Martin Scorsese Film Collection

Martin Scorsese Film Collection



Four movies from the man widely regarded as the greatest American filmmaker of his generation are collected on this special DVD box set. The Martin Scorsese Film Collection features DVD editions of Raging Bull, Scorsese's powerful examination of human violence as personified by fighter Jake La Motta (Robert De Niro); New York, New York, an ambitious "dramatic musical" starring Robert De Niro and Liza Minnelli; The Last Waltz, Scorsese's celebrated documentary about the final concert of the rock group the Band; and one of the director's earliest features, Boxcar Bertha. Except for Boxcar Bertha, all the DVD's in this collection include commentary tracks from Scorsese and his collaborators, as well as bonus materials.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/08/2005
UPC: 0027616915313
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code: 1
Time: 8:17:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; [None specified]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Hershey Bertha
Bob Dylan Himself
Liza Minnelli Francine Evans
Robert De Niro Jake LaMotta,Actor,Jimmy Doyle
Cathy Moriarty Vickie LaMotta
David Carradine Bill Shelley
Joni Mitchell Herself
Barry Primus Rake Brown,Wilson
Joe Pesci Joey LaMotta
Lionel Stander Tony Harwell
Neil Diamond Himself
Bernie Casey Von Morton
Emmylou Harris Herself
Frank Vincent Salvy
John Carradine H. Buckram Sartoris
Mary Kay Place Bernice
Nicholas Colasanto Tommy Como
Van Morrison Himself
Eric Clapton Himself
Ringo Starr Himself
Neil Young Himself

Technical Credits
Martin Scorsese Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Boxcar Bertha
1. Daddy/Main Title [6:18]
2. The Union Man [5:44]
3. The Gambling Man [8:41]
4. Bursting the Union [5:58]
5. Chain Gang [10:50]
6. Great Train Robbery [3:24]
7. Union Dues [6:14]
8. Holdup & Down [5:18]
9. "I Ain't a Quitter" [4:22]
10. A Formal Fundraiser [4:38]
11. Bill Gets Collected [6:38]
12. "A Place to Stay" [6:31]
13. Blues Club [2:44]
14. Reunion [4:38]
15. "Don't Take Him" [5:31]
16. End Credits [:31]
Side #2 -- New York, New York
1. Main Title/V-J Day Hustle [7:43]
2. The Smallest Small Talk [13:57]
3. Powell-Doyle-Powell [4:14]
4. Taxi to Brooklyn [3:32]
5. Boy-Girl Act/New Kind of Love [4:45]
6. "It's a Lot Easier" [3:59]
7. The Agent's Love Letter [4:08]
8. Where's Francine?/Lucky Star [8:13]
9. The Road Between Dates [2:45]
10. "They're Not Sure" [5:17]
11. The Best Frontman [4:35]
12. The Man I Love [3:35]
13. The Leader and His Wife [5:32]
14. Just You, Just Me [1:12]
15. Baby Pains [3:15]
16. Road to Nowhere [4:51]
17. Feelings & Understanding [3:40]
18. With the Cool Cats [3:20]
19. Screaming in Cars [4:20]
20. Top of the What? [:37]
21. The Drink Order [1:40]
22. "Even Your Wife" [5:39]
23. A Record Contract [8:08]
24. Honeysuckle Rose [4:09]
25. Scared, Angry & Jealous [3:19]
26. It's a Jimmy [6:08]
27. But the World Goes 'Round [4:43]
28. Happy Endings [4:30]
29. Success for Jimmy [12:55]
30. New York, New York [4:21]
31. Awkward Reunion [4:02]
32. End Credits [6:41]
Side #3 -- The Last Waltz
1. Cutthroat/Don't Do It
2. Theme From The Last Waltz/Main Title
3. A Celebration
4. Up on Cripple Creek
5. The Skylight Lounge/The Shape I'm In
6. Who Do You Love, Ronnie Hawkins
7. Canadian Overcoats/It Makes No Difference
8. Introduction to The Canterbury Tales, Michael McClure
9. Such a Night, Dr. John
10. Helpless, Neil Young
11. Stagefright
12. A Name for the Band
13. The Weight, the Band & the Staples
14. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
15. An Adult Portion
16. Dry Your Eyes, Neil Diamond
17. Women on the Road
18. Coyote, Joni Mitchell
19. Sonny Boy Williamson
20. Mystery Train, Paul Butterfield
21. Rock 'n' Roll Melting Pot
22. Mannish Boy, Muddy Waters
23. Further on up the Road, Eric Clapton
24. Tour of Shangri-La/Sip the Wine, Rick Danko
25. Evengeline, the Band & Emmylou Harris
26. Genetic Method, Garth Hudson/The Music Teacher
27. Ophelia
28. Traveling Tent Shows
29. Caravan, Van Morrison
30. Loud Prayer, Lawrence Ferlinghetti
31. Forever Young, Bob Dylan
32. Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Bob Dylan
33. I Shall Be Released, Everybody & Ringo Starr & Ronnie Wood
34. Theme From The Last Waltz/End Credits
Side #4 -- Raging Bull: Feature Film
1. Main Title
2. 1964: That's Entertainment
3. 1941: Pounding Reeves
4. A Talk With the Animal
5. "Hit Me in the Face"
6. Unwelcome Spectators
7. Vickie by the Pool
8. A Date With the Champ
9. Sitting a Little Closer
10. 1943: Sugar Ray Robinson
11. Kissing It Better
12. 1943: Robinson for the 3rd
13. Fights and Home Movies
14. 1947: A Win-Win Plan
15. Watchful Eye on Vickie
16. Janiro - Pretty No More
17. "Nothing Goin' On?!"
18. A Lack of Respect
19. "I Just Wanna Catch Her"
20. 1947: Going Down for Fox
21. 1949: Slapped in the Face
22. Attack on Cerdan
23. 1950: A Crazy Question
24. Fat Pig Selfish Fool
25. Dauthuille: The Comeback
26. Last Time With Sugar Ray
27. 1956: Happy and Retired
28. Raging Entertainer
29. "I'm Leaving You, Jake"
30. Not a 14-Year-Old
31. $10,000 From the Belt
32. 1957: Fist on Concrete
33. 1958: A Joke for a Drink
34. No Friend in Joey
35. Coulda Been a Contender
36. "Now I Can See"/Credits

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Martin Scorsese Film Collection 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Scorsese's film is about the people of cinema and theatre who are the labellers of people and either do them in or make them big. It is a must see and used as a textbook in some quarters, such as film schools........
Guest More than 1 year ago
This boxed set gives us three of Martin Scorsese's lesser known movies along with his best film. "Boxcar Bertha" isn't necessarily a good movie, but it shows the budding talent of a younger Scorsese. "New York, New York" is his grossly underrated muscial, and "The Last Waltz" is his great rock documentary. Yet, this set is worth it just for the special edition of "Raging Bull", a film that is so emotionally involving that it's hard to watch at some points. Scorsese is a true genius in the art of film, and I hope he's around for years to come to show people how to make a movie.