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Kent Chronicles



Adapted from a trilogy of bestselling novels by John Jakes, The Kent Family Chronicles are actually three epic-length movies that originally aired on prime time television in 1978 and 1979. Each individual film - The Bastard (1978), The Seekers (1979) and The Rebels (1979) - is adapted from the Jakes novel of the same name. The first tells the story of Phillipe Charboneau, the illegitimate son of an English lord who makes a failed attempt to claim his inheritance and then journeys to pre-Revolutionary War America, where he works as a printer's apprentice and eventually fights on the battlefront. The second installment tells of Judson Fletcher, a Virginian who enlists to escape from the clutches of his father and ultimately befriends Phillipe; the two team up on a mission to retrieve a cannon from Fort Ticonderoga. The third installment tells the story of Jarod Kent, who fights in the War of 1812 on the high seas, then eventually heads into the west with his cousin Amanda. The films feature an all-star cast including Andrew Stevens, Tom Bosley , Kim Cattrall, William Shatner and Olivia Hussey.

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