Nicolas Cage Collection

Nicolas Cage Collection

Director: Brian De Palma, John Woo, Oliver Stone
Cast: Nicolas Cage



Brian DePalma directed this taut thriller, set in Atlantic City, where a corrupt cop investigates a political assassination. Outside an Atlantic City arena-hotel-casino, a TV news reporter stands in a pre-hurricane storm to report on the heavyweight boxing match about to begin inside. A transition to the stadium interior focuses on Atlantic City homicide Detective Rick Santoro (Nicolas Cage), a father with a wife and son, yet also a dishonest cop who maintains a mistress and cheerfully accepts bribes. DePalma's Steadicam follows Santoro on a fast-paced tour of the stadium as the laughing, yelling detective travels stairs and hallways, talks to a gal with a between-rounds placard, visits the dressing room of champ Lincoln Tyler (Stan Shaw), rides down an escalator to squeeze money from a small-time hood, enters the arena of 14,000 fight fans, talks on his phone with his girlfriend and wife, and sits ringside next to his lifelong buddy, Navy Cmdr. Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise). Behind Dunne, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Charles Kirkland (Joel Fabiani) is seated alongside billionaire casino owner Gilbert Powell (John Heard). As the fight gets underway, Dunne abandons his position protecting the defense chief to pursue a suspicious redhead. From his ringside vantage point, Santoro has a close view of the champ, curiously conscious despite taking a kayo punch. At that moment, an assassin fires at Kirkland. Santoro immediately concocts a good cover story for his pal (to explain why Dunne left his post protecting Kirkland). Just after the shooting, Dunne kills a Palestinian extremist, the apparent killer, and Santoro orders the stadium doors locked, hoping he can locate other suspects among the fleeing crowd. One such is Julia Costello (Carla Gugino), an injured woman in a blond wig who spoke with Kirkland seconds before the gunfire. After a video replay reveals the champ took a fall, going down to the floor from a punch that never touched him, Santoro becomes more curious and suspicious, comparing witness accounts, and he attempts to locate Julia, convinced she's the key to truth behind the assassination. As it all comes to a head, Santoro peels through successive layers of corruption, ultimately confronting himself in a self-examination of his own values. Filmed at Montreal's old Forum.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/11/2007
UPC: 0097361304847
Rating: R
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 5:59:00

Special Features

Closed Caption

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Nicolas Cage Actor,John McLoughlin,Rick Santoro,Castor Troy
John Travolta Sean Archer
Gary Sinise Kevin Dunne
Michael Peña Will Jimeno
Joan Allen Eve Archer
John Heard Gilbert Powell
Maggie Gyllenhaal Allison Jimeno
Alessandro Nivola Pollux Troy
Carla Gugino Julia Costello
Maria Bello Donna McLoughlin
Gina Gershon Sasha Hassler
Stan Shaw Lincoln Tyler
Stephen Dorff Scott Strauss
Dominique Swain Jamie Archer

Technical Credits
Brian De Palma Director
John Woo Director
Oliver Stone Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Face/Off
1. The Merry-Go-Round [:16]
2. Six Years Later: Sinclaire Is Hot [:23]
3. Castor and Pollux [2:21]
4. Southern California International Airport: A Game Of Chicken [3:30]
5. Ready For The Big Ride [:54]
6. The Archer Home, "I Got Him Eve" [2:09]
7. A Visit From Special Ops: Sinclaire Revealed [3:52]
8. The Walsh Institute [1:36]
9. Failed Interrogations [3:12]
10. Black Bag Operation [1:51]
11. Suicide Mission [3:39]
12. Archer Becomes Castor, "I Want You To Take This Face And Burn It" [2:43]
13. Erewhon Prison [1:48]
14. The Real Castor Wakes [1:37]
15. The Location of the Bomb [2:33]
16. An Unexpected Visitor, "It's Like Looking In A Mirror...Only Not" [1:09]
17. "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" [5:13]
18. Pollux Gets Released [6:34]
19. This Ridiculous Chin [1:20]
20. Disarming Sinclaire [1:37]
21. Date Night [2:35]
22. "I Need A Light!" [3:16]
23. Escape From Erewhon [:24]
24. Michael Archer's Birthday [3:32]
25. Refuge At Dietrich's, "No More Drugs For That Man" [1:47]
26. Acting Like A Father [:03]
27. Sasha And Adam [:56]
28. Shootout In Dietrich's Loft [1:00]
29. The Face In The Mirror [2:23]
30. Lazarro's Heart Attack [2:13]
31. Eve Learns The Truth [1:31]
32. The Blood Test [5:57]
33. Lies, Distrust, Mixed Messages [1:26]
34. Lazarro's Funeral/A Candle For The Dead [7:24]
35. The Eternal Battle Between Good And Evil [1:18]
36. "I'm Your Father!" [2:43]
37. The Final Confrontation [3:38]
38. The True Sean Archer [:45]
39. Homecoming [5:39]
40. End Credits [1:48]
Disc #2 -- Snake Eyes
1. I'm On TV [4:29]
2. Fight Night [5:44]
3. Here Comes The Pain [1:39]
4. 14,000 Eye Witnesses [6:14]
5. Tyler's Round [8:57]
6. Dunne's Deal [6:56]
7. Who's Winning? [2:36]
8. Julia's Story [5:13]
9. You're All Heart, Rick [3:49]
10. A Heroic Stand [3:41]
11. A Hurricane After All [7:38]
12. Lights Are Brighter [8:35]
Disc #3 -- Bringing Out The Dead
1. Opening/Old Man Burke [:17]
2. "Our Lady Of Perpetual Mercy" ER [:11]
3. Beef Lo Mein/Rose's Ghost [2:03]
4. Mr. Oh [4:47]
5. First Cigarette [2:41]
6. Rest Stop [3:53]
7. Noel's Suicide Attempt [3:18]
8. Red Death [:41]
9. Ride Home [2:35]
10. Sick Time [1:45]
11. Love [3:29]
12. IB Bangin' [:09]
13. Back To Misery [3:24]
14. Mary's Confession [4:50]
15. Grief Mop [1:42]
16. Island Virgins [2:20]
17. Drunk Driving [2:37]
18. Mary's Friend [1:07]
19. The Oasis [1:22]
20. Mary's Apartment [5:32]
21. Rough Riders [:48]
22. Vitamin B-12 Cocktail [3:24]
23. Cured [4:15]
24. Jumpers [:09]
25. Mary's Apology [3:32]
26. Mr. October [2:23]
27. Saving Noel [3:17]
28. Frank's Mercy [:16]
29. Rose's Forgiveness [7:30]
30. End Credits [3:23]

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Nicolas Cage Collection 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ruchtm More than 1 year ago
I have loved Face/Off for quite some time. I have to admit that I haven't yet seen Snake Eyes and only part of World Trade Center, but I know that they will be as brilliant as the rest of Nicholas Cage's movies.