic but unfortunately that list would be to long. I could probably right a graduate thesis and how much I despise this film the only film that I've ever seen that wrecks itself this badly in the Third Act would be Blade Runner, which I'm sure will also draw criticism. But as I said I'm just a dumb person who doesn't appriciate masterpieces I suppose. So bottom line if you want a happy( or even would settle for just a climactic finale) do not view this film. However if you want to watch a course of events that proceeds as it may, go ahead, dont say I didn't warn you - CM
AvidMovieWatcher More than 1 year ago
No Country for old men is one of my all time favorites. The acting in this movie is so good and convincing. Its unique and as a female who dosent follow the sterotypical romance genre, i highly reccomend. Its a movie i will watch over and over again. Javier Bardem left me speechless with his performance. This movie won best picture for a reason : because its sensational. Watch this. You won't be dissapointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
With Tommy Lee Jones as the films moral center and surrounded by the best ensemble cast of 07 films. I believe Tommy could have been nominated for an Oscar for this picture, but the way has been opened for Javior Bardem to walk away with the Best Supporting Actor statue for his portrayal of Antone Chigurh, the best bad guy this side of Hannibal Lecter. See this movie and you will agree. In fact I'm afraid it will be hard for me to see him in any other role for awhile. Josh Brolin gives a solid performance as Llewelyn Moss, a man who falls into some heavy money...that comes with a heavy price. Chigurh is on his trail. Yes it could be a modern western, but that is too trite a description. Set in 1980 in South Texas, it's really a woeful tale of how far our country has fallen because of drugs and the importation of all the evil men it brought into the country then and now. Then there is the case for Ed Tom Bell played by Tommy Lee Jones. Overmatched is how he is describing himself to his brother Ellis out at his brothers prairie home. In fact to truly understand the abrupt ending to this movie pay particular attention to Tommy's charactor's lament about God's lacking in his life, then listen to his retelling of a dream he had at the end of the movie. It gives the film it's subtle closure. The book by Cormac McCarthy is a good read and fills in some charactor traits. For example Moss's Wife, Carla Jean is played tougher in the book, but I kinda like the way the Coen Brothers turned her charactor down a notch. Also the big bad dog chase early in the movie isn't even in the book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
No Country For Old Men is a great film. The direction is great, the acting is good, and the script is great. However, nothing is Oscar-worthy in my opinion. I would definitely recommend the film for those that view film as an art form because the film is beautifully shot. The film raises questions about society, morality, and the never ending battle between good and evil. However, it did not deserve any of the Oscars that it won. There were much better films in 2007.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This movie contians the excitement of an action movie with the suspense of a crime thriller. Good choice.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Truly what great movies are all about. This was a great movie and is a must see.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Little comes a time when you see something that you can trully call art. Little comes a time when you find a future classic. The Coen brothers have succeeded in showing me one. The intensity of every character shows how violent or how complicated life is for the individuals that do the same thing everyday. A great film. Must-see.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This movie kept me at the edge of my seat. The assasin in this movie single handedly created the majority of the action. The sheriff wanted to solve murders from the seat he was seating on. He's one liners and witty conversations adds to the movies country style persona.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is certainly a film that fits the times as an apocalyptic Western in the strain of the Wild Bunch or Hombre. We feel an urgency and we cannot place, just as the characters in this film cannot be placed. There is no real story line except for loot stolen by a hunter on the border with Mexico, and he is in a cat and mouse game with a sociopathic killer. James Brolin's son does a hell of a job.
Guest More than 1 year ago
truly something everyone should see at least once in their life. and in my opinion is one of the best movies ever made. the ending may be a little strange, but the ending explains the tittle and what the movie is mainly about.....change, and how easily you can get left behind and forgotten about.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This may be the single best clue that the apocalypse is near. This terrible piece of American "Film Art" has few, if any, redeeming scenes or characters. Tommy Lee Jones is wasted as the lawman in pursuit of a GOOF. The GOOF is played by some talentless Eurotrash actor who nust have studied Brando's idiotic parody of Fletcher Christian in the 1962 Mutiny on the Bounty. This is not even as good as the lesser Coen Brother's movies. I consider this movie a disaster.Cormac McCarthy, the author of this crap, may be the most overrated author of our time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
First of all, this movie is very unrealistic. The villian walks around with a shot gun and heavy steel tank everywhere and kills people, and magically nobody is around to call the police to say a man is walking around with a shot gun. A man finds two million dollars in a drug deal gone bad and goes back to try and give a dying drug dealer water, when someone looking for the money may find him. He even tells his wife that he's about to do something stupid before he leaves to do it. A sheriff knows the killer drank out of a glass milk jar, then drinks from it himself without taking finger prints. The list goes on and on, but I'll stop here. The ending asks more questions than it answers. A story is suppose to ask questions in the beginning, then answer every question by the end of the story. The directors were trying to make an artsy movie like "Citizen Kane," but it didn't work. They left too much out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I watched this movie again recently. I've watched it at least ten times by now. I've decided that it is hands down the greatest movie I have ever seen. The subtle background sounds, the off-hand expository dialogue and the visual cues seem so natural, and are so effortlessly and seamlessly interwoven into the story that I learn something new with each viewing. Each scene is gripping. The acting is flawless. The screenplay is riveting. It is of the highest level of artistry for the medium.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The coen brotehrs know what they were doing i thnk no country for old men was a great movie bye them but they could of done a little better on it but like the vialln was a little over the top like whit the whole coin thing wats up with that i mean that is just a little over the top for that kind of movie i think it should of been a little better but there movies are the best kind of movies that are action packed movie umm i would recommended this movie if u like the coen brothers because it is a good movie but in it it's over the top some in it like when the anti-hreo died in it was a darg but what made no sense in it was that the sheriff in it only went back to that only crime sence in the whole movie he wanted to find some clues but then why did he not just go to the other crime sense's in the movie but like in the near to the end when the vialln got hit was because you can not conrol your own destiny it will go bye it self no matter how hard they tired to they just colud not but they can be a little confusing in there movies but if you like the coen brotehrs then you will love this movie no country for old men is one of the best movies bye them for what i think about it form them
Guest More than 1 year ago
If any film marks the Coen Brothers as fully matured film makers, it's this one. Stark and darkly ambiguous, "No Country For Old Men" is a movie that will leave you thinking and talking about it for weeks. The standout performance is Javier Bardem's cold blooded killer with a page-boy haircut. He deserves the Oscar he won for his chilling portrayal. You'll never look at a cattle gun the same way again. The best part, though is that despite the film's stark and serious undertones, the Coens never miss a chance to have fun with the Texas patois or the sharp dialogue that made them famous.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This movie consisted of a bunch of senseless killing and ended with no closure.
katbella More than 1 year ago
this was a great movie
Guest More than 1 year ago
Unlike the one star reviewer Cary who gave this movie a one star. I think even though a person finds millions, he should still take into account the needs of the hurting and dying which the protagonist does in this movie. It was a great film.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here's the thing though, in my opinion the ending makes the movie. This movie was outstanding, the beginging and the middle anyway. The ending I respected only because it was different from anything that you normally see. I understand why it recieved the best movie of the year award. But it also made me want to sue the writers (among other things). After ranting for a bit, I settled on only respecting the ending...I would suggest renting this movie first. If the ending makes you mad then you don't have to buy it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a powerful, dead accurate adaptation of the sparse, hard-hitting novella by Cormac McCarthy. If you're looking for easy entertainment or happily ever afters, and who isn't sometimes, this isn't it! Like many of McCarthy's characters, those depicted here are hard headed, old-school West Texans who don't run their mouths or telegraph their feelings and motives. This can be frustrating to some, but as movie material, it's brilliant. That film should be focused on the visual aspects of storytelling seems obvious, but most modern dramas talk you through the plot and characterization as though you're stupid. Here not so much...You're drawn in to what you're seeing as much by the lack of narrative passages, as by the images themselves. It's all just HAPPENING right there in front of you, even when it's not immediately comprehensible, which puts you much more into the position of the people living this story. As a result, every scene, expression, set detail and well-chewed bit of dialogue, carries punch and impact. The Coen Brothers are extremely skilled at packing information into their frames, and this is a perfect story for them, another heard-this-one-a-million-times type of genre story that they can bend into something new and beautiful. And the cinematography is second to none, utilizing the landscapes, rich color, light and shadow, to compose striking pictures at every twist and turn. Some have found the ending loose and deliberately frustrating, though everything is actually wrapped up pretty neatly if you're paying close attention. Or if you watch it compulsively over the course of two days! In a film like this, with no wasted gestures, small details add up to a lot. Without giving much away, pay attention to questions about car crashes, and the buying of shirts to find connections between the fates of the two main actors. The story is all there, it's just not always made plain. The only thing I can think of to criticize here was the deletion of some of the Sheriff's scenes and dialogue that were in the book. Most of the mild complaints I heard about this movie stemmed from Tommy Lee Jones character not having quite enough airtime for people to grasp that this is HIS story, more so than Llewellyn's or Anton's. All that aside, the old man of the title bookends this tale wonderfully, with the dream related by the Sheriff at the end of the movie proving to be one of the more haunting memories provided by any book/movie of the past few years. Every performance here is great as well, but particularly the Scottish actress Kelly McDonald's as Carla Jean Moss. Amazing!!! Cormac McCarthy's whole middle career was spent plumbing the homegrown &amp amp amp quot heart of darkness&amp amp amp quot throughout the history of America's bloodshot southwest and the border regions of Mexico, and the Coen's adapted this final, modern &amp amp quot 1980&amp amp quot chapter brilliantly. The action scenes, for which they're not particularly known, are especially striking and powerful. All in all a superb film.