Killer Creatures: the Wasp Woman/Attack of Giant L

Killer Creatures: the Wasp Woman/Attack of Giant L

Director: Bernard Kowalski, Roger Corman Cast: Ken Clark, Susan Cabot

DVD (Black & White)


Madacy Entertainment has had a reputation for the last few years as a representative of the bargain basement of budget-DVD producers. This release will do little or nothing to change that veneer of cheapness, despite the obvious efforts made by the company to improve its packaging. The Wasp Woman looks like it was transferred from a 16 mm dupe print, which means it resembles every other presentation of the movie in recent years, complete with scratches, dirt, and very soft focus. There are no chapter markers and no time read-out on the movie during play, but then, the movie isn't really being shown in a mode intended for scholarly appreciation -- the opening, once one gets past the somewhat confusing menu, sets up the screen as a drive-in theater, which only gives way after the movie starts. For the record, this is the longer television print of the movie, which includes the scenes of the police searching what is supposed to be Manhattan, though there's not a sign of a building taller than two stories anywhere in those sequences. Attack of the Giant Leeches is the better movie but it doesn't look or sound any better than The Wasp Woman. It's not unwatchable, and the sound is decent, but it's not what one would call an ideal preservation specimen. Curiously, apart from the fact that Roger Corman was behind the making of both movies, they're also linked by the presence of the late Leo Gordon as the author of both original stories. There's an unannounced bonus of a color Popeye cartoon from the early '50s, which looks very bright and crisp in contrast to virtually everything else on this disc. The low price will sort of balance out the cheapness of the packaging and even the inconvenience of the disc programming, but otherwise this is hardly the sort of release that was visualized when the medium was devised. It's fun but not nearly as enjoyable as it might have been, even with these prints as sources.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/20/2001
UPC: 0056775058395
Rating: NR
Source: Madacy Records
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [B&W]
Time: 2:08:00

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

First Feature: The Wasp Woman
0. Side #1 --
0. Direct Scene Access
1. Feature Introduction [1:20]
2. Starlin Cosmetics [9:52]
3. Young Again [9:50]
4. Findgin Dr. Zintrop [13:32]
5. Doctor Return [12:00]
6. Transformed!! [12:30]
7. The Awful Truth [1:38]
8. End [2:50]
Second Feature Attraction: Attack Of The Giant Leeches
0. Side #1 --
0. Direct Scene Access
1. Feature Introduction [1:20]
2. Arguing With The Law [9:52]
3. Out On The Swamp [9:50]
4. Leeches Attack! [13:32]
5. Dynamiting [12:00]
6. A Survivor! [12:30]
7. Dealing With Leeches [1:38]
8. End [2:50]

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