Crazy Horse and Custer:

Crazy Horse and Custer: "The Untold Story"



This cut-rate DVD from Brentwood is actually one of the better entries in its bottom-of-the-line digital disc series. The "movie" itself is actually a recutting of episodes from the 1967 series The Legend of Custer, starring Wayne Maunder, Robert F. Simon, Slim Pickens, Mary Ann Mobley, Michael Dante, and Peter Palmer. Set long before the battle at Little Big Horn, it was a fictionalized depiction of Custer's transfer to head the Seventh Cavalry, based at Fort Hays, KS, and his battle of wills with General Terry (Robert F. Simon), his superior officer, over his role there. Terry insists on using the Seventh as a garrison force, maintaining the fort, while Custer wants a bolder mission for him and his men. As the re-editings of series such as this go (a common practice in the 1960s -- they would be released in Europe as feature films), this isn't bad; there are no glaring continuity problems, although the action does shift abruptly from one focus to another. There is one fine dramatic moment when the Seventh is moving in parade past a band that is playing "Rally 'Round the Flag," and the band suddenly switches to Custer's preferred march, the "Garry Owen." The source for the DVD is a somewhat faded TV print that looks soft throughout. The detail is there, but muted, and the night scenes are especially difficult to appreciate, but it is of passable quality. The chapter breakdown is a bit haphazard, and the print that was utilized shows some edits that were probably not in the negative, and the transfer on the end credits breaks down momentarily, but the material itself is sufficiently exciting to overcome these problems. For a five-dollar list price, one can hardly expect much more, and five dollars for a "film" based on script material by Samuel A. Peeples (the man responsible for the Star Trek script "Where No Man Has Gone Before"), with colorful performances by Slim Pickens and Robert F. Simon, is a bargain. As a bonus, the disc includes a very funny full-color Warner Bros. cartoon, accessible through an easy-to-use menu.

Product Details

Release Date: 01/01/2002
UPC: 0787364405695
Original Release: 1990
Rating: NR
Source: Bci / Eclipse
Time: 1:30:00

Special Features

Movie trivia game; Short film; DVD dictionary; Internet connectivity

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Chapter 1 [13:32]
2. Chapter 2 [16:29]
3. Chapter 3 [16:37]
4. Chapter 4 [16:05]
5. Chapter 5 [15:50]
6. Chapter 6 [15:08]

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