Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack

Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack

Charles David, Frank Ryan, Henry Koster, Irving Pichel,


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Product Details

Release Date: 08/03/2004
UPC: 0025192558528
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Time: 10:27:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Deanna Durbin Anne Terry,Caroline Frost,Constance Harding,Mary Collins,Nikki Collins,Penny Craig
Binnie Barnes Donna Lyons
Charles Laughton Jonathan Reynolds
Donald O'Connor Charlie Read
Ralph Bellamy Jonathan Waring
Robert Paige Johnny Lawlor
Robert Stack Ted Drake
Akim Tamiroff Gregory Stroganovsky
Alice Brady Mrs. Lyons
Edward Everett Horton Mr. Haskell
Eugene Pallette James Clinton
John Dall Donald Read
Robert Cummings Jonathon Reynolds, Jr.
Charles Winninger Uncle Chester,Judson Craig
Dan Duryea Arnold Waring
David Bruce Lieut. Robert Latham
Guy Kibbee Bishop Maxwell
Helen Parrish Barbara Clinton
Ray Milland Lord Michael Stuart
George Coulouris Mr. Saunders
Helena Carter Clarissa Prentice
Leonid Kinskey Koppa
Lewis Howard Walter Clinton
Margaret Tallichet Gloria Pennington
Allen Jenkins Danny
Mischa Auer Count Arisztid

Technical Credits
Charles David Director
Frank Ryan Director
Henry Koster Director
Irving Pichel Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Main Titles [1:44]
2. My Heart Is Singing [2:36]
3. What's Happened to Daddy? [4:29]
4. Shock Troops [6:23]
5. Consequences of Marriage [5:05]
6. Congratulations, Grandma! [2:32]
7. A Grand Idea [6:43]
8. Someone to Care for Me [6:11]
9. Lyons Bait [4:36]
10. In the Jungle [5:03]
11. The Trap Is Sprung [3:41]
12. More Money [7:06]
13. Wedding Bells Are Ringing [6:11]
14. A Bird in the Hand... [4:51]
15. Going Away [4:51]
16. Il Bacio [4:46]
17. Stuck With the Count [3:14]
18. A Family Reunion [3:49]
1. The Turntable Song [3:34]
2. Financial Agreement [3:43]
3. The Governess [4:16]
4. Family Circus [4:07]
5. Happy-Go-Lucky and Free [3:25]
6. An Even Million [4:24]
7. I Love a Mystery [5:20]
8. You're a Fake [5:27]
9. Fashion Show-Off [6:06]
10. You Wanna Keep Baby Looking Right [5:04]
11. Friends or Enemies [5:25]
12. Something in the Wind [4:48]
13. Harmless Flirtation [2:47]
14. It's Only Love [3:32]
15. Attempted Extortion [5:32]
16. Miserere [8:25]
17. Sign the Papers [6:00]
18. Hitting the High Note [6:50]
Side #2 -- Disc 1
1. School Days Are Over (Main Titles) [5:16]
2. Home Sweet Home [5:06]
3. Big City Life [5:00]
4. Do You Like Singing? [6:53]
5. Stop Drake [3:28]
6. Sweet Talking [6:31]
7. Invited to the Ball [5:32]
8. All Dressed Up [4:53]
9. And Nowhere to Go [4:15]
10. Tell It to the Judge [2:12]
11. Spring in My Heart [7:24]
12. Don't Run Away Again [2:45]
13. The Clock Strikes Twelve [4:32]
14. A Cinderella Story [4:58]
15. Out on Her Own [5:33]
16. Heartbroken [5:15]
17. One Fine Day [4:28]
18. End Titles [:18]
Side #3 -- Disc 2
1. Last Goodbye (Main Titles) [6:58]
2. Stand-In Bride [3:35]
3. Keep an Eye on Him [5:01]
4. I'm Hungry [6:21]
5. The Family [5:01]
6. In Cahoots [7:22]
7. When I Sing [5:42]
8. Throwing a Party [5:36]
9. Free to Go [4:33]
10. Lovers' Quarrel [5:01]
11. Clavelitos [4:35]
12. Tried to Tell Him [5:48]
13. Canceled Plans [5:31]
14. Going Home [5:44]
15. Being Seen [6:24]
16. Dance the Conga [5:35]
17. Never Again [2:57]
18. End Titles [3:07]
1. First Gold (Main Titles) [4:56]
2. Can't Help Singing [6:49]
3. Understanding Father [5:36]
4. The Prince and Koppa [7:03]
5. Elbow Room [6:08]
6. Bathtub Ballad [4:20]
7. Hoodwinked [6:55]
8. A Stake in California [3:37]
9. Gettin' Hitched [6:59]
10. Close Call [4:22]
11. Any Moment Now [3:54]
12. Something's Come Over Me [5:39]
13. Swing Your Sweetheart [4:13]
14. More and More [4:07]
15. Californ-i-ay [3:19]
16. Loved and Lost [5:47]
17. Nobody But You [6:11]
18. End Titles [:18]
Side #4 -- Disc 2
1. Eyewitness (Main Titles) [5:52]
2. Reporting on a Murder [4:49]
3. Scene of the Crime [5:14]
4. Recognizing the Victim [3:25]
5. Caught Trespassing [5:20]
6. Reading of the Will [3:35]
7. Absconding With Evidence [7:13]
8. Mystery Man [4:15]
9. Silent Night [6:25]
10. The Circus Club [5:44]
11. Give Me a Little Kiss [2:46]
12. Follow the Slippers [5:47]
13. Under His Nose [7:05]
14. Night and Day [4:32]
15. In the Big House [7:05]
16. Posting Bail [6:33]
17. Add Another Chapter [7:19]
18. Spoiled Ending [1:17]

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4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Deanna Durbin displays exceptional talent in all her films. I have seen most of her films and watched with fascination as she matured and honed her skills. It is most disappointing that she only made 11 films. It is my understanding that she was chosen to play Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. Most assuredly, she would have run circles around Judy Garland's performance. Hopefully, a boxed set of the 5 films not featured in this set will find its way to the market place to bring us more outstanding entertainment from this shinning star.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had not really seen a Deanna Durbin movie before, and was not real familiar with her. I had only seen glimpses of her in Judy Garland tributes, and was not necessarily interested in finding out more. I have never really been a fan of the opera-type singing I associated her with. But I caught Three Smart Girls on TCM and thought it was pretty cute. I decided to check this set out on a whim, based on other customer reviews and what I read about each movie on IMDB. I am very glad I did, I am now a huge Deanna Durbin fan. I do greatly prefer the movies where she is no longer the 'cute teen', but a bit more mature, and where she sings more contemporary - for the time at least - songs. She has a great on screen personality - very likable and engaging, flirty, cute - and can break your heart with just a look. Very underrated as an actress. I know one customer complained that One Hundred Men and a Girl was not on this set, but was replaced with Something in the Wind. Well, I've never seen the former, so can't comment on that, but the later is one of my favorites. I even enjoy the 'opera' duet she does - clever spin on it makes it very amusing and entertaining. I check every other week to see if a new set of her movies will be released, but unfortunately so far not. So I just have to satisfy myself with rewatching these - which is very easy to do. I've also found a few other titles of hers on some websites that feature rare, hard to find movies. I would especially recommend Christmas Holiday - a very well done little film noir based on a Somerset Maughan story, that for some reason is all but forgotten today. I would highly recommend this DVD set to anyone who loves old movies - It Started With Eve, Lady on a Train, and Something in the Wind are for me the real gems. The others are good, and I did enjoy them, but two are still from when she was rather young, and can be a bit too precious at times for my taste. The three I mentioned are the ones where she really comes across as a very good light comedy actress - ala Ginger Rogers or even Barbara Stanwyck in some of their early romantic comedy greats. Just thinking about them makes me want to pop in the DVD and watch them again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent collection of Deanna Durbin’s movies, all of them are delightful in their own unique way. Here is a brief summary of each: Three Smart Girls: Deanna shines in her screen debut as a young teenager trying to reunite her parents, which feels almost like a predecessor to “The Parent Trap.” The story revolves around three sisters who plot to get their divorced parents back together again. First Love: A sweet Cinderella story in which Deanna receives her first screen kiss. It’s all there, her exclusion from the ball by her wealthy relatives, her escape through the help of the servants, the handsome “prince” and the missing slipper. To top it all off, Deanna sings some beautiful songs. It Started with Eve: This is a riotous comedy, about a dying man who requests to see his son’s fiancé, whom he has never met. When his son cannot find the girl in time, he pays the hat-check girl at her hotel to pose as his wife to be. Complications arise when, instead of dying, the man takes a turn for the better and a liking to Deanna Durbin (who wouldn’t!) Lady on a Train: This is a crazy murder mystery that even my brothers enjoyed because of the comedy and excitement. It involves a young woman who witnesses a murder from her train window, and since she can’t get anyone to take her seriously she decides to solve the mystery herself! Can’t Help Singing: This was Deanna’s only color movie, and the filmmakers definitely made the best of it. Although the story was kind of pointless, the gorgeous dresses, beautiful songs and sparkling comedy made up for it. Something in the Wind: A story of mistaken identity that has Deanna singing more popular songs instead of her usual opera. It includes a hilarious song and dance from Donald O’Connor (the “Make ‘Em Laugh” guy from “Singin’ In The Rain”). This set is a must-have for anyone who enjoys classic movies, musicals, romantic comedies, or Deanna Durbin! My only regret is that there isn’t a “Sweetheart Pack II.” I hope they make one someday, it would be wonderful to see more of Deanna’s movies on DVD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The movie "One Hundred Men and a Girl" is NOT in this sweetheart pack. Instead, it has "Something in the Wind". The other 5 movies listed are correct. Very disappointing - returning tomorrow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every movie on this set is a delight. I loved them all and couldn't be happier with my purchase. My only complaint is that there aren't more Deanna Durbin movies on DVD. A must for fans of classic movies or movies that are just plain fun.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The movie selections are marvelous, but don't be fooled. The difficult-to-find "100 men & a Girl" isn't in this pack. "Something In the Wind" was substituted. The movies are sweet, Deanna is charming, and her voice is awesome! If you enjoy old-fashioned sweet stories and great singing, you'll love this set of movies. Well worth the price, as most of these movies are $30 EACH on VHS. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago